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Can I lay the Wii sideways?

Can I lay it sideways, or will it overheat?

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-Desu- answered:

Laying it down is fine.
Make sure that the disc slot is above the power button though, laying it down on the other side can scratch discs.
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Ultimate_Somnia answered:

I have it sideways all the time.

I would recommend this because it doesn't fall when playing a GC game
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bob_the_frog answered:

It's fine. I've heard many people recommend leaving it sideways because Wii and GCN discs can break if a vertical Wii falls.
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krpiper answered:

Yup if you look on the Wii, there is a little rubber/plastic nubs just rest the Wii on those nubs
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gitanil answered:

Yes you can lay it sideways and it is much more stable that ways. However, I am pretty sure that WiFi works better if you have it vertical (not really sure why).
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PaperSpock answered:

I would recommend it. The brawl disc made an odd sound when my Wii was vertical. Horizontal rendered it silent.
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RingoBell answered:

Absolutely; it's even mentioned in the system manual. However, you might have some difficulty opening/closing the GCN controller and memory card doors in this orientation (although it sits fine if they're left open or closed).
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47pik answered:

Yes you can. There are little rubber pieces on the side to lay it on.
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xvolution answered:

You can, though I've found it runs a little hotter if you do. Mine froze up once while I had it laying horizontal.
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