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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Agath christie and then there were none (wii) - How do you work the combination lock? Open 1
Alice In Wonderland: How do I get out of the cabin? Open 1
Aragorn's Quest ? Open 1
Do you know how to get off the ship in The Golden Compass? Open 1
How do i get through the part with the statues that you have to lite on fire? Open 1
How do I get to be able to use ships in Monster Hunter Tri? Open 1
How do I get to start using my farm in Monster Hunter Tri? Open 2
How do the hints in Tales of Monkey Island on the Wii work? Open 1
How do you complete 'Raiders of the lost ark' in City of danger? Open 1
How do you get the key from the temple of time to the boss Room? Open 2
How to get past Alice in Wonderland's Red Desert? Open 1
How to release ashley in resident evil 4 wii addtion ? Open 1
I can't seem to find a RACECAR backwords? Open 2
I need help on Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga please help? Open 1
I'm stuck in Arbeiter's grounds dungeon(L.O.Zelda), please help? Open 1
In Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 how do you use the dark magic (for the Wii)? Open 1
Is there a map of the flags? Open 1
Is there a trick besides putting the bombs closer to each other to get rid of junk in super mario galaxy? Open 1
My Sims Kingdom-Rocket Reef Vics 'Shape up to Ship out' scroll? Open 1
N-strike Elete How do you enter the robot museum? Open 1
On Far Cry Vengeance, we need help finding Kien Do at the oil rig? Open 1
Orochi Saga on wii can you use any of the cheat codes for kof 97? Open 1
Stuck in hogwarts castle...cant exit door i came in from? Open 1
Toy Story 3 - Wand Waver? Open 1
Unlock all levels in super mario wii worlds? Open 1
Unlock Super Mario Wii Hint Movies? Open 2
Where are all of Animatronic Donald Ducks body Parts located? Open 1
Where are all of Animatronic Goofy's body Parts located? Open 1
Where can i find the penny in Ultimate I Spy ? Open 1
Item Help status answers
Call of duty 3? Open 1
Can someone tell me how to use the lift in Goldeneye? Open 1
Can you have two profile in sport active 2?if yes how? Open 1
Can you help me with instruments for Wii? Open 4
Ccntoller dont work when plugged in to numchuk? Open 1
Goo shrinking and growing myself? Open 1
Guitars and drums also have region encoding? Open 2
gunship On call of duty blacks ops? Open 1
Help finding archives, resident evil the darkside chronicles? Open 1
Hidden Items, to wit, Resort Archery? Open 1
How are PRESENTS delivered? Open 1
How do I challenge plays on the Madden 10 game? Open 1
How do I contact the bees in avatar james cameron? Open 1
How do I make an Nyko Intercooler for wii quieter? Open 4
How do I make the mutant make ice to cross a river? Open 1
How do I simulate games in the MY PLAYER mode? Open 1
How do I switch Bakugan? Open 1
How do I use the red reveal? Open 1
How do I weigh in on the Biggest Loser game? Open 3
How do u find her manager for the lift tickets? Open 1
How do you find the clock tower in scooby doo spooky swamp? Open 1
How do you find the Mallard Duck in Big Game Hunter? Open 2
How do you get the flower to come out and to shake the bees out? Open 1
How do you get the ice cream from on top of the phone booth, on cloudy with a chance of meatballs? Open 2
How do you pull a leaver back on Lara Croft underword for Wii? Open 1
How do you spend earnings? Open 1
How does one release and detonate the C4 in Call of Duty Reflex? Open 1
I can't find the fifth tear in the house in zelda twilight princess? Open 2
I cant find all of the minikits on episode 1 part 5? Open 2
I dont know how to use the control pad!! help please? Open 1
I need a help choosing a matris q carpet for wii? Open 1
I need help finding the 3rd star coin on level 5-5? Open 1
I need help getting some Azure Dragongems is there a easier way to get them? Open 1
I need help locating the stallion Adonis in Wii Champion Rider? Open 1
I need to find one more student in peril, where to look? Open 1
