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Blades Will Bleed47pik10/10
Where were you when this game launched?Bass26010/10
Ocarina of Time 2. Yes, really.Crofty10/10
Dull. Gray. Boring.ImNotYourPapa3/10
Twilight Princess - too much, and too little.Jigglymanne5/10
Were they even trying with this one?Lord Kiven5/10
An extremely well-made game that's just not much fun to playnintendosega6/10
Link's adventures don't get much better than this. The greatest legend of Hyrule has arrived.ZFS10/10
A Masterpiece From the TwilightGerman Dragon10/10
Great but not so Great (Read)0n3_Zero9/10
Definitely a Zelda to rememberadmppnfrsh879/10
Link & Midna's Excellent AdventureAnclation9/10
More like TWiilight Princess.Archmonk Iga8/10
Uses the tired Zelda formula to the letter, but still a fun gameBadFortuneAndre7/10
This game makes me proud to be a videogamer and deserves a perfect 10/10batman99510/10
Link's first adventure on the Wii!BenhTheMan7/10
Everything you've come to expect and love in a zelda title (very very few spoilers)bitosi10/10
For better or worse, this is the dawn of a new eraBloodGod658/10
The biggest disappointment of last decade is still an alright gameBlue Blob6/10
Reluctant to praise, and yet...boxerthehorse9/10
A solid, yet unoriginal, entry to the Zelda seriesbrutusmuktuk8/10
Some leaps forward, some backward. The Legend is starting to get stale.CannabisLecter6/10
A Link to the Futureclarkisdark9/10
Royalty Among Video GamesCooper73610/10
"Legends never die," and TP straps you in for an epic that will always last.CyborgSage00x010/10
Not very much new, but still an enjoyable BeastDanthorthered7/10
Definitely the Best Zelda GameDarkdoomsday10/10
A classic set to stand the testament of timeDbzmaniax10/10
Suddenly, the day turns into night...discoinferno848/10
Zelda, Twilight Princess, Legend of ZeldaDraimanBelieve710/10
A little disappointing but still a great game.Exodist8/10
Probably the only game, Zelda or otherwise, that can rival OOT.Flame0609/10
A year ago, best game ever! Now, ........gameaddict516/10
Nowhere near worth the 2 year waitgeno_166/10
I cannot thank Nintendo and everyone who works there enough for this wonderful and extremely impressive video game they have made for us gamers to enjghangiskhan110/10
Quite simply the finest game of the new generationgimo8010/10
Twilight Princess , a game that can dethrone Ocarina or not? Come and See...gothic_chic8/10
Good, but massively overratedJThomson7/10
Greatest Game Everjuicecentral10/10
A Game for the ThinkerJuxtaposition79/10
Overrated? Yes. A good game? Also yes.kirbymastah7/10
Twilight Princess fall just short of sky-high expectationsKleenexTissue508/10
It's finally here!Link16510/10
Good direction for the series to move. My favorite? No. Your favorite? Probably. (Spoilers?)lopp39/10
Truly one of the finest games of all timeLord_Jimmy10/10
Perfect? No. Best game in years? Yes!!!MalachiX10/10
The princess is in the house baby!Megaman198110/10
Link's Back- and soooo much better...MegaShadowZX9/10
While its fun, it feels like parts were done last minute, and this quest DOES NOT FEEL EPICMetroid_Link7/10
The most exciting Legend of Zelda game that Nintendo has given you.MicroProject10/10
Twilight Princess is the latest, but definitely not the greatest, in the Legend of Zelda franchise.Misfit1196/10
Welcome to the Twilight Zone.nastynate31189/10
Not enough people, not enough combat. Still, Twilight Princess is a fun game.neonreaper8/10
Looking for a reason to buy a Wii? This is it.Osafune29/10
Not perfect, but a great game and launch title.PaperLink10/10
Great Gameplay, Sloppy Storypeach_zelda8/10
Swing your remo...I mean sword in the best (Zelda) game ever!PKMNRULES10/10
Twilight Princess delivers the goods, but is it the best Zelda ever?Psohl1219/10
A triumphant Wii debut and a stunning addition to the Zelda series.psyduck229/10
Nice game, but why so many rip-offs?RageBot8/10
A solid game that was, unfortunately, delayed too much for its own goodRockyRan6/10
It doesn't get much better than this for a launch title!ScrawlKnight9/10
One of Link's all-time best and most memorable journeys.ShadowGuardian910/10
The stuff of LegendShyningFade9/10
A Sweeping Epicsneggid9/10
The best Zelda game everSS4GokuTim10/10
The one 3D Zelda to rule them all...Stinger3138310/10
Link is back in his newest adventure, and it's better than ever!Super Slash9/10
More of the same--I'm not complaining.the ultimate688/10
It is Good, But it is Not What it was Hyped Up to BeTheRedneck148/10
Be careful what you wish for next time...TheYuke9/10
Great game, but lacking in some aspects.Toblerowned7/10
Great Game, even with dated graphics...TomPreston9/10
Spoiler-Free Twilight PrincessTSA_ZHQ9/10
The best Zelda game to dateVaztor719/10
A Zelda game where the word "Legend actually means somethingVirtuousYoda10/10
The Wii's flagship title was pulled from oven a little too soon.wannabepunktony9/10
A Fitting End......Maybe!Xeno_the_Wise1310/10
Nintendo does it for the fanboysZotmaster8/10

