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Item Fusion problem?

One of the guides say the following for Z Item Fusion

Lower class Saiyan + Baby Vegeta = Super Baby 1

I did it but King Kai says that combination is not right. And yes, I DID EXCATLY THAT! And it dosen't work. Is this guide wrong or do I need to do something special to be able to fuse them?

LanLan12345 provided additional details:

I had about 70 of them. If I didn't have any King Kai would have said "You lack the Item Fusion numbers" but he didn't.

Accepted Answer

gduhxtd answered:

One of two problems.
You lack z item numbers witch you can buy at the shop.
Or instead of "lower class saiyan" do "lower class saiyan solder"
P.S I got this from ps2
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pokedude900 answered:

You probably need more "Z item fusion" items. You need at least one when you want to do a fusion.
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pokedude900 answered:

Wait, are you sure you didn't do that fusion already? You can only do it once.
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