Question from snakesin3124

Asked: 6 years ago

My Wii keeps on freezing! How to fix???

My Wii freezes all the time and If I'm lucky I can get 5 minutes of Brawl time til it crashes. Anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?

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From: Ferret75 6 years ago

Try playing some other games.
If it's just Brawl, then it's likley the disc.

If it happens with other games, you may need to send your Wii to Nintendo.

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Your Wii might be overheating. Is it in a well-ventilated place? Does it have enough space around it for the heat to dissipate?

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If it's overheating, try not playing so much. If it's another problem, you'll have to send your Wii to Nintendo to get fixed.

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If you have a service plan or somthing take it back or call the number.

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1. If it freezes alot, make sure that you pull the power cord out of the wall socket and out of the Wii itself. 2. Wait a few minutes and plug back in. Then hit reset.3. Make sure no gamecube controllers are plugged into the Wii, this causes alot of problems because of the different platforms the Wii is trying to run.

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