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Pal Wii on NTSC TV?

Hello everyone. How do I make a Pal system work on a NTSC television? I've been hearing about setting it to 480p but I just wanted to make sure if it actually helped.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

SheeEttin asked for clarification:

Have you tried just plugging it in?
Most digital TVs would probably work just fine with it.
(Note that I don't have any PAL equipment to test with, and I'm definitely no engineer.)

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HGID answered:

European TVs usually go both ways, but US TVs normally only run NTSC.
The Wii would run, but in black and white with a bad image quality.

If you want it to look and run normally, you will need a signal converter.
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pkmi answered:

Most current TVs in Europe also read from NTSC, so it will be likely also the other way around.
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SuperAdamio answered:

You can run it on both TV's, but if your Pal on NTSC, some wierd stuff happens like wierd colours, most newer TV's have a setting were you can change the TV type from NTSC and PAL, this should work
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jean_borrero answered:

Most of the new higher end sets and maybe some older ones can display both resolutions. If you have an older TV you may be out of luck or money for the new one.
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