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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I challenge plays on the Madden 2010 game? 2
Wii Friend Codes? 1

Technical Help Answers
"Press A to continue," but it freezes.....? 1
A little help with the reader? 1
An error has occurred? 2
Any other way to update? 1
Are there any Wii VC or Wii ware games that are online? 1
Batteries for wii remote? 3
Battery?? 1
Can I break my Gamecube controllers playing the Wii? 5
Can I get some help setting up the classic controller to SNK collection please? 1
Can I play the games on my SD card in another Wii? 11
Can i use a hand-held controller? 3
Can I use a PC usb controller for GC games? 2
Can I use HD on the wii ? 5
Can I use my SD card to get free games? 2
Can run games instantly without having to select the Disc Channel? 4
Can someone help me with my saving dilemma? 2
Can someone help with my Wavebird? 3
Can the Wii's Internet Connection be mistaken with an attempt to break in to a computer? 3
Can tou delete "Today's Play History" in from the Wii message board? 1
Can Wii Motion Plus help with any game or does it have to be a compatible game? 1
Can you move pictures from the message board to the sd card? 2
Can you Use a USB Flash Drive (Jumpdrive Firefly) To store and add save Files? 1
Can you use the Classic Controller to play GameCube games? 1
Changing Resolution? 3
Cube Memory Issue fixed? 3
Deleting Photos? 2
Disk drive Replacement? 1
Do all brands of SD cards work on Wii? 4
Do i need a Classic Controller to play VC games? 1
Does Brawl work when you put in a USB cable? 2
Does the Wii MotionPlus drain batteries faster? 2
Does the Wii shop channel update (for only the Wii shop channel) do anything bad to the Wii, like Wii update 4.2? 3
Does Wii allow DS wifi? 5
Doesn't the Wiimote have a mic in it? 2
Dose the birthday do anything? 4
DVDs? 7
Error has ocurred? 2
For some odd reason, Youtube vids won't load, anything else on Youtube is showed but the vids are not, any ideas? 2
Game Cube and Wii Questions? 1
Game saves? help!!!! 3
Game video doesn't show up. Help? 1
Gamecube Memory Card? 2
Has anyone figured out what maintenance mode is for yet? 5
Having trouble with online? 1
HDTV Flatscreens and the 8 and 16 bit games? 1
Help installing Homebrew channel? 1
Help my wii has errors and no wii-motes. Help? 2
Help with Wii Internet - why does it stop working? 3
How and where do I get an internet browser for Wii? 1
How can I save virtual console games to my SD card? 1
How can you reset the Wii from 480p to NTSC WITHOUT using the system menu? 2
How come my Wii isn't reading any discs? 5
How do I change the game directory? 2
How do I delete Photos in the Photo Channel? 1
How do I enter a username when trying to log onto my internet? 1
How do I get pics from my usb when I attach it? 2
How do I get the Wiimotes to sync up? 6
How do I move channels? 2
How do I port forward my wii? 2
How do I set to 480p? 2
How do I transfer music from my SD card to my Wii? 1
How do you disable Rockband from booing you off stage? 1
How do you make the wii's internet stronger? 2
How do you use the wireless Gamecube controller? 2
How many bits? 1
How many games could a 1GB SD card hold? 2
How to fix my wiimote connections? 3
How to record Wii videos? 1
How to remove blur? (disc) 2
I cant finish downloading an update? 4
I cant go online? 1
I turn my wii on and the screen freezes. Help? 1
I want to connect to Nintendo WFC. What do I need? 2
If i ...? 1
If I don't update my wii at all what's gonna happen? 1
Internet Question? 1
Internet? 3
Is Batman Arkham Asylum going to be released for the Wii? 2
Is it better to have my wii laying sideways or standing up? 3
Is it ok too..........? 10
Is it okay to clean a Wii game with shower cleaner and a soft towel/rag? 2
Is it okay to leave the system running over night? 1
Is the hombrew channel safe & legal? 6
Is there a way to connect 2 wii's to one wireless connection in the same household? 2
Is there any way to connect a GBA to Wii, or is it GBA to GCN only? 1
