Question from mcscreamy

Wii will not let a 2nd, 3rd or 4th player connect?

One remote will connect with no issues...but trying to add another player is proving to be an issue. It worked fine last week, and now a week later, 3 different remotes and it will not accept another player.
New batteries, sync'd them all, sync'd the wii, rebooted again and again and still nothing. Does this for all games.
It does have a modchip in it but again, it hasn't caused us an issue before.


pokedude900 answered:

Usually, extra remotes won't activate unless you are actually in a multiplayer mode menu. Also make sure that you hard synced the remotes (by pressing the sync buttons on both the Wii and the remotes at the warning screen). If that doesn't solve it for you, then the last update did something to mess up your mod chip.
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