Question from Twilightwolf77

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat the floating hands?

I can't beat the floating hand in Zant's palace that guards the first Sol I take three lives and it stops glow I wait and it starts glowing again.And if I leave the room it takes the Sol back like I wasn't even there.Is there something I need to do? Please help me.

Accepted Answer

From: wilco64256 5 years ago

Simple solution - don't leave the room without the Sol. Set the Sol in the center of the room to activate some type of staircase or platform you can climb to head out, then when you're up above it you clawshot it to bring it along with you. If the hand comes in, whack it a few times to knock it out temporarily.

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Submitted Answers


I shoot arrows into the hand every time it moves. That gives you a few seconds work while it is motionless.

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You actually can't beat the hands, they're immortal or something,
you can stun them by shooting arrows at them,
But all you can do is run and get to the door before they get you...

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