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How do you go to the Wii menu when your playing gamecube games?

When I am playing a gamecube game, I can't press anything on the wiimote (except power). Even reset resets the gamecube game. No other buttons work. So whenever I wanna play something else, I have to turn off my Wii and load another game, then turn it on. Is there a way to go straight to the wii menu from a gamecube gama?

paintkiller93 provided additional details:

Typo. Last sentence: game, not "gama"

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Ferret75 answered:

You can't go to the Wii Menu during a GCN game.
You have to turn off the Wii and then turn it back on.
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kardine answered:

Grab a Wii Remote and turn it on while the gamecube game is playing. Then press the home button and select the Wii Menu. Simple as that.
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