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Asked: 3 years ago

Unable to read discs, help!?

One day my friends and I were playing Brawl. During the beginning of the fight, he can't use his smash ball. During the music stopped playing. Then the Wii said 'disc error. Eject disc and turn off the Wii.' We did then tried to replay the game, it loaded the game just fine but after a loading screen it said the same again. We tried replaying it again but it said at the Disc Channel, "Unable to read the disc. Check the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting."
I doubt it will help. And It could be the lens, but I'm sure a lens cleaning CD won't help due to how it can read discs, and I won't open up the system. So what can I do and how can I do it?

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I have no warranty. How much money will it take to send to Nintendo to repair it?

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I've had it for nearly 5 years though.

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From: pokedude900 3 years ago

If you tell them it's a lens problem, they will most likely fix it for free, even without a warranty.

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It is the lens. And the cleaning kit will help. It doesn't need to read the cleaning disc, it just needs to spin it, which it will be able to do. Alternatively you could send your Wii to Nintendo to get cleaned.

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Like I said. Tell them it's a lens problem, and they will fix it. Without a warranty.

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