Question from PikaDragon

Which games use the wii motion plus?

All games please.
Only announced games too
at the same question was asket but I know there are more but i dont know which ones so please help

PikaDragon provided additional details:

These games I do know from:
The Grinder
Gladiator A.D.
so what you say isnt true

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itwizz answered:

You've pretty much answered your own question there.

Also see here: and from what I can tell the games mentioned in that list are all that are coming out in the near future and aren't worth having so If you don't already have it I wouldn't bother getting one for a couple of years.

This isn't a specific HARDWARE OR DASHBOARD problem but a discussion and general query so please repost this here: and close this one as it has been posted in the wrong place.
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itwizz answered:

There are NO more games that use the Wii motion plus at the present time, all the games mentioned in that link are the ONLY ones that will/can use it.
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