Is there hardware I can get to allow me to play DS games on the Wii? 4
Is there something wrong with my Wii, or my GC disc? 1
It won't read the disc? 1
Leaving Virtual console games "paused" when Wii is off or whatever? 2
Little help with wired adapters, please? 2
Loud wii? 1
Music? 1
My data got currupted? 1
My saves won't copy to my wii? 4
My screen has little pixel lines or dots through it? 7
My Wii can't connect via WiFi? 3
My Wii Fit board keeps shutting off during use, esp. during steps aerobics. Any ideas? 2
My Wii gets a corrupted error when I turn it on, but fixes once I power it on again? 1
My wii is making this loud, annoying humming/buzzing noise, i don't know what is means, anyone, i need help?! 3
My Wii is very very hot when I touch it. What do I do? 5
My Wii isn't turning on. What's the problem? 1
My Wii keeps on freezing! How to fix??? 5
My Wii won't play Wii games but Gamecube games work fine what sould I do? 3
My Wii won't stay on.. help? 1
Neo Geo games on VC not working properly? 2
Nintendo Wifi Error code 101405? 2
Nunchuck not working well? 1
On what tipe of tv does the Wii work? 1
Possible problems with 480p? 1
Problem w/Wii MotionPlus in table tennis - Responsiveness ? 5
Question on certain Virtual Console games? 1
Questions about formatting...? 1
Questions about resetting the wii? 1
SD cards supported? 1
Since the recent 2009 update... is there SD to Wii Wiiware/VC compatability? 1
So can i do this too fix my wii? 2
Standby Mode??? 4
The disc drive wont work, help me? 4
The Wii and SD memory cards? 1
The wii faceplate is broken? 1
Two USB questions. Help? 5
U.K. cord for a U.S. Wii? 1
Unable to read discs, help!? 3
Virtual Console games with component cables? 1
Vista? 2
What do i need to play gamecube games on wii? 1
What does bricking you wii" mean? 1
What does system update 4.1 do? 1
What does wii speak do? 3
What is causing the flickering cutscenes? 9
What is on the back of the Classic Controller? 1
What is the difference between the Classic Linker and Classic Linker 2? 2
What is the purpose of Maintenance Mode? 1
What is the twilight hack and how do you put it? 4
What is the Wii's "Maintenance Mode" and how can I use it? 1
What is this ??? channel? 2
What is wrong with my Wii?!?!?!?!?!?! 2
What region specifications is the wii set with? 1
When I shut off my Wii the light turns yellow isn't it suppose to turn red? 3
Where Can I Find My Wii Number? 2
Where can I view the URL for a webpage I'm viewing? 1
Where do i add my friends' friend codes? 1
Where does my SD card go in my wii? 3
Why can't I move games to the SD card? 1
Why can't my wii remotes connect to the wii? 1
Why can't some VC/Wiiware/Wii games' save data be transferred to an SD card? 3
Why did My Wii's External light change from dark orange to weird yellow? 1
Why did the music from my Wii cut off? 1
Why do I have no sound? 4
Why do i keep getting disconnected? 1
Why does it take so long to receive a message when you are using the wii message board to communicate? 1
Why does my system keep turning off? 1
Why does my Wii not have internet? 3
Why does my Wii power button keep turning yellow? 1
Why does my wii randomly turn off? 4
Why does my Wii Remote randomly disconnect? 1
Why does my wii romote not want to trun on? 1
Why does my Wii shut off in the Middle of a game? 2
Why does My Wii shut off when i plug my Gamecube Controller in? 2
Why does my Wii turn off every time i plug in the GC controller? 1
Why does the game keep telling me "corrupted files"? 3
Why does the game keep telling me 101? 1
Why does the game keep telling me error code 204038 and how can I fix it? 1
Why does the hand on my Wii when you move Wii Remote on it the screen appear? 1
Why doesmy Wii not like my discs? 4
Why doesn't my Chinese controller work as well as a normal one? 1
Why i cannot use mii channel??? 1
Why is my Wii making a weird noise when theres a disk in? 4
Why is my wiiconect24 wired conection signil so...bad? 1
Why the buzz? 4
Why won't my games work? 2
