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Wii Updates?

I've updated my wii to once, what does updating my Wii do?

LordSepiroth666 provided additional details:

when first got my wii back in December, I already done a 3.4 update to it. now I cant do any more updates, because it wont let me

Accepted Answer

cvfan answered:

It changes some of the programming to fix bugs and other stuff. The newest update is 4.0 which was released yesterday. It allows VC games & Wii Channels to be transfered to an SD card & started from it, saving space on the Wii limited system memory (saved data is still saved to the Wii memory, though.)
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MarioGirl101 answered:

THis allows you to go on certain channels on youe Wii that you alredy have that need constant updating.
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Habby-96 answered:

Some new games and channels only works with latest updates.
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