Question from ak5121

Where can I find The last world ring?

I already found 6 world rings where is the last one?


Greekguy8 answered:

rampage challenge in Night Palace. Beat hands off challenge (finish with no rings) to unlock rampage
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supercman9 answered:

A rampage. But beware of the level you unlock; its a MEGA BOSS; he has all the abilitys of the previous bosses. 1: he tosses six orbs that can be avoided with precice timing.2: he does a slash combo or as you hit his heart(next), he unlocks slash attacks:more intersections, and 3way vertical and 1way horizontal slash combo.3: he can unleash a giant orb that can be reflected by speed break. Your strategy: move the wii mote f & b fast to get more soul faster.
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supercman9 answered:

Also: to defeat him hit his heart by moving the mote f & b fast on it.
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Sonicfan1112 answered:

After you defeat Erazor, you will have more missions for Night Palace. Once you've finished them, you earn the last World Ring
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