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Can you use the web browser to download and view media?

The browser on the DSi can't download and store files onto internal mem or sd cards, and it can't playback any movies or music, so i thought i'd ask before i shelled out money.

original7thgear provided additional details:

Ironically, your answer answered the question but backwards. What i meant was i already know about the DSi browser shortcomings and wondered if the wii one worked the same way. Thanks though, guess the computer is just gonna have to stay hot.


Shadow4eva13 answered:

I'd assume no as the Wii Browser cannot do that either. You can put music on the card and such using a card reader/writer, but other than that, no downloads except from the DSi Store.
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neutralbias answered:

You cannot save videos or pics rom the opera browser, nor can you open anything that requires newer versions of flash.
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Saicotico answered:

If you're asking about the Wii browser, no, it can't download, but it CAN play most media, except for some flash games, and it is now available for free from the Wii Shop Channel.
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dsmaster666 answered:

yes, BUT only using FTPii
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