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Does Wii allow DS wifi?

Since the DS can download info from the Wii, there's obviously a wireless link. Is it possible to use that link to get on wi-fi on the DS through the wii? (My router is WAP encrypted so my Wii works, but DS doesn't)

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kirkinout answered:

Sorry, but I don't think that's possible right now.
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GrGizmo answered:

Its not possible with the Wii. But why dont you just change your Router settings to have WPA and WPA2 so the DS can work to. Thats what I do.
Go to your router settings from http//
Username should be admin, and password should be password.
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Flaccid_Sausage answered:

no, its not available yet on the Wii. Maybe someday, though.
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Filonia answered:

The Wii does not have the capability to share out its wireless connection at this time. If you are concerned about security, you could change it to 128-bit WEP which is still pretty secure and works for both systems, especially if you change the key often.
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NintendoSkater answered:

No it cant do that, would be neat though
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