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The Legend Lives OnBeeMario8/10
It's not perfect, but the flaws in this game are so miniscule it doesn't make a difference.Big Bob10/10
Link is back, and follows his ocarina of time footsteps! (mild spoilers)dadkwashere9/10
[Insert Witty Comment Here]Deezlink9/10
Very good, but lacking in the timeless quality of previous Zelda titlesdeptstoremook8/10
A great Zelda game but fails to live up to the hypeESB11388/10
Amazing Game, but not without its flaws.Gamehead8/10
A New Era of Zeldas?iAmTheTot8/10
The Legend of Disappointment: Personality Deprived PrincessIce Inferno X37/10
Zelda hits the Wii in fine form, but is essentially still a Gamecube title with a little motion control.J-man459/10
A game oozing with potential that went unfulfilled in a few areasKCF01078/10
Is it worth the hype?!?!kupo71299/10
As good as Ocarina? Not quite, but pretty damn close.LrdofArmageddon10/10
An excellent introduction to Wii gamingMaster759/10
Another Z for ZeldaMrRem8/10
Best Zelda in almost every aspect...nickdemarc9/10
So does the new Zelda live up to it's hype? Well...OmegaNITRO9/10
Link, you came to town, you saved Zelda, and you left us wanting more.pYrAmId_bUiLdEr9/10
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-Worth the Wait!!randomizer210/10
Disapointment in it's wake, was not the best it could be.rockon1106907/10
The Kind Of Game That You Will Still Play Even After Your Wii is Ten Years Old.SeansReviews10/10
Link! He come to town!SuperGamecube647/10
Grab your Wiimote and Nunchuk and Brace yourself for an Adventure!Tauquito10/10
Link finally grows up for his latest journey.Tenshi No Shi10/10
A dark and epic Zelda adventure that has something for almost everyone.unclehosh9/10
The Best Zelda game of all time, but if you can, pick up the Wii Version insteadWiiZeldaIsBest10/10
Journey to Hyrule once more...Wolfvie10/10

GameFAQs Quick Reviews

This game is a letdown.Sumerian6/10
Another one of those games that aren't as good as people claim...6xdandangp2/10
The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time, and this game solidifies that fact.cloudmd2310/10
A Legacy Worth Remembering...Coleby9/10
Well thought out, a great buy!Dageek310/10
A minor flaw cost this classic Legend of Zelda a perfect score.DaZinga9/10
Left a sour taste in my mouth after multiple playthroughsDoomion337/10
Make no mistake, this is the best Zelda game ever made.Dorkmaster Flek10/10
Nintendo has truly done the impossible. They topped Ocarina of Time.Foxarwing4210/10
Twilight Is Herefuchigole10/10
Long conical green hats off to NintendoGuardianXanatos10/10
Setting the standard for next gen.hAV0k98510/10
Greatest Zelda Ever?jisforlash9/10
Nostradamus said: "Twilight Princess will be a classic..."Killa Whales10/10
And the gods sent forth...Twilight Princess!kingdodongo110/10
Very easily the best game in the Zelda series.KoD e94610/10
Twilight Princess: Can it compete? Yes, but not as well are you'd thinkKung Fu Monkey Ball7/10
This could have easily been the next Ocarina of Time. But is it? Nah. Itís still one of the best adventure games, if not the best, this generation.Lebbin9/10
Best game ever? I'm not sure, but it's damn closeLedFanatic410/10
Ocarina of Time 2 (No Spoilers)loquito57659/10
The Ultimate Question -- Is It The Best?maclotr10/10
A great game that improves the series.Metroidfan199/10
Great Series, Great Console, Great Gamemmv24610/10
The Definitive Zelda GameMyrdraal810/10
A great ZeldaNaked Snake9/10
The best Zelda ever!OPTIMUSAXIMUS10/10
Twilight Princess nearly surpasses Ocarina of Time. Nearly.Phange9/10
Welcome back to Hyrulepopatmajor10/10
Almost perfectrolltide1992110/10
Wow If You Don't Get This, Then Throw You Should Just Throw Your Wii Away!Roxas5210/10
"The Biggest Zelda Adventure of All Time"Samus_Theman10/10
"Will the Hero Rise"Schimmons8/10
Twilight Princess has set the bar for a new generation of games!Scorpion12217810/10
Quit reminiscing about Ocarina of Time! Link is back, and he's brought the best release game ever with him!sgrif3459/10
Twilight Princess = Game of the YearSheikahFan10/10
The most awesome launch game since Super Mario 64...SILVERDEVIL00010/10
Grab your horse and get ready to ride throughout Hyrule!SnippNorris9/10
Twilight Princess is a One of a Kind GemThatGamerDudeAlex10/10
The pinnacle of gaming...theEqualizer10/10
Gee, it sure is boring around here..Vegito57 [AKA: Vortrex]9/10
Through blizzard, inferno, and hurricane.Warmonger2229/10
This game is actually hooking to the series.wii_wolf_freak9/10
Sorry, I can not think of a tagline to do this game justice.WOODENSTICK10/10
I can't say much about this game.xxluapxx7/10
Best Zelda Game Everzeldask8er10/10
Sheer excellence._Spin_Cycle_9/10

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