Question from 0BanjoKazooie0

Asked: 5 years ago

Any good virtual console games that are worth it?

I already have
The Legend of Zelda-Ocarina of Time--
Mario Kart--
Super Mario 64---

any Suggestions?

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From: StarlightHunter 5 years ago

yeah, Super Metroid.

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Pleas post this in the main forum as this area is for Wii HARDWARE and DASHBOARD problem only, not discussions.

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Zelda A Link to the Past

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If u like puzzles i would suggest world of goo.
If u like classic games get ocarina of time.
Also if u look in the right places u can get gamecube games 4 super cheap

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I would recommend Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, or Majora's Mask.

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- Super Smah Bros.
- Star Fox 64
- Super Mario Bros.
- World of Goo

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