Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
Ultimate Gohan FAQ and guide

Contents Ė 

I) Legal stuff
II) Introduction
III) Contact details
IV) Ultimate Gohan's profile
V) Some of Ultimate Gohan's combos
VI) Ultimate Gohan's special moves
VII) How to use Ultimate Gohan
VIII) Vs quotes
IX) Additional notes on Ultimate Gohan
X) Frequently asked questions
XI) The Ultimate Gohan password section
XII) Special thanks

I) Legal stuff 

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
Copyright: 2007 Nick Kazama.

II) Introduction

Hello once again boys and girls! Nick Kazama here, bringing you yet 
another character FAQ and guide from the wonder that is DBZ Budokai 
Tenkaichi 2. Last time I brought you a guide on Zangya, now its time 
to practise with Ultimate Gohan. Being one of my favorite Saiyan 
characters in the game, I wanted to have a shot at writing an FAQ for 
him, so I did.

III) Contact details

If you have any questions about this FAQ, or Mystic Gohan then e-mail 
moi! My e-mail address is - nick_kazama@hotmail.co.uk
Please remember to read the guide thoroughly before asking me 
anything though. Chances are you'll find your answer! 

IV) Ultimate Gohanís profile

After suffering a defeat at the hands of the newly awakened Majin 
Buu, Gohan was brought to the planet of the Kaiís by the Supreme Kai 
and his ally Kibito. Once there, Gohan was given new clothes (similar 
to Kibitoís) and was told to try and remove a sword from a stone. 
Arthur eat your heart out! After a long struggle, Gohan was able to 
remove the heavy sword and thus he began training with it. 

After breaking the blade on a block of Kachinko (one of the hardest 
known substances in the DBZ universe) it was discovered that an older 
Kai known as the Elder Kai was inside. He offered to release Gohanís 
full potential and the young Saiyan complied. After an extremely long 
and humorous ritual, the sleeping powers were unlocked and Gohan 
became the most powerful unfused Z fighter there was. 
He proved it by single handedly knocking Super Buu senseless. The new 
Gohan had no equal, at least until Buu absorbed Piccolo and Super 
Saiyan 3 Gotenks that is...

This is his Bio from the Budokai Tenkaichi 2 encyclopedia.

This is teen Gohanís ultimate form, after his full hidden potential 
is released by the Elder Kaiís magic. After suffering serious injury 
at the hands of Majin Buu, Gohan was brought to the Supreme Kaiís 
world to recover. There, Elder Kai, after being released from the Z-
sword, used his slow but effective magic to transform Gohan into this 
powered up state.

Since all of Gohanís power has been released, his strength and 
fighting skills are greater than in his Super Saiyan form. In 
contrast to his Super Saiyan transformation, his appearance in this 
form does not change much, although there is a subtle change to his 
hairstyle and the look in his eyes. His personality, on the other 
hand, changes drastically. Gohanís reluctance to fight is forgotten, 
and he sets upon his enemies without mercy.

V) Some of Ultimate Gohan's combos

Flying Kick Ė Square, Triangle
Kiai Cannon Ė Square, Square, Triangle
Heavy Finish 1 Ė Square, Square, Square, Triangle
Heavy Finish 2 Ė Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle
Rolling Hammer Ė Left + Triangle, or Right + Triangle
Lift Strike Ė Up + Triangle
Ground Slash Ė Down + Triangle

Flying Kick Ė 
Gohan punches his opponent once and jumps slightly, kicking his 
opponent in the face 3 times, making this a 4 hit combo. Of course, 
you could follow this up with yet another Flying Kick, effectively 
performing an 8 hit combo. Try this;

Square, Triangle (4 hits), Square, Triangle (8 hits)

Easy right? 

