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Is my wii hacked?

I bought a wii second-hand by internet (ebay-like website), it had a few illegal discs with it and the homebrew channel and neogamma channel were installed. Can I assume my Wii is hacked? And if I uninstall these channels is my Wii then unhacked? I want to just play legally so I can also use all updates and stuff without getting in trouble.


Wolf_O_Donnell answered:

If you remove the channels then your Wii will likely still have custom IOS's installed. But you certainly won't know the difference, and I don't think Nintendo will either.
However, even if they did, I don't think that you could get into trouble for having those.
As far as I know the most that could occur from updating your Wii is that the illegal features would be disabled or blocked. I know that the most recent update removes the homebrew channel as well as other "unauthorized files." So updating will likely solve your problem, not cause more.
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Wolf_O_Donnell answered:

And yes.
It's extremely hacked.
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Wolf_O_Donnell answered:

Something that hadn't occurred to me before, because I never keep my own Wii connected to the internet, so the thought never crossed my mind, but it's possible that your Wii could be or already is banned from online play. My advice would be to look into a Custom IOS uninstaller. But be very careful before actually using it. Do a lot of reading on which things not to touch first. Or, if you don't want to bother with the hassle, you could always sell it and buy another, you could even make a profit.
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