I want wii points code plx? Open 2
In Littlest Petshop, where are the train tickets?!? Open 1
In NHL 2K10, how do I add a created player to a roster? Open 1
In Ordon Forest, the monkey won't come to take the lantern to help me cross the fog. Help?? Open 1
In the game luxor 3 how do you open the insane level? Open 1
in the Lego Wii Star Wars Complete Saga Game-Collecting coins? Open 1
In Zelda:twilight princess,I cant catch a fish, please help? Open 3
Is Shaun White snowboarding compatable with Tony Hawk skateboard attachment? Open 2
Is There Anyway To Reset The Scores Back To Zero? Open 1
Lunar wallpaper and Lunar floor anyone have it? Open 0
Microphones?? Open 4
MySims Kingdom, anybody? Open 2
Need for speed Nitro game? Open 2
Need to find something ? Open 1
New Mario Bros? Open 3
Pottery help? Open 1
Pulsating core or Jhen Mohran hammer? - mh3 Open 1
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Farming Guide? Open 2
Sniper rifle on farcry vengeance .???????? Open 1
Ufo help???? Open 1
What is this WII Power Save? Open 5
What website can i use to get the usb download channel? Open 3
What wii remote do i need? Open 1
Where can cheap cloth be found? Open 1
Where can I find (last white balloon)? Open 1
Where can i find light crystals? Open 1
Where can I find Mix superstar? Open 1
Where can I find the spinning shadow? Open 1
Where can I get a halloween costume from on Animal Crossing lets go to the City? Open 3
Where can I plug in the DDR2 mat from KONAMI ? Open 1
Where do I go to find Wi-fi compatable games? Open 2
Where is the red power brick? Open 1
Which type of controller for 2 players? Open 3
Why does it take so long to find a match?? Open 1
Why isnt my controller working? Open 3
Why won't the blue candle burn a bush? Open 1
World 2-2 Super mario brothers? Open 1
Level Help status answers
Access to world nine Levels 7 & 8 in NSMBW? Open 6
Are there other ways to beat cosmic mario in the gold leaf galaxy? Open 1
Can not get to extraction point in level 2.3? Open 1
Does anyone have a XP Lobby I can join?! Open 1
Epic Mickey help! I need 100 e-tickets to get hermans help, how do i find extra? Open 1
Epic Mickey-Ballroom/Beetleworx?? PLEASE HELP!!!! Open 1
Harry Potter Lego? Open 1
HELP for House of the Dead 2&3 Return, please??? Open 2
Help!! i can't get pass the first level? Open 2
How and where are the four keys to the mansion on the Simpsons Game? Open 1
How can i get pas the boulder in Rhinoids mountains in Eldar Saga? Open 1
How can I get the last shadow piece out of the water temple in lake Hyrule on Zelda Twilight Princess? Open 1
How defeat king hippo in contener mode? Open 2
How do I beat the green gas in the level with the mad hatter? Open 1
How do I beat Train De-railment Level? Open 2
How do i complete mission 7? Open 1
How do I get back to advanced on wii fit obstacle course? Open 1
How do I get out of the ghost town in Red Steel 2, the tunnel door will not open? Open 1
How do i get past case #1 on hard evidence? Open 1
How do I get past Case #4 Extinguished on CSI Deadly Intent? Open 1
How do I get past Count Dukoo in Lego Star Wars? Open 1
How do I get past Mario Galaxy 2 The Chimp's Stomp Challenge? Open 1
How do I get past the gates in Alice in wonderland? Open 1
How do I get past the rows of spikes in Paper Mario? Open 2
How do I get past the ultrasound of the dalmation on vet life? Open 1
How do I get the power to double freze the red guards? Open 1
How do I kill the big weed in the maze on Alice in Wonderland? Open 2
How do i make Ilia's memory come back in Zelda Twillight Princess? Open 1
How do I play Spongebob Truth or Dare on Wii to rescue Sandy? Open 1
How do I save progress in Lego Harry Potter? Open 1
How do you advance in the Wii Sponge Bob Video truth or square? Open 1
How do you complete Make a Field Goal in Toy Story 3? Open 2
How do you complete mission 10 on crash mind over mutant? Open 1
How do you get buck through the gas chamber in WII ice age? Open 1
How do you get out of the lego city level in star wars complete saga? Open 1
