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Asked: 6 years ago

Why is my system making buzzing sounds?

My Wii is making really annoying buzzing sounds, and it worries me that there may be something wrong with it. Is this normal?

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From: WhiteWolf338 6 years ago

Hopefully it is just buzzing and not doing anything else like freezing. A suggestion is to check to make sure it isn't overheating is make sure it is on a hard flat surface. Rugs and carpets will usually cause it to overheat. If you start to get freezing issues I would suggest calling Nintendo, because mine started doing this with the buzzing sounds and eventually I had to send it in.

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Unplug it, it may be overheating.

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did u get dust in it or put something in it? u may have to send it to Nintendo.

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Some games do that like mysims.
First,leave it alone for a few days.If its STILL making the sound after,Send it to nitendo!

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If your Wii overheats, then my suggestion (which I've used several times, works perfectly) is to lightly brush over the fan vent with a vacuum. Let me know if it helps. :)

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Is there a game in the slot? If so the wii is scanning the disk.

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The WII is just loading.Or it might be about to overheat.

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