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Asked: 5 years ago

Do i need bait to catch that red fish?

There is this snowy creature and I need to catch a fish and I do not now what to do?

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From: ---Nintendo--- 5 years ago

You need to go to the cave in left of the bottom of Zora's Domain waterfall, there you'll find Ashei which gives you the Ashei's Sketch, then go to Kakariko's Village Graveyard and show the sketch to Prince Ralis, he will give you the Coral Earring, now head to the right of the bottom of Zora's Domain waterfall close to the "Mother and Child" rock, there you need to fish a Reekfish and then smell it as wolf to obtain the Reekfish Scent, finally head back to Snowpeak (where you found Ashei) and follow the scent trail.

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You need to talk to Prince Ralis, he is at Kakariko village in the graveyard, where you get the zora armor. He will give you his coral earring, which is the only thing that can catch reekfish.

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Why are open questions always answered?

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