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Why can I not connect up properly with my friend but can connect fine to anybody else it matches me with?

Me and my cousin cannot connect up in multiplayer (also did this with the conduit but we just gave up on that game). If i invite him it says game full. If he invites me it either won't connect or it's really choppy, slow and it boots me eventually. He is the only person on my friends list. I can play with other people it matches me up with and my connection test and other wii internet applications work great. We both have dsl, linksys wrt54g2 routers and wii speak. I opened my routers ports as well as everything else I could possibly do with my router. I'm just perplexed as to why we cannot play together. Does wii speak cause connection problems cause he is the only person i use it with. I'm really pulling my hair out here so any advice would be appreciated.


itwizz answered:

Try the following:

*Make sure you're both using the same Security protocols i.e Both using WEP, WPA2 etc.

*Change our MTU settings to 1492 OR 1500 on BOTH your routers and Wiis.

*BOTH of you reset your routers to their factory defaults and reopen the ports.

*Create a Static IP Address.

If none of these doesn't work then I suggest you ring Nintendo and see what they have to say though there is a SLIGHT Possibility that your cousins router is dying or he/she is using a bad Ethernet Cable (If he/she has connected that way).
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