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Asked: 5 years ago

Which Wii Mote battery Charger should I use?

I've checked a few different sites and looked at a few different brands of Wii Mote chargers..But reading through the reviews I find every one of them have problems of some sort. I'm tired of trying to figure it out. Any help?

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From: a_fartn_Spartan 5 years ago

I use rechargable batteries so I can use them for other things.

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Do not get it from DealExtreme. Their Chinese products don't work especialy the charger. I have it and it will charge the remotes for 12 hours and the Wii Motes will work for oh, maybe anywhere between 20-60 minutes. The remotes from deal extreme are bad quality as well.

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I suggest nyko wiimote chargers. I have had mine for over a year, and they have very long play time (hours). Not to mention the cool rubber grips that the battery packs have.... nice : )

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I use Energizer 2-Charger. Takes up to 6 hrs, lasts a day and a half.

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Get either the Nyko or Energizer one. They both charge the remotes pretty quick. As for how long the remote lasts, once it's completely charged, it doesn't last any longer with any different chargers. Once the batteries are full, they're full. Some people think otherwise, so I'm just putting that out there.

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Go with standard rechargable AAs. They make quick-charge batteries that are ready in 2 minutes, and fully charged in 15. Watch the mAh rating of the batteries. I use 2500s.
For the investment, you'll be getting much more utility. Get an extra set of batteries for your TV remotes, electric toothbrush, Sony Walkman brand personal cassette player, etc.

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definatly Nyko. i bought one for 30$ at wal mart and if you just charge one for an hour you can play for about a day

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get a phsyclone charger that comes with a battery pack and a usb cabel to charge the battery with when you plug into the usb port on wiI

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I've used the Nyko charge station for quite some time and it works like a charm. It charges fast and looks nice as a display stand for your Wiimotes.

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I bought one at Sam's Club with a 8 foot long plug in cord and a two wii remote charger for $30. I had a problem reccently but my brother threw the remote ( Yes i was really annoyed at him) at the tv and it broke, but the other one is still working today. I got this like a year or 2 ago.

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GET THE ENERGIZER I LOVE MINe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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