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"The reason why it's white is because it'll hide the dust collecting on it".MARX_over90002/10
The name is ridiculous, can you judge this book by its cover?boxerthehorse9/10
The Wii has ruined much of gaming for me!bruiserbrody9/10
Unbiased review from owner of every modern consolecagedcrado6/10
A rushed, disappointing embarrassment.Cam4243/10
The Return Of The KingCannabisLecter10/10
Hook, Line, and Sinkercripster19719/10
So far so good. This console has a lot of potential.Cynyn7/10
Goin' with the motion...DarkAkatosh2/10
The Wii, not made for hardcore gamersdarkdragon305444/10
You have never played anything like this...and by God, it works!Dorkmaster Flek9/10
Why Shouldn't You Buy One?Duzyourfacehurt9/10
Wii will have fun with the Wii (and not just with the name)FlipOdeon8/10
Almost Endless PotentialGeekyDad8/10
Wii are the champions!GoldenMagikarp10/10
Fun for the entire family!Golden_ArcV210/10
Wii want more...GTAfan4216/10
Nintendo, the father of gaming is backJon21110/10
Not HD but Still Innovative and Funleeko_link9/10
Wii Will rock you!mfinkle10/10
They almost had it right.MSoltan19927/10
Two and a half years in...did it live up tp the hype?myname1234567896/10
Great games, great hardware, lots of fun!Qzor9/10
Not as amazing as Nintendo would have you believeSetzerLagoon6/10
Hmm...I think Nintendo's on to something.ShadowGuardian99/10
Wii - Truly a Console for the Future?supershadowdude10/10
Wii is a point of Debate...Read on for a quick breakdownTakaRagranok8/10
360 and PS3 have graphics. Wii has Gameplay.tanookimario10/10
Wii think this is the greatest console ever.thecheese10310/10
Nintendo's innovation puts it back on top.Toblerowned9/10
Wii: A Perspective from August 2007tommytcph9/10
Nintendo was right with the codename "Revolution".Werts9/10
A gimmick? Or, The most innovative gaming experience in a long time?wetwillies9/10
A revolution came, Wii!!!!!!yellodart9/10
Nintendo reinvents gaming...again.Zell179/10

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Nintendo Makes Another Great ConsoleCha_Chang10/10
The Wii is an experience to remember.Cian_B9/10
A sleek system with a lot of features.Derolin10/10
Winner of the 7th generations of video games? It has my vote!Dialgadude9/10
If you have an open mind, and dont mind adapting, then the Wii is for youfiercebananna8/10
Let's keep it quick, you've got better consoles to play.flaming_giraffe3/10
Quite possibly the best console ever createdGamerJM10/10
My gripe about the hypeGlutted7/10
Its the Wii, baby!Interrobang9/10
Wii. Epic win or Epic dissappointment?into_the_heart6/10
Wiiview, Revolutionary but can the system retain momentumJimmy Reznor8/10
Not the PERFECT gift, but it WILL last!killer_chaos9/10
The Wii and it's "gimmick" controller is a success!Marth99/10
Nintendo Redefines Funmar_j_mar10/10
It's time for Nintendo to take the number one spot back from Sony.Megaman198110/10
Wii will Wii Will rock you!megaman4everexe8/10
A good system but with one major flawmethedemon6/10
Wii Play to Winmewmew5219/10
Best of the E3MicroProject10/10
Don't let me go, Nintendo.miraimike9/10
Nintendo's chance at redemption-seems so-to an average gamer.MMMGRAVY1SGOOD6/10
A quick review for an awesome systemnetman7010/10
With a decidedly iPod-inspired design, is the Wii the "console of the masses"?Phange8/10
What the Hell did Nintendo do!?skullboy9504/10
The Nintendo Wii is everything we wanted it to be, only better.SmartMan7210/10
Worth Your Time and Money?SNESFTW8/10
Decent, but could have been greatsongokuss37/10
A great system for everyone.VyseGuy9999/10
Nintendo's different strategy pays offWiiZeldaIsBest9/10
Short live expectancy for the Gamecube 2, I mean WiiWilyWizard6/10
Nintendo has just made their best console yet!xDefiant6x10/10
EmuzMan says it's Wiimarkable! *Rim Shot*__EmuzMan__9/10

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