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Asked: 5 years ago

Wii Remote question?

Is there any way to turn off the Wii remote without turning off the console along with it?

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From: GOARMYKILL 5 years ago

Pop the batteries out or dont touch it for 5 minutes and it will turn off itself

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Here are a few ways I know of how to make the WiiMote off.

Take out the batteries.
Leave it alone, and it will GO TO SLEEP.
Press the Power Button, I think only once, and it may turn off. It's what happened with me I think anyway.

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How do you connect the 2-player onto the 'need for speed Pro street'.

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if you have two remotes on, and you only want one, then press home, go to settings (still on the wiimote menu), and click on Sync Remotes. Press 1+2 on the wiimote you want, press home again, presto! the other remote is turned off.

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