How do you get past level 12 in Nxyquest? Open 1
How do you get to the last level in Super Smash Bros Brawl? Open 2
How do you make a house in my sims kingdom for wii? Open 1
How do you past the ultra sound on the pregnant dalmation? Open 1
How do you unlock secret missions for the first indiana jones? Open 1
How do you unlock world 7-6?? Open 2
How the heck are you supposed to get flipsville galaxy green star 3? Open 1
How to land airplane 007 goldeneye? Open 1
I am in expert in Bicycling on Wii Fit but I can not find all 20 flags, I cant find one? Open 5
I am playing the WMD portion of the game Men of Honor Black Ops and I cant open my parachute can anyone help? Open 1
I am stuck in level 5-2 of paper mario for Wii? Open 1
I'm playing Trauma Team and I need help on the forensics part can someone you please help? Open 1
Ice age 2 The Meltdown Wii game-how do I get past the sloth village? Open 1
In Destroy all Humans Big Willy unleashed how do you remove the bomb on the third place? Open 1
In Lego Harry Potter, in Year 2, Potions Room, where are the green apple looking things??? Open 1
In Spiderwick on the Wii can anyone tell us how to open the wall in the cellar? Open 1
In super paper mario? level 1-3 Open 1
Jurassic the hunted the first gun pick up? Open 1
Lego batman, where do I go in the batcave after finishing levels 1-3? Open 1
Level ten on alien syndrome? Open 1
New Town-What does the Lego Letters spell? Open 2
Okami- Okay...sooo I'M SO CONFUSED ...? Open 1
On Wii play Tanks game how many levels are there??? Currently on level 59!!!! Open 1
please can someone help me with Tak and the Guardians of Gross? Open 1
Stuck in Toy Story 3 Toy Box mission? Open 5
Where is my Lego Indiana Jones Ice Cream Van? Open 1
Where is the Aerial Prison? Open 1
Which vehicle do I use to beat the speed traps in nitro need for speed? Open 1
Why is this happening? Open 1
Wii sports tennis skill level? Open 1
Strategy Help status answers
Animal Crossing for Wii - How do stop my character from moving if she has already packed up? Open 2
does anybody play goldeneye for Wii? Open 1
GameCube on Wii - GUN / How to throw TNT Barrels? Open 1
How do I escape the base blast doors without dying in medal of honor heroes 2? Open 3
how do I save rodrigo? I got past piranahas but it tells me to rid forest of bee hives howmany are they Open 1
How do i use c4 in call of duty 4? Open 2
How do you get onemillion pelegos? Open 1
How do you get the sims to prupose on sims 2 castaway? Open 1
How do you increase your relationships with others in MySims Kingdom? Open 1
How do you put a tree stand in the tree on Cabelas Outdoor Adventures 2009 for the Wii? Open 1
How do you send the goalie on a corner on fifa world cup 2010? Open 1
How to backspin on Tiger Woods 10 when NOT in advanced mode? Open 1
How to beat Academic City on Sim City Creator? Open 1
HP Half Blood Prince WII party punch? Open 1
In Superhero Squad, How does The Hulk throw Wolverine onto the Shield ship? Open 2
LITTLE KINGS STORY TROUBLE. what do i do after defeating the dragon in the cage at skull planes? Open 1
Monster Hunter tri, dragon element damage? Open 2
Spiderman friend or foe? Open 1
Unlocking your shape? Open 1
Use, action button regarding tthe smartphone on Goldeneye for Wii? Open 1
War pig help? Open 1
What is the best strategy for lvling up really fast on call of duty world at war for will? Open 1
What is the best strategy for running? Open 1
What is the trick to pulling your rod left or right on xtreme fishing without losing the fish all the time? Open 1
Whats the cheat on Mario Kart where you get unlimited items in online races? Open 2
Wii MH3 -Hunter Killer how should i approach this? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
...Will somebody help? Open 1
After playing for more than 30 minutes, the color on the screen goes weird, how do i fix it? Open 2
Anway to fix nunchuk? Open 2
Are the instruments compatible from Band Hero to Rockband? Open 2
Black Screen, Wii wont even turn on!!!??? Open 5
Can I play Lego Rock Band with just a guitar? Open 3
