Question from bearkid3

Asked: 5 years ago

What does the ability Hidden Energy do for characters like Gohan who have that ability?

I want to know what this ability does! Besides drain my Blast stocks!

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From: Saiyan_Avenger 5 years ago

The only real way to use this is if you're into hit and run attacks.
The reason you'd want to deplete your ki bar is because if you do your opponent
will have a much harder time getting a Lock on you. Gohan actually has a use
for this, though. You can hit them with Kiai Cannon to make them lose their
lock, use Hidden Energy, then hide for a while until you've got a couple of Blast
Stocks. Then you can use Super Unyielding Spirit and come out of nowhere with
a Max Power Combo, or even better Bakuretsu Ranma. Hiding really isn't my style
though, and I've never been able to keep lock off of myself for long anyway.

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