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Asked: 5 years ago

Can the Internet Channel use a keyboard and the Wii remote?

I'm planning on getting a keyboard to use on the Internet Channel, but on the description on the Wii Shop Channel it says it uses a keyboard OR the wii remote. Does that mean I can only use 1?

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Yes it does mean you can only use one so you'll have to decide which one you'd rather use.

Rated: +0 / -0 can definitely use them both. You can use the wii remote as a mouse and when the big keyboard appears on screen for you to type in a web address or fill in a form, you can use an external keyboard to type. Note that I haven't used the internet channel in about a year and it's possible that Nintendo has updated the channel (I doubt it), but even if they have updated the channel, there's no way they would remove functionality. So yes, both can be used at the same time.

Or, if you want to be certain, you could just try it....any usb keyboard pretty much will be compatible with the Wii. Surely if you have a computer in your also have a keyboard. Plug it in. See what happens.

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Yes, u can. plug the keyboards usb connector into the side or just use the remote. i reccomend the keyboard. you can also use a mouse the same way.

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