Can someone help me add a 2nd controller to Kids Bop Dance Party? Open 1
Can the WiiMote accept rechargeable batteries as its power source? Open 5
Can we use two seperate microphones on Boogie Superstar? Open 1
Can you ruin the Wii's disc drive this way? Open 3
Changing the button configuration for games on the VC? Open 1
Classic Controller? Open 2
Controls? Open 1
Corrupted VC game after power outage? Open 2
Discs not reading, laser burnt out? Help! Open 2
Downloading Game Errors, help? Open 6
Error code 52130? Open 3
GOt a disk reading problem... any help? Open 2
Harvest Moon Animal Parade rucksack help? Open 2
Help w/NFL madden training camp. I cannot get the arm & leg bands to sync. What should I do? Open 1
Help with connecting to the internet - Any Tips? Open 1
Help!? Im having black screens that pop up for about 3 seconds randomly! Open 1
How can I fix my wii remote from glitching-out (not aiming properly) in Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Multiplayer? Open 1
How do I delete Mii's from Wii fit? Open 2
How do I fix error code 52140? Open 2
How do i get 2 players on Guitar Hero 5 on the Wii? Open 2
How do i get my sd card slot to fix? Open 1
How do I get two players on spongebob's truth or square? Open 2
How do I load the treestand in Cabella's Outdoor Adventures? Open 1
How do I move forward with my controller on Far Cry Vengeance? Open 1
How do I or can I even? Open 1
How do I Save Current location while in a dungeon? Open 1
How do u play multi-player on tetris party on the wii? Open 1
How do we get melon bowling to work? Open 1
How do you connect to the Internet using a Mac's network information? Open 1
How do you connect your Wii to a home theatre system? Open 2
How long does it take to get your wii repaired at nintendo? Open 2
How to connect my Wii with my Samsung 943NWX LCD Monitor ?? I dont have a TV. Open 2
How to select two or more players for the summer sports island paradise? Open 2
I choose by mistake sweedish, How to change to english - new PES 2010 ? Open 1
I have the latest NHL 2K10 for Wii, but it keeps gliching. I need Help?? Open 1
I need help with my fifa 11 squad update? Open 1
In Super Hero Squad, how do you get your guy to attach to the spaceship that he is being thrown to? Open 1
Indiana 2 and bug? Open 1
Is it possible to recover data from a broken Wii? Open 1
Is it possible to switch GC Memory Cards while the power is on? Open 1
Is there a way to use a connection that fails the connection test? Open 1
Message board SD card? Open 1
Montion interference? Open 2
My new LCD TV has delay. how can I fix it? Open 15
My nintendo not working? Open 3
My Wii doesnt make sound? Open 1
My wii got back from getting a lens replaced 2 weeks ago, and...? Open 2
My Wii is Slow... Why? Open 1
My Wii just won't connect to my internet! Error <86420>? Open 1
My Wii resets everytime i try to play a GameCube game. Why? Open 2
My wii will not play Zelda Twilight Princess any more, Please Help? Open 1
My Wii will take GameCube discs, but not Wii discs? Open 5
NBA 2k11 saving problem? Open 1
NHL2K10 Wii keeps glitchin. Can I get any assisstance? Open 1
No audio/video, Wii cannot be turned off without holding power for 10 seconds. Help? Open 3
Plasma TV, Sound with no picture just blue Screen? Open 6
Poor connection, fix with USB key? Open 3
Problem w/Wii MotionPlus in table tennis - Echo ? Open 1
Problem w/Wii MotionPlus in table tennis - Response ? Open 1
Problems transfering my power save dl from gamefaqs? Open 1
Resident Evil 4 Wii - Over writing Separate Ways? Open 1
SD card help with transfer ? Open 2
SD card help? Open 2
SD card? Open 1
So how do i know if my wii speak is functioning correctly? Open 1
Super Smash Brothers Brawl : Project M 3.0.2 Problems - Help Please? Open 1
System Can't Read Disks/System Turns Off After Few Minutes? Open 1
System data corrupted? Open 4
The wii reads the game but won't play it! What do I do? Open 2
There is a ? in wii storage Open 1
Tiger Woods 10 playing multiple buddies at once? Open 1
USB for mic not loading? Open 1
