Question from theman_07

The disc drive wont work, help me?

Every time i put a disc in the wii, it wont try to read it . So what happen i took care of it but all in a sudden it wont work and i dont want to pay $85 dollars in repairs.

hellohey94 asked for clarification:

Did you or did you not, mod your wii in any way (modchip, banner editing, etc...).

theman_07 provided additional details:

No, i didnt do anything to my wii it just broke

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KirbyPuffball answered:

there have been reports of There beeng bugy Wii's.(In my opinion, Beta Wiis)
you should try to exchange Wiis, if u still have the chance, or, if ur parents play it, and they dont know, now would be a good time too tell them. Call Nintendo of America, and They might be interested on fixing it.

B.T.W, its recomended u get a Cooling Station for ur Wii, so it wont overheat.
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xdman11 answered:

Clean it ! a lot or take it to gomewrokshop or eb games ects .
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xdman11 answered:

Buy a new wii they mostiy sell Beta now I will buy at best buy they do a good fixing job for free .
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xdman11 answered:

You got it in 2007 now Nintendo has fix the poldon so It may work now.
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