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Can you use a Gamecube Action Replay on the Wii?

I have some gamecube games that are more fun to play with an action replay, so can I use an action replay on the Wii?

darkdragon30544 provided additional details:

I have one last thing I forgot to add. Last time I tried useing the AR on my Wii, the screen turned red.

darkdragon30544 provided additional details:

I screwed up on the info, it doesn't turn the screen red, it said disk error. The red screen was when I used it on a Game Cube.

Accepted Answer

mikaa answered:

Depends. If you have an original system and haven't updated it, yes, you should.

If you have a newer system or have ever updated it, no. Seems one of the firmware updates back in '08 prevents its use.

Oh well.
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Masterlink12 answered:

Yes, the Gamecube Action Replay should work on the Wii and if it does not there are some made to work on the Wii.
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pokeaddict17 answered:

O.O Then maybe... not use AR for Wii because it might mess it up?
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rnortham answered:

not if its the pre-wii version but you can buy a version that does work. you'll need a seperate AR for wii games tho
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