Using RB controllers for GH Metallica or GH5? Open 3
Virtual Console update question? Open 2
What happen with my system setting wii?? Open 1
What is ERROR 002 trying to run active sports 2? Open 1
What is errorcode 201022? Open 1
What should I do? Pls Help. Open 4
What wireless N routers work with ALL wi-fi Nintendo products? Open 1
Whats with sound issues while playing Gamecube games? Open 2
When I play the we on our HD TV all of the games graphics has a green tint to them, is this right? Open 2
Why can I not connect up properly with my friend but can connect fine to anybody else it matches me with? Open 1
Why cant i play my wii games? Open 2
Why does my game keep freezing? Open 1
Why does my we say error code 003 whenever i startup my we is there a solution or that my we is broken? Open 2
Why does my Wii randomly lose power? Open 6
Why does my wii-mote keep dying when I just charged it? Open 1
Why does sd slot in channel always freezes? Open 1
Why does the game keep giving me this error....? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me cannot read disc? Even if it's brand new? Open 3
Why does the game keep telling me to eject my disk ? Open 3
Why does the game sometimes freezes? Open 3
Why does the Wii keep freezing???? Open 3
Why does the Wii keep telling me setting can not be opened?? Open 2
Why does the wii keep telling me the device inserted into the sd card slot is unusable when trying to use sd cards? Open 3
Why does the wii not play gamecube games? Open 1
Why doesn't my Nunchuck respond? Open 4
Why isn't my Wiimote functioning properly?? Open 5
Why won't my Wii remote detect good Batteries? Open 1
Wii bought in Singapore? Open 4
Wii lens problem? Open 2
Wii mario kart single player vs mode doesn't let me choose race? Open 1
Wii not spinning disc. What is the problem? Open 2
Wii Online? Open 4
WII Rock Band? Open 1
Wii turns on...but no audio or video. Anyone have a clue to why? Open 1
Wii U Transfer Tool? Open 1
Wii will not eject or play game disc; advice? Open 2
Wii will not let a 2nd, 3rd or 4th player connect? Open 1
Wii won't connect to the internet? Open 1
Wii wont stay on again?! Open 2
Wii:Big Beach Sports. Can anyone help me figure how to play in 2-player mode? Open 1
Wiimote "desynchs"? Open 1
Will the Wii ever get some sort of web-cam,that would maybe work with Wiispeak or any games? Open 1
Wireless gamecube controler not working on wii? Open 2
Wrong language with GC games? Open 1
WTF Tiger Woods 10 2 player doesn't work????????????????????? Open 1
Wy does my wii keep telling me error has occured ? Open 2
Other Help status answers
About download tickets. Anyone? Open 3
Any news on an update for internet browser? Open 2
Are Guitar hero wii controllers compatible with rock band for the wii??? Open 7
Are the official nintendo component cables really worth it? Open 1
Are there any cheat devices (ie gameshark, action replay) for the wii? Open 6
Are there anymore CSI games coming out for the wii? Open 1
Are wrestling games on the Wii fun ? Open 2
ben 10 advance saved. after my son and I play it and get far, the save option does not always work. what am I missing? Open 1
Best LCD TV for Wii? Open 1
Black ops while playing gun snatches to the right why please ? Open 1
Bringing your wii to another country? Open 5
By anychance does anyone know whats wrong why i cant get my wii to go online with Windows 7? Open 1
Can a friend send you a video to the wii message board? Open 1
Can a Wii play imported Gamecube games? Open 3
Can I download lego rockband songs in wii to rockband 2 in wii from the rockband store? Open 1
Can I hook the wii up to the Gameboy advance with the cable? Open 1
Can I link to a new Club Nintendo account without losing previous VC / WiiWare purchases? Open 3
can I save multiple saves of same game on save card? Open 2
Can i transfer a zelda oot from a sd to wii? Open 1
Can I transfer saved data from one wii to another? Open 1
Can it be fixed? Open 1
Can it play DVD's? Open 3
Can the Internet Channel use a keyboard and the Wii remote? Open 3
