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Asked: 6 years ago

OK i think its called snowpeak level?

I'm stuck in there , I can't get the canon balls to fire the canon in the court where the snow monster is.It's becasue i can't get to any rooms or chests, the ice is stopping me?Is there something that i missed before I got there?

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From: bmaster154 6 years ago

You should ask this in the right place, here is for wii system questions. Go to your game's section, then the answer section. I think (if I'm not mistaken) that you're talking about Twilight Princess, right? Well, you might as well look up for an faq since it tells you everything.

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Ok, well... you kjnow the room right next to where the canon balls are kept?

Make sure you go in there and collect the cog, which allows you to then turn the door and now you can get to the canon balls.

If you need any more help... I am the greatest.


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