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‘Speed, glitches and the crazy camera were only half the problems that needed fixing – A game for those with a lot of patience.’bertesk7/10
Frustrating yet somehow funbluej337/10
Can motion controls save Sonic the Hedgehog?bskiffington7/10
A very flawed game, but still a step in the right direction.BurnsU7/10
“Left! LEFT!! LEFTER!!! Jump! No, JUMP!! GRAH!!”darkknight1096/10
I'll make a Super Sonic man out of you...discoinferno847/10
In a way, it's like a Sega Arcade game.egpNoodlez10/10
Great new Sonic game, but doesn't necessarily bring the series back to its roots...FadeddreamsXXX7/10
Potentially a great game, but feels like it could’ve used some touching upGohan 647/10
Dirty little Sonichorror_spooky5/10
Bored of the rings.Malorkus3/10
Make Belief Reborn? Make Belief has died for good; this is the real thing.master_gamer119/10
Sonic's first game for the it a dud? Is it a hit? Let's find out!metralo7/10
This game is better than previous entries in the Sonic series, but that says little.Misfit1195/10
Sonic: Sprinter, Genie Master, Ring-Wearer, Party AnimalNintendoArielle9/10
It's not Sonic Adventure 3, but it's still a very fun and fast game in an otherwise dying seriesnintendosega8/10
Sonic is back!SandTiger19898/10
The epitome of what a 3D Sonic game should be.Seal__9/10
It's about time, Sonic Team.ShadowGuardian99/10
Make believe's reborn! Now let's just make believe that this is actually a great gameShyningFade5/10
Sonic is almost back in the best 3-D adventureTheFanBoyDestroyer8/10
Running around at the speed of sound...XxStrifeyxX8/10

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