Can u have a movie software,or program on the Wii?or play converted movies on the Wii? Open 2
Can you dodge or block the blue shell with wings?? Open 1
Can you find the serial # or PIN? Open 2
Can you reset or delete your records on the nintendo channel? Open 1
Can you use the web browser to download and view media? Open 4
Cheats? Open 1
Club Nintendo? Open 2
Compenent Cable Help (React)? Open 3
Control issue; Wiimote possibly the problem? Open 1
Cooking Mama? Open 1
Datel Wii Power Save? Open 1
Do they have armor you can get only online ? Open 1
Do they still make the classic RPG's anymore? Open 3
Do Wii games no longer have security stickers/ seals? Open 2
Does anybody with the game lego star wars saga know how to get easy money??? Open 1
Does anyone else have this problem? Open 1
Does anyone know any wii games that can give you a good workout? Open 10
Does anyone still play COD MW Reflex? Open 1
Does anything at all happen when it's one of your Miis' birthday? Open 3
Does the Wi-Fi USB connecter work with windows vista? Open 2
Does your will scratch games when playing face down horizontally? Open 2
DS play? Open 1
EMERGENSY Can you help? Open 1
Friend codes? Open 1
Full Screen? Open 2
Function in Wii Menu that hurts Wii's Graphics Card? Open 1
Game Suggestion of the 2? Open 2
Games that use SD card for music? Open 1
Games? Open 1
Get ? mark in wii for sd card Open 1
Good driving games? Open 1
Graphics coming bit blur-y on my 42' TV? Open 2
Guitar Hero - Please connect Microphone? Open 1
Help with ultimate i spy? Open 1
Ho to write a review giving info like tilt, sound, graphics? Open 1
Homebreware disappointment...? Open 2
How are the rankings for Top 10 Wii Games on Gamefaqs determined? Open 1
How Big is the Biggest Wiiware game? Open 1
How can I change the language of PES 2009 to English? Open 1
How can I get internet on our wii? Open 1
How come the NES Kid Icarus passwords don't work for the downloadable Wii version? Open 1
How do I eject an upside down disk? It won't come out. Open 1
How do I eliminate Miis on Wii fit? Open 4
How do I find the brother in Alice in Wonderland? Open 1
How do I get a new microphone for the Wii-Band Hero? Open 2
How do I get food from the fridge in Sims 3 for wii? Open 1
How do I get second remote to connect for Toy Story Midway Mania? Open 1
How do I get the gamesave on to my gamecube memory card? Open 1
How do I get two players on rabbits go home? Open 1
How do i make my health bar get longer in monster hunter tri? Open 5
How do I move pictures from Wii photo channel back to my camera? Open 3
how do I play the guitar,drums and microphone at the same time? Open 1
How do I reformat my gamecube memory card on the Wii? Open 1
How do i register people on my friend roster?Where do i find my friend roster and how do i get to it? Open 6
How do i set up 2 players for smackdown vs raw 2010? Open 1
How do I unlock hidden levels? Open 1
How do i unlock my sd card? Open 3
How do I upgrade Mii customization? Open 1
How do people on Monster Hunter Tri (online) have Lagiacrus armor when they're HR1-8? Open 1
How do you change the music in Need For Speed Carbon? Open 1
How do you create signs for the sims when building their house? Open 1
How do you get back into the Cavern of Gods once youv'e been there in Endless Ocean Blue world? Open 1
How do you get the blue guy in super smash bros brawl? Open 1
how do you play 2 players in Call of duty modern warfare? Open 2
How do you save gamecube games on the wii? Open 3
How do you wall jump on the bigs for wii? Open 1
How does super Castlevania IV's second quest work? Open 2
How does the Wii connect online using cable internet? Open 1
How does this work? Open 2
How is black ops for wii cuz I'm thinking of buying it? Open 1
How long does my Wii have? Open 3
How much is my wii worth? Open 1
how much should I sell my wii for? Open 1
How much will gamestop give my for my nintendo wii? Open 4
How should i shut off my Wii? Open 3
How to ...... (Monster Hunter Tri)? Open 1
How to download a game from the PC? Open 2
