Question from LordSepiroth666

Asked: 6 years ago

Error Codes?

I Keep getting Error codes on my wii, when i go on the wii shop channel, it gives me error codes.WTF is going on?!

Additional details - 6 years ago

I already up graded it to a 3.4, it wont let me do again

Accepted Answer

From: mikeonearth 5 years ago

try upgrading again or something...if this doesn't work you can search the error code...there is a list of codes in your wii manual that you get when you first buy the wii Maybe it will tell you the issue.....if not, you can always call the company or go to its website, i have before and everything worked out fine.

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The way to get rid of those is to update your Wii, it doesn't cost anything, but a few minutes of time. Hope this helps!

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