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Asked: 5 years ago

Why doesn't my Nunchuck respond?

Ug... My Nunchuck won't respond when I use it. For example, while on the Brawl Character Select Screen and have the Nunchuck in, the icon stays on the Wiimote-only icon, occasionally flashing to the Wiimote+Nunchuck icon, but then changing back. The weird thing is, sometimes when I unplug it a little bit, it will start working.

The Wii Remote works fine, so VC and games like Sonic Secret Rings still works, but if I try to play something like Sonic Black Knight, it will start for a few seconds, then go to the "Plug in the Nunchuck" screen.

And yes, it happens when I try with all my Nunchuck + Wiimote combos. I have 3 Nunchucks and 2 Wiimotes (don't ask).

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you should connect the Nunchuck so it can works

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That sounds like a loose connection between the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk. If you have this issue with all add-ons for that particular Wii Remote, then the remote's connector slot is probably messed up. If it's just that one Nunchuk, then it's probably the Nunchuk's connector plug itself that's messed up. Either way, try contacting Nintendo's technical support about this and see if they can repair the part that's messing up on you.

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Try another nunchuck, if that doesn't work, it might be the WiiMote, try another WiiMote witha nunchuck, if that doesn't work then try blowing gently into the WiiMote plug. If THAT doesn't work, contact Nintendo

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I have the same problem as you... I just try and tape it so it stays in. If you it gets loose again, just try and remove it a little with the tape still on. Works like a charm. Do just about all the sides.

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