How to get my left hand ( Nunchuck ) to punch? Open 2
How to get to Honnji on Sengoku Basara 3? Open 1
How to open wall safe in state room? Open 1
How to throw grenades on jurassic the hunted? Open 1
How to transfer over cheat saves? Open 1
How to use Japanese Wii in Europe? Open 1
How to use my created character on Mortal Kombat Armageddon? Open 1
How to wake up Snorlax in Soulsilver ? Open 1
How we can connect to the internet on wii? Open 2
I can't find the "One Free Title" button, how do I download a free NES game? Open 1
I can't seem to do the squats or lunges in wii active. It says I am too low. When I try to correct nothing happens? Open 1
I have a PS2 game with a HD AV cable, is ther an adaptor that I can get so that I may connect my Wii to this same cable? Open 1
I need very specific help with my Wii? Open 1
I neeed wii friends ppl add me? Open 1
I want to find a game? Open 1
I want to play with more remotes, but will not allow me to select multiple remotes. How do I select multiple remotes? Open 2
I Wonder Why Nintendo Didn't make any driving simulator...? Open 1
I'm unable to play dvd's, both commercial & rw's on my Wii. Is it impossible, or can someone direct me? Open 2
In Super Mario Bros.Wii World 3, how do I get the blocks to become solid? Open 2
In the genre category - what does beat them up mean? Open 1
In the Wii fit or Wii fit plus is there any two player, or is it just one at a time? Open 1
In which price can I sell my Nintendo Wii?? Open 2
Internet connection not working for no apparent reason. Help? Open 1
Is call of duty 4 coming out for the wii ? Open 3
Is it normal? Open 4
Is it possible to restart GC games on the WII? Open 1
Is it possible to transfer Gamecube saves through the SD card and Wii? Open 3
Is Logitech's official PS2 wireless controller compatible with the Classic Linker? Open 1
Is my wii hacked? Open 3
Is the Wii worth buying ??? Open 12
Is there a way to silence the Wii remote? Open 1
Is there anything special that you need to do to play your Rock Band 2 drums for the first Rock Band on Wii? Open 1
Is there anyway to retrieve a file that was accidentally deleted in the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy? Open 6
Is there difference between Rock Band 2 & Rock Band 2 Special Edition for Wii? Open 1
Is there gonna be a Dragon ballz budokai tenkaichi4? Open 1
Is there some kind of cheat code i can punch in to make my wii remote work without batteries? Open 3
It is possible to enable 480p mode for Gamecube games on a PAL Wii? Open 2
Lego Batman - how do I use Robins technology suit to use tech panels when I have upgraded it to the decoy suit? Open 1
Looking for friends on nba2k10.Anyone wants to give friend code? Open 2
Looking for more co op (Wife & Husband) Adventure Games/ Story Themes? Open 1
Looking for more games like Wii Sports(?) Open 2
Lost power in house when Wii was on. Is it dead? Open 2
Main Menu will not come up ? Open 2
Maintenance Mode Wii? Open 1
megaman star force 3 Wii event? Open 1
Mii image help? Open 1
My brother has found all of the Star Wars characters in Indiana Jones 1, but he can't buy Han solo. What do we do? Open 2
My second Wii remote is not working properly? Open 2
My Wii doesnt update? Open 2
My wii freezes bad. suggestions? Open 3
My Wii has fallen in the water what should I do and is it possible to be repaired ? Open 5
My wii won't turn on? Open 2
My WiiMote won't turn on? Open 1
NBA 2k10 my player bug!? Open 1
NBA 2k11 save problem? Open 1
Need to know about language content in Spiderman Web of Shadows and Shattered Dimensions? Open 1
New to WII and gaming so this may be a stupid question but how do I stop? Open 1
NHL2K10 glitch. Help?? Open 1
Nintendo wi-fi games? Open 4
Odd Problems. What's goin' on? Open 1
On gamespot how can i get on level three? Open 1
On super paper mario chapter 5-1 i dont know how to say please and even if i put in in all capitals or lower ? Open 1
Pay and play? Open 2
Phantasystar for the wii? Open 1
Phantom brave for the wii E.U ?? Open 1
Power Save/Wii Issues? Open 2
Problem with the configurations? Open 1
