Question from KnightManX

Asked: 5 years ago

Is there hardware I can get to allow me to play DS games on the Wii?

I know, for example, you could play gameboy games on the super nintendo with the Super Game Boy cartridge. I was curious If the Wii had something of the sort.

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From: Stevewins456 5 years ago

As of now, Nintendo doesn't have anything "official" released that will allow you to do that. I doubt there ever will be.

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No, there is nothing that will allow you to play handheld games on your console this gen. If you are feeling rather adventurous there are some homemade solutions that I have seen on youtube, including two tablet PC's wired together to create the two screens of the DS.

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There is nothing to do that but you could make sd card out of a nintendo ds game. I dont know how to do it but you have to use your computer to do it.

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Actually, there is an adapter available for the memory card slot to upload your DS saves and put them back later, but you can't play them through that.

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