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My Wii is very very hot when I touch it. What do I do?

Almost as hot as Kilik from SoulCalibur. ^_~

Should I just unplug it?

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Red_Shifter answered:

Your Wii is hot because you have Standby Connection on. Either live with it, or turn this off in the WiiConnect24 section of the options menu.
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insanefreddy answered:

Try not to play it hours on end it will get very hot. Turn it off if you think it is getting to hot and let it cool down. I am not sure but maybe getting it out of the sun will into the shadows would help to cool it down.
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PaperSpock answered:

If your Wii isn't on, but is in WiiConnect24 mode, it's probably the wi-fi chip since heat builds up when the fans aren't on. So, disabling WiiConnect24 will help. Also, turning it on could help, since it will cause the fans to run, allowing the chip to cool. Try to avoid having WiiConnect24 on for long periods of time.
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TMola answered:

Let it cool for an hour or so, placing it vertically would help.
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megagood answered:

You might want to make sure that you don't have it tightly placed in an entertainment center - it needs ventilation around it so that the heat can dissipate.
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