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Cani Iuse gamecube controllers for wii games?

When i get a Wii i will want madden 09 but i prefer using Game cube controllers could i do that?

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sorry about the typo (Cani luse) it suppose to say Can I use.

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Ruffmonster answered:

Some games yes
Other games no
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SharmHedgehog answered:

For some games, like Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity or Fire Emblem, yes, you can use GCN controllers. For others, like Twilight Princess, you have to use the Wii remote. Trust me; you get used to it.
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Sandyoso answered:

The answer to your question is both yes and no.

In regards to whether or not the Wii is compatible with GameCube controllers, the answer is fairly obvious: you CAN use GameCube controllers with the Wii.

As for specific Wii games and GameCube controller compatibility, it all depends on the game. For Madden 09, I'd recommend asking that game's board if any information has been released on this subject.

As examples for Wii games that can accept GameCube controllers, I know that Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Fire Emblem allow them. In fact, it's recommended to use GCN controllers with some games.
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bob_the_frog answered:

GameCube controls work for some games, but not others. They have to be compatible with the Wii itself because you can play GCN games on the Wii, and those require GCN controllers. Unfortunately, you can't use the GCN controller in Madden 09.
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RingoBell answered:

GCN controllers can be used on the Wii in the following situations:

- When playing GCN discs.
- When playing Virtual Console games (except specific TG16 games).
- When playing Wii discs specifically designed to use the GCN controller. Mario Kart Wii is one example not yet mentioned. To tell whether your game supports this control method, examine the blue icons on the back of the game case. If you see one that looks like a GCN controller, it'll work. If there is no icon, assume it doesn't work.

Also, note that the Wii home menu can't be controlled by the GCN controller, so you'll still need to use a Wii Remote to at least start the game.
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nintendofan50 answered:

Yes but only for certain games. Check the back of the package of a game to determine what controllers work for that game. For example if a game uses a Gamecube controller you will see a Blue Gamecube controller icon on the back of the package. The same goes for the Classic controller and any other Wii accessories.
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eggy32 answered:

Check the back of the game box, it tells you which controllers you can sue with the games.
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_Taidow_ answered:

Sonic and the Secret Rings lets you use the GameCube Controllers for Players 2-4. But its not mentioned on the back of the box.
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pistol651 answered:

i think the wii comes with a wii remote and nunchuck, so you'll be able to play madden. Also some wii games can use gamecube controllers(super smash bros brawl, resident evil 4, etc.). And if you have gamecube games you can play those(you have to use the gamecube controller) but you need a gamecube memory card to save. But madden isn't gamecube controller compatible. You'll have to get used to the wii remote.
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BanjoKazooiePwn answered:

MOST games will say whether or not they are GCN compatible
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Hyper_Shadow_29 answered:

I think Resident Evil 4 lets you. I know it lets you use a classic controler. Most VC games will allow you to also.
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FlakyPorcupine answered:

There are some games that can (like Brawl) and some games that can't. It would tell you on the top-right corner of the back cover what can you use in the game (if it only has a Wii remote, then it can only be used, etc.) keep this in mind.
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XxGamerzRockxX answered:

For some games yeah. Like when you play Super Smash Bros. Brawl you can hook up the gamecube controller.
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xdman11 answered:

Some games ya but not all.
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