Question from rmijag

How much will gamestop give my for my nintendo wii?

I had a wii and is in not reali bad but is in bad conditions. How much money will ame stop give my??????


dinobot19 answered:

Not much. If you really want to sell, sell off ebay.
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Cheeze_Pantz answered:

We don't know the answer, as Gamestop has no concrete numbers for item trades, consoles, games, or otherwise.

Go to your local Gamestop with your Wii, and they will give you an estimate of how much it's worth.

But honestly, sell it on eBay if you want more money. Gamestop will only cheap you out in the end.
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Saicotico answered:

I think you might be able to find out if you were to give us more information, and with legible spelling.
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gdvith answered:

Gamestop will cheat you out of a lot of money. Either sell it to a neighbor or friend who wants a wii for gamestop's estimated price or sell it of ebay.

Gamestop will tell you how much it costs when you bring it there.
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