Kiai Cannon Ė 
Gohan gives his opponent a left, then a right and then he finishes 
off by stunning him or her. The last part of the combo is chargeable, 
you can charge it by holding down the Triangle button. Like this;

Non charged Ė Square, Square, Tap Triangle 

Charged Ė Square, Square, hold down Triangle

Non charged, Kiai cannon will do 560 damage for the first two punches 
and 1050 damage for the last hit. If however you do decide to charge 
it, then the last hit will do 1800 damage. If you decide you only 
want to charge it about halfway, then it should do around 1350 

Heavy Finish 1 Ė 
Gohan punches his opponent 4 times (yes I know, you only pressed the 
Square button 3 times!) and delivers a crushing blow to their 
stomach, causing them to be stunned. This combo finisher is able to 
be chained with more hits to make it even more effective. You are 
able to have it end in 1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits, or even 4 hits, 
depending on what you feel like doing! Look here; 

1 hit finish Ė Square, Square, Square, Triangle

2 hit finish Ė Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle

3 hit finish Ė Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

4 hit finish Ė Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, 

Remember that the 4 hit finish will end up launching the opponent 
away. Use this valuable time to charge some ki, or maybe use one of 
Gohanís B1 moves.

Heavy Finish 2 Ė 
Another one? Darn right! This version of the Heavy Finish allows you 
to add even more hits to the combo and therefore deal even more 
damage. This time, instead of pressing the Square button 3 times, 
weíre gonna press it 4 times before pulling off the actual Heavy 
Finish move. Like this;

Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle

Also keep in mind that Gohan will actually do 6 hits, even though you 
only pressed the Square button 4 times. Itíll happen like this;

Square (Gohan attacks once), Square, (Gohan attacks once), Square 
(Gohan attacks twice), Square, (Gohan attacks twice)

So Gohan will actually be doing a 6 hit combo instead of a 4 hit one. 
Here are the different finishers;

1 hit finish Ė Square, Square, square, Square, Triangle

2 hit finish Ė Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle

3 hit finish Ė Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, 

4 hit finish Ė Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, 
Triangle, Square

As with the first Heavy Finish, use this time to maybe use a B1 move 
or charge some ki.

Another thing to note, is that you can perform the Heavy Finish 
without having to punch your opponent first! Get close to them, press 
the X button and then the Triangle button and voila! 

Rolling Hammer Ė 
A great move in Mystic Gohanís arsenal is a move known as the Rolling 
Hammer. You can perform it by pressing either the Left button, or the 
Right button together with the Triangle button. Gohan either punches 
or kicks his opponent around so that their back is facing him. This 
allows him to do even more damage to them if he continues his combo!

I also found out that if you use the Rolling Hammer on an opponent, 
then it will increase your chance to use a throw move on them. Iíve 
never once been interrupted using a throw when Iíve used the Rolling 
Hammer first. 

Also, you donít need to have thrown a punch, or have done a combo to 
use the Rolling Hammer. You can just use it whenever you feel like 
it! You can also use it again to turn your opponent back around to 
face you again. Iím not sure if this happens with any other 
characters that can use Rolling Hammer, but Ultimate Gohan can use it 
as many times as he likes, leading to an infinite combo! Try this;

RH = Rolling Hammer

Press Square, up to 4 times, LEFT + Triangle, Press Square up to 4 
times, RIGHT + Triangle, Press Square, up to 4 times, LEFT + 

Rinse and repeat. Nifty eh?

(Remember to keep alternating between Left + Triangle and Right + 
Triangle, or the infinite combo wonít work, at least for me)

Also, there have been times for me when the infinite combo doesnít 
work, Iíll keep researching this and hopefully put down the antidote 
in a future update.

Lift Strike Ė 
The Lift Strike is unique in that you must throw at least one punch 
to get it to work. Try this; 

Square, Up + Triangle

Of course you donít have to do just one punch. You could try a few 
more hits or even finish the normal combo (press the Square button 5 
times). Try these;

Square, Square, Up + Triangle

Square, Square, Square, Up + Triangle

Square, Square, Square, Square, Up + Triangle

Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Up + Triangle

But wait, thereís more! After pressing the Square button 5 times 
(effectively making Gohan perform a 7 hit combo), press the X button 
to make him dash right up to his stunned opponent... and then press 
the Square button another 5 times! This will make Gohan do a 6 hit 
combo, add them together and Gohan ends up doing a 13 hit combo. 

