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Asked: 5 years ago

Is there anyway to retrieve a file that was accidentally deleted in the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy?

My son accidentally changed the icon on his file and as a result, his file containing 94 stars that he's acquired is all lost. Help! Anyway to retrieve it back?

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Im sorry but i don't think so :s

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You can't this is also right in Super Mario Sunshine.

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If you have an unaltered copy of the save on an SD card then you can just copy it over after deleting the bad copy.

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Otherwise if you have a sd card you can download a new file from this site but you have then unlocked all.
I don't think you have something for this

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Maybe he accedently pressed delete?

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No. once it's gone, its gone. this goes for any game or other file on any system including pc. thats y they always ask twice before deleting.

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