Why, when I try to go onto the Wii Shop Channel, does my Wii stop working? 2
Wii remote connection problems. What to do? 1
Will Wii Connect 24 be okay to use? 2
Yellow? 3

Other Help Answers
.........Where do I get a replacement guitar for Rockband 1?............... 3
2 Important questions! Can someone help? 2
2 Questions regarding sending my wii in? 3
About Wii Points cards...? 3
Adapter Help? 2
Any good virtual console games that are worth it? 6
Any problems with getting a used Wii? 1
Are the games in the virtual console on the Wii Shop Channel subject to availability like most things? 1
Are the Wii Shop Channel games worth paying for? 2
Are there any risks in mii parade? 1
Are there any Sports games on Wii that have automatic online roster updates? 1
Are there legit wireless classic controllers? 1
Best looking Wii games? 6
Best wii games? 1
Bringing an american Wii to France? 1
Bully for Wi ? 1
Can I delete my account on wii shopping channel? 1
Can I delete the forecast channel and/or the news channel? 3
Can i do anything bout my town size? 6
Can I lay the Wii sideways? 9
Can i play gamecube games on a wii? 4
Can I play games with saves on an SD card? 1
Can I play GCN games on wii with different controller than GCN controller? 1
Can I play the Game Cube version of Animal Crossing on my Wii? 6
Can I retrieve something that has been deleted? 1
Can I send messages to other people in famefaqs? 1
Can I transfer games? 1
Can I use a remote with a console from another region? 1
Can I use a wii remote on another wii? 4
Can i use an usb controller for pc on wii that doesnt need a cd to install? 2
Can I use Gamecube controller for the oldies??? 1
Can i watch hulu videos on the internet channel? 1
Can I write an FAQ for this? 1
Can someone answer this question please? 1
Can someone help me with the connection Ambassador Registration in wii shop channel? 1
Can the Gamecube Modem/Broadband Adapter hook up to the back of the Wii? 1
Can the Wii break? 1
Can the Wii Motion Plus improve the motion sensor for other games that don't use it? 1
Can u get upstairs in the hotel?ifso how? 1
Can You go online With a Dial up connection?? 2
Can you move channels / VC / WiiWare in the menu? 1
Can you play cd/dvds off your wii? 1
Can you play virtual console games with 2-4 players? 1
Can You Play Your Own Music while Playing a game? 2
Can you use a Gamecube Action Replay on the Wii? 4
Can you use the wii controlers for gamecube games? 1
Can you watch videos on the photo channel? 1
Can't move saves? 1
Can't play video in Photo Channel? 6
Cani Iuse gamecube controllers for wii games? 14
CD scratches? 1
Club Nintendo Free Subscription- Where to have it? 2
Club Nintendo Help? 1
Compatible Wireless modems? 1
Conflict getting a wii from US to EC(Not a sending problem) so ?HELP?!!!!!!! 2
Connecting Wii to internet? 1
Controllers? 1
Could I transfer my Wii Shop account to new Wii? 4
Create A Faq? 1
Disc light problems? 1
DLC help on GHWT?? 1
Do I have to have High speed internet do go on the net from my Wii? 3
Do i need a GC Memory Card? 2
Do i need a memory card to play Gamecube games? 1
Do I pay sales tax when buying a Wii over the internet? 2
Do nintendo point cards count as accessories? 1
Do the friend codes (for games like MKW and SSBB) change if the internet connection changes? 1
Do Virtual Console Games all cost the same? 3
Do you have to pay extra for internet use on the Wii? 2
Do you need the wii motion plus to play wii motion plus games? 1
Does anyone got a good idea for a wii game? 1
Does anyone knows a good game for ds,snes or nes? 2
Does formating the Wii memory affect the marketplace data? 1
Does the Jillian Michaels game require the Wii fit? 1
Does the wii include point when you first enter in WiiWare? 1
Does Wii Speak work with all online wii games? 2
Does Wii sports resort include bowling/bowling training excersises? 2
Entering Cheat Codes for Rock Band II? Ready to Trash the Game! 2
Error Codes? 2
Flickering WiiMote Cursor? 1
For what is that *Delete Cookies* option in the Internet Channel?? 2
Forgotten name to a game, help? 1
