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How do you connect your Wii to a home theatre system?

I have a Wii and I'm trying to hook it up to my surround sound. It plays the sounds but I can't get any video. I have component cables and I hooked them up to my Sony Home Theatre system. I got my Xbox 360 to work, but I use a digital Output cordhooked to my component cable box thingand hooked the cables themselves to the TV. I hooked my Wii component cables to the slots on my receiver which are the same colour. I get sound from the speakers, but no picture form the TV. Can you help me?


tubbsmcfat answered:

Have you plugged the yellow part of the cord into a tv?
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TheGame50401 answered:

Well, if you have a reciever/amplifier and if it has component video/audio slots, that would be the red, blue, green ones.... Just plug those into the reciever and run your reciever to you tv
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