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Asked: 6 years ago

What kind of SD card and what size can the Wii use?

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From: shenstra 6 years ago

As said by others, regular SD cards up to 2GB work normally.

You can get 4GB SD (not HDSC!) cards to work by putting files on it (on a PC) until the free space is down to less than 2GB. As you store Wii stuff on it it'll start to fill up. When it's nearly full, use a PC to delete some of the dummy files. It's a perfectly legal way to get around the problem the Wii has with 4GB cards.

Note that it may not work with all 4GB SD cards and isn't really worth the hassle. I'd rather buy a second 2GB card.

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SDHC Is not compatible.

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As long as it is an SD Card it will work. I use the SanDisk 2GB card and that is perfect.

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It uses standerd sized SD cards. If you have a mini or micro one, you can buy an adapter. Wait, are you talking about how much the SD card can hold? I don't think it matters.

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You can use any SD card but no SD card larger than 2 GB can be used. A 4GB can also be used but it involves other things that may be against the ToS.

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Hey does the wii come with a sd card.

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