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How do I find out what my Wii Friend Code is? And what is a Wii Number?

I have two questions about the Wii since I'm pretty new with it. How do I find out what my Wii Friend Code is and what is a Wii Number (I saw "Wii Number" as an option in the dropdown menu on the "Modify Your Message Board Profile Contacts" page and have never heard of it before)? Also, how would you find out what your Wii number is? Even if you only have the answer to one of these questions, anything will help. Thanks.

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So, for instance, would the wii Friend code be the same as the VIP passcode in Guitar Hero: World Tour?

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I found the Wii Friend Code on the games that have a wi-fi connection, but I never got the Wii Number. I think you were thinking about the Wii Friend Code when you said that. Does anyone know what a Wii Number is and how to get it?

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You will find your main Wii Friend Number on the front page of your Adress Book on the Wii Message Board.
As for Wii Friend Codes, you will find them in-game when you have connected to the internet with that game at least once
For Mario Kart you will find your FC on your profile- a 12 digit number.
For Brawl, it will be in the 'Friend Roster' section of the WFC menu.
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yoshi1000 answered:

Im not sure what a wii friend number is but a wii number is if you have wi fi connection you can exchange wii numbers with friends and then play games that they have and you have on wi fi connection even when there not at your house(sweet!)and you can play worldwide reigonal or of course friends any game you can play with them exept some games dont have wi fi but the ones that do when you exchange wii numberswith friends and have fun bye!!!
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yoshi1000 answered:

Oh sorry you can find your wii number on any game thats on wi fi once again have fun!
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