Free Wii points? 2
Game Boy on Virtual Console? 1
Game of the Decade? 1
Game Suggestions? 1
GC and Wii cheats? 3
Help with GMC memory card? 2
Help with the wii internet browser? 1
Hoe Do You Dowload The Gamesaves? 6
Homebrew? 1
How can i add a new friends ftom Wii online????? 1
How can i tell if I have enough blocks for a game? 1
How can i UNhack my wii??? 2
How can I use my Cricket Wireless Broadband with the Wii? 1
How come after I sync my Club Nintendo acount with my Wii, the coins aren't added under my account? 1
How come my sensor works in the Wii menu but not in any channels including the game channel? 3
How do i do neflex on the wii? 1
How do I exit GameCube games? 2
How do I find out what my Wii Friend Code is? And what is a Wii Number? 3
How do I get the Internet on the Wii??? 4
How do I mass delete Miis from the Mii Parade? 2
How do I play gamecube games on wii? 2
How Do I Register Mi Wii? 2
How do I safely eject my gamecube disc from my wii after I'm done playing it? 2
How do I save? 4
How do i set up wifi? 1
How do I transfer data from my computer to my Wii a sd card? 2
How do I turn off my Wiimote? 1
How do I use game saves I downloaded to my computer, in the wii console? 2
How do the disks get scratched? 1
How do the save game files on GameFaqs work? 2
How do you delete, unlock, or find out your personal code on Wii Fit?? 1
How do you go to the Wii menu when your playing gamecube games? 2
How do you hook up the ds to the wii? 1
How do you sync two or more controllers? 1
How do you unlock the locked levels in Trama Team? 1
How does the star number rating in the Wii Fit correlate to difficulty? 1
How does the wii in fact work? 1
How Good Are Those "Psuedo" Wii Classic Controllers For The Wii AND Gamecube? 1
How long will two AA batteries last in the Wiimote? 1
How many miis can the wii hold? 3
How many VA (Volt Ampepre) the Wii uses? 2
How much memory does the Wii have? 3
How much? 1
How often will Nintendo make updates for the Internet Channel? 1
HOW to access the friend codes? 2
I cannot Purchase Wii Points..... How To Get It???? 1
I have a problem with saves.Can you help me please? 1
I'm getting a wii this year for christmas. What games do you recomend? 2
If i bought a refurbished wii will i still be able to download vc games?or will the other person have my wiis info? 1
In which board can I place a topic about wii friendcode sharing etc.? 1
Internet Help!? 2
InTeRnEt HeLp? 1
Is it Compatible? 2
Is it possible to format gamecube memory cards? 3
Is it possible to get a refund of wii points when you delete a game you bought from the shop channel? 1
Is it possible to play GameCube games in Progressive Scan? 3
Is it possible to reset the parental control code? 1
Is it possible to retrieve wiiware and virtual console games that have been downloaded on my ancient wii to my new one? 1
Is it possible to use my Wii as a wireless router for my DS? 1
Is it possible...? 1
Is it true that Wii games cannot have patches? 4
Is it worth it to get the Wii classic controller? 2
Is my disk reader dying? 1
Is the Wii a region free console like the PS3? 1
Is there a serial # or PIN number on every Wii game? 1
Is there a site that lists the size of each downloaded VC/WW game? 1
Is there a way to change the clothes on my Mii? 1
Is there a way to use my save data on one wii on a diffrent wii? 1
Is there a way too..........? 2
Is there any "legal" way to mod a game? 1
Is there gonna be a Resident evil 5 for the Wii? 3
Is this connection fast enough to use the Shopping Channel? 1
Is this possible? 1
It wont work? 1
Marksman Gun, need a one hand Control because of my Handicap? 1
Mii racing minigame? 1
Moving channels? 2
Moving Virtual Console Games Via SD Card? 2
My Fitness Coach...My husband and I want to work out at the same time. Is it possible? 1
My wii randomly egects the disk? 2
Odd Problems. What's goin' on? 2
On the main menu... (?) 1
Open-ended games for Wii? 1
Pal Wii on NTSC TV? 4
Pes Wii? 1
Photo Channel Warning? 2
Playing Japanese Wii in the U.S.? 9
