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How do I turn off my Wiimote?

I can go to the Home Menu and pick Reconnect, which turns off all Wiimotes, but then I can't exit the Home Menu with a GC controller (I play Super Smash Bros Brawl with a GC controller), so I have to reconnect a Wiimote. All I can figure is to leave it until it turns off automatically, but it uses battery power then. Pressing the Wiimote's Power button does not turn it off unless I hold it, which also turns off the system. And I can't start a game with a GC controller either.

NintendoDudeGuy provided additional details:

I use rechargeable batteries. I don't think I'll remove them. Thanks.

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kirkinout answered:

Yeah there's no way to actually turn the Wiimote off, other than waiting for it to turn off by itself. If it's really a problem, you could probably just remove and re-insert the batteries, though that's a bit of a hassle to do every time.
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