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I turn my wii on and the screen freezes. Help?

So this morning my sister is on the Wii playing My Sims Kingdom. She turns the system off as normal and about half hour later I go on and change the disk to Guitar Hero World Tour. I move the joystick on the guitar controller to go into the disk channel and before I get there the screen just frezzes. I can't turn the Wii off so I turn it off by the plug. I blow all of the dust out of the wires, scart lead and I try again. Still freezes. I try it on another TV and it still freezes. Any Help?

pokemonstranger provided additional details:

Thanks for the help but i phoned nintendo and followed their instructions and i've backed up my files but lost some game data =[

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deadpigs101 answered:

try a different game. If that does not work either then it is your Wii and you need to send it into Nintendo. If it is only Guitar Hero then clean the disc.

put some liquid soap and and water on the disc (not the label side) and wash the disc with a glasses cloth. Then let the game dry COMPLETELY and try it again.
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