Question from jpcooler123

How can i UNhack my wii???

My wii is 4.2u
i have Homebrew channel
i have those backup launchers too
how can i unhack my wii the safest and easiest way possible

jpcooler123 provided additional details:

Oh and also i dont want my wii to brick
i want it completely unhacked so it wont brick my wii
after unhacking it completly can i update it again through nintendo when theres a new update to be released.
i also want the factory default of the wii

Accepted Answer

Blazingflare answered:

I cant garrentee Your wii will be "Factory fresh" but most of all of homebrew will be gone so theres no need to worry
if any unwanted channels are left just erase them in memory management
another way is to run a program like stack smash (look it up) so you can uninstall homebrew the way it was installed (if you use this method I guarentee you will have removed all trace of homebrew)
btw look up the wiird community or Wiibrew on google. they will tell you the details of the update. the most current update actually is practically pointless so there isnt much reason to get rid of homebrew yet
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Blazingflare answered:

if your wii does not have a modchip just hit update. Nintendo's newest update will deleat homebrew and the backup launcher. thier newest update actually was made to get rid of homebrew. soft modded wiis wont brick brick with updates like these
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