Quake? Open 1
Ref; G1 Jockey, Can anyone please tell me how many players can use the game at anyone time? Open 1
Resident Evil Zero Good and Evil Perfect Balance? Open 1
Rosetta?? Open 1
RPG games for Wii that take advantage of motion control? Open 1
Rune Factory Frontier Lava Ruins - Rubble Glitch? Open 1
Save a Gamecube game on wii ? Open 3
Save file download problem; unable to move from SD card to Wii? Open 4
SD card slot won't "catch", help? Open 1
Should i update? Open 2
Street Fighter 2 on Wii virtual console why are the bonus stages jumbled up & one is missing? Open 1
The disc is stuck in my Wii,how can i get it out? Open 1
There is no power going to my wii. Ideas? Open 2
Ultimate alliance? Open 1
unknown frezze in nintendo Channel? Open 1
User Manual ? Open 3
Vacation Sports - how do I add more controllers? Open 1
Video and componant cables ? Open 1
Voice Chat? Open 1
Volume? Open 1
Was Wii Fit Plus ever made for PS3? Open 5
What accesories are reccomended for Wii? Open 9
What are the 8 rare orbs in Donkey Kong Returns? Open 1
What are the gems for? Open 1
What are the odds of Nintendo rereleasing Geist as a "New Play Control!" title for the Wii? Open 4
What causes Wii artifacts on my screen? Open 3
What do you do to connect your wii controller? Open 2
what does RBI mean? Open 1
what does RBI stand for in the game of baseball? Open 1
What does the flashlight/letter icon mean? Open 1
What electronics do I need for the wii games? Open 2
What format do the videos have to be to play on the Wii? Open 1
What Games for the Wii use the Gamecube controler? Open 4
What intruments from other systems are compatible for the WII, for Rock Band and Guitar Hero Metallica? Open 1
what is snake special in Tiger Woods 2010? Open 1
What is that random frog-sounding noise? Open 1
What is the difference between dance dance 1 and dance dance 2? What about 3? Is it good for kids? Open 1
What is this channel? Open 2
What recent releases use Motion Plus? Open 1
What tells you that your wii is broken? Open 2
What USB Port Headset Microphones are compatible for the Wii, for COD 4: Modern Warfare and COD 5: World at War? Open 1
What will Medal of Honor 2010 have for multiplayer? Open 1
What's the deal with these mod chips? Open 5
Whats an easier way to recruit monsters ive tried matching the arte types up with the big circle but it doesnt work? Open 3
Whats with the 4.2 update? Open 1
When I turn my Wii off, why does the power light stay green even when it is off? Open 1
When using the internet on the Wii does it waste downloads? Open 1
Where can I buy an HD Cable? Open 3
Where can I buy Tetris party for wii? Open 1
Where can I download demos for my wii? Open 2
Where can I find the required block amounts for each VC game? Open 2
where do I save the games that I want to replace from the wii shop channel? Open 1
Where to find Cherry Groupers [endless ocean]? Open 2
Which game is best? Open 1
Which Madden game to buy? Open 2
Why are great games ruined? Open 1
Why can't I switch my wii to HD mode even though I have an HD TV?? Open 2
Why can't I sync my Wiimotes? Open 1
Why does hulu+ lock up so often? Open 1
Why does it keep saying 52041? Open 1
Why does the screen look pixelated? Open 3
Why isnt my wii remote configuring for nhl 2k10 when i plug in my nunchuk? Open 1
Why won't my Wii go past the opening screen? Open 2
Why wont my wii play my nsmbwii? Open 1
WiFi USB Connector? Open 3
Wii headset? Open 1
Wii Homebrew question??**DETAILS INSIDE** Open 2
Wii motion is not working, why? Open 3
Wii Play - can I skip levels and go directly to the game desired? Open 2
Wii Remote Battery Drain when turned off? Open 1
Wii Remote Jacket: Useful or not? Open 2
Wii shop won't connect even though my internet is running, why? Open 1
Wii Virtual Console Arcade? Open 1
Wii will not work in a convertor box? Open 2
Will my United Kingdom Wii be able to run US games? Open 1
Witch FPS game should i get in November? Open 1
Zombies On Cod5 For Wii? Open 3

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