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, wii, dribbling with the nunchuck? 1
Question about backing up Wii data? 1
Question for those running an imported Wii? 2
Replacement face plates? 1
Replacement guitars for rockband 1? 2
Resedent Evil 5? 1
Sending a movie to a friend via Wiimail? 1
Should I buy a Wii? 1
Should I go into Maintenance Mode? 1
Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 for the Wii-how to do step corner grapples? 2
Sonic Heroes 2? 1
Svr 09 help with undertaker? 1
Trouble copying saved games to SD Card? 1
Trouble with Syncing? 1
Turning the Wiimote sound off? 1
Update? 1
USB mic's? 2
USER agreement???? 1
Volume Settings? 2
What are the best VC games to buy on Wii Shop? 1
What are the coins in the wii shop channel download screen for? 1
What are the colours on disc cases? 3
What are the differents of the prices in the past and the current time? 1
What do all the stats stand for and what do they do to the characters in Fire Emblem, Radiant Dawn? 1
What do I do if I forgot my parental controls pin code number? 1
What does the Wii console contain(In the box)? 1
What effects does an internet connection on my wii have on my computer? 1
What game to buy next? 5
What games can I play only with the motion plus? 1
What happens when you eject the disc while readying the update in the disc channel? 1
What is the function of the button of classic controller? 1
What is the point of getting pro status if you dont recieve anything special besides a pretty bowling ball? 2
What is the proper way to eject a wii disk from the console? 3
What is this game? 1
What kind of SD card and what size can the Wii use? 6
What Wii games support classic controller use? 3
What year did the Wii come out? 1
What's the best way to record Wii videos? 2
What's the blue light for? 1
What's up with the yellow light? 3
When does the limited edition mario wii come out? 1
Where can i find this website where you play mini wii games, I forgot what its called? 2
Where can I get a Pokemon Ranch CD? 1
Where can i get wii connect 24? 1
Where do I go to find my friend code? 2
Where do I look to get my Wii's IP ? 1
Which game should i buy? 3
Which games use the wii motion plus? 2
Which GCN controller button corresponds with 'select' on a SNES controller? 1
Who's the strongest character in super smashbros brawl? 1
Why am I asked to insert disc 2 on Big catch bass fishing 2 after winning the tournament? 1
Why am I asked to insert disc 2 on ig catch bass fishing 2 after winning the tournament? 4
Why am I getting (antialiasing) i.e. stair-stepping/ jagged-edges) w/ new HDTV? 2
Why cant I type kill on this website when answering a question? 1
Why did nintendo get rid of Player's Choice? 1
Why do my memory cards not want work? 1
Why does it shake..?? 2
Why does my Wii overheat after 1 hr of play? 5
Why does Wii have 2 Usb ports if it won't use my memory stick? 1
Why is my system making buzzing sounds? 7
why is my wii ALOT slower than it used to be? 1
Why is my wii glowing blue? 2
Why is the downloading process slower after downloading internet channel? 2
Why is this game has nopthing on ur site? 2
Why isnt my sd memory working? 1
Why wont the cheat for unlocking all songs on quickplay work on guiter hero legends of rock on the wii? 1
Why wont this work ? 3
Wifi Question? 1
Wii Buttons? 1
Wii codes sharing? 1
Wii downloads? 1
Wii Fit Board Games? 1
Wii music player? 1
Wii Nickname? 4
Wii photo channel help? 3
Wii picture quality on LCD? 1
Wii points? 1
Wii Remote not working? 1
Wii Remote question? 4
Wii remotes refuse to stay synced? 1
Wii shop channel? 1
Wii speak? 2
Wii sports tennis? 1
Wii Updates? 3
WII vs move? 1
Will Mario Galaxy 2 and new Zelda be ONLY WII:HD? 2
Will opening my wii help the dual layer problem by replacing the laser? 1
Will the wii motion plus be used in more games? 2
will there be a Metriod Prime 4 for the wii? 3
Wireless or Dial up? 1
Would anyone like to exchange friend codes for animal crossing city folk? 1

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