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Can I use HD on the wii ?

so can I ?

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SonicRaptor answered:

Right now, the Wii can only do 480p at it's maximum output and only possible through component cables (which are sold separately). It is not high-definition but looks adequate on an HDTV as opposed to 480i (default output) which looks pretty mediocre on an HDTV.
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WiiKyle answered:

The Wii doesn't have full HD capabilities right now. It only uses up to 480p. But who knows what the future may bring.
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bugexe answered:

If you use component cables for the wii it will not be in HD because the cables are not HD and neither is the wii itself, but the visuals look slightly better.
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Spacepirate_091 answered:

You can buy RGB cables and use that instead of AV(the yellow, white, red cables)
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Spectacular66 answered:

It's only enhanced definition at the current moment... 720p would have been a better option but hey, stuff happens...

Buy the Component Cables (Red/Green/Blue if you want a clearer and more vivd picture.I just use an S-video cable and it works fine. Not too blurry, not too sharp and the color is just right.
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