Question from robynnlee

New Mario Bros?

On the 7th world cant find level 7-6 and their is also one in the 8th world I cant find?


Koko_138 answered:

when you see Star Coin #3 on the side of the screen behind some Brick Blocks. Use a Bob-Omb to smash your way through to it.

Below you on the right should be two cannons shooting Bob-ombs. Under these is a moving platform. Stand on this moving platform and and run right to find a secret area.

You'll exit through a red pipe, and here you will find two Bill Blasters that seem to be stuck on rapid fire. Get as many on the screen as you possibly can and run along with them to the Red Finish Flag. When you jump on to the Flag, you will get some extra lives if you have enough Bills on the screen with you.
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Koko_138 answered:

At the end there will be three Brick Blocks. Run left and avoid any incoming spiked balls, and go into the fake wall just left of the Blocks. You'll go through a tunnel and inbetween the red ledges you just passed. At the end is a pipe.

Rapidly jump across the hills so you don't get taken back left by them and use the red ledges whenever possible. Grab the POW Block and throw it, then drop to the left and collect all the Coins that head towards you. Work your way back to the right, and near the end you need to watch for Goombas exiting a green pipe. They'll suddenly fly at you as they hit the spinning hill, so be careful. Jump to the red ledge above and enter the green pipe up here.

Jump across the spinning hills here and you should end up triple jumping to the Red Finish Flag.
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TheGame50401 answered:

Well koko, you managed to say whats close to it, but u didn't say what level its in, im guessin the level 7-5 or 7-4, and same for 8 right, but ive been trhough both of them and no bob'ombs in neither of'em
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