However, you will not be able to have Gohan do the Lift Strike after 
doing the 13 hit combo, perform it after the 12th hit. If his 13th hit 
makes contact then the opponent will be slightly hurled away from 
you, making the Lift Strike impossible to do until you launched 
another hit or combo.  

~~~~Lift Strike Part 2~~~~

Now then, after your opponent is sent up into the air by the Lift 
Strike (which is chargeable, allowing for more damage), you have the 
opportunity of following them and dealing even more damage. After the 
opponent is launched high above you, press the X button (only needs 
to be a little tap) and youíll notice that Gohan flies after them. 
Like this;

Lift Strike (Up + Triangle), X

After youíve pressed X and Gohan is right near his opponent, press 
the Square button a few times to do a small combo on them, it can be 
up to 7 hits. Like this;

Lift Strike (Up + Triangle), X, Square, Square, Square, Square, 
Square, Square, Square 

Of course, there is an alternate. Instead of just pressing the Square 
button 7 times after Gohan flies after his opponent, press the 
Triangle button like so;

Lift Strike (Up + Triangle), X, Triangle

This enables you to get an extra hit on the 7 hit combo and lets you 
do an 8 hit combo! Now, try the full thing! 

Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Square, Square, 
Square, Up + Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Square, 
Square, Square, Square

Thereís also an alternate to the ending of the last hit of the combo. 
Instead of pressing the square button for the last time, press the 
Triangle button instead. This will make Gohan knock his opponent 
toward the ground where the sudden impact will add yet another hit to 
your combo! 

Also, for even more damage, try implementing the Rolling Hammer into 
this already lengthy combo. I personally use rolling Hammer after the 
second part of the ground combo. Here;

Square, Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Square, Square, Square, 

After performing the Rolling Hammer, your opponent will have his back 
to you, punch him again, by pressing the Square button another 4 
times and THEN launch the Lift Strike. At the end, your combo should 
go like this;

Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Square, Square, 
Square, Left (or Right) + Triangle, Square, Square, Square, square, 
Up + Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, 
Square, Triangle

That is my personal and most used combo. Try it out a few times and 
see if you can do it without needing to look at the guide. Practise, 
practise, practise and it will become a second nature to you. 

Also, note that you can do the Lift Strike without punching your 
opponent. Just get close to him, press the X button and then press Up 
+ Triangle immediately after.

Ground Slash Ė 
When using the Ground Slash move, Gohan performs a low leg sweep that 
sends the opponent off their feet. You can only use it after having 
thrown at least one punch. Remember that! Try this;

Square, Down + Triangle

But thatís too easy! Why not try a combo, before using the Ground 
Slash? Try this one;

Square, Square, Square, Square, Down + Triangle

Not too difficult I hope.

The Ground Slash is also a chargeable attack. To charge it you must 
hold down the Triangle button. If you do a normal (non charged) 
Ground Slash, then Gohan will send his opponent to the ground quite 
quickly, however if you charge it, then the opponent will fall to the 
ground very slowly. Use this time to maybe get away from them to 
charge ki, or use a B1 move. That or you could punch them some more. 
You could even pinball them. Follow these guidelines to pinball your 

Ground Slash (Down + Triangle), Triangle, Triangle, Square

Remember to watch your timing on this one. Also, you donít really 
have to hit your opponent before being able to use the Ground Slash. 
Get close to your opponent and press the X button, followed 
immediately by pressing Down + Triangle.

Another way to use the Ground Slash, is to jump up (tap the R1 
button) near your opponent and just as you land, press the Triangle 
button, to do it.

VI) Ultimate Gohanís special moves

All right! Here we are, the ki based attacks! Iíll bet after all that 
melee work youíre itching to use some ki arenít you, ya little 
monkey! First up, its Gohanís Blast 1 moves;

Wild Sense

How to do it = [L2] + Circle
Cost - 3 blast stocks

This is a very handy little move and it can come in very handy if 
youíre having trouble with an opponent. It looks as if Gohan just 
does a weird movement and drains all his blast stock, but something 
in fact has happened. Teleporting is now MUCH easier to do! To top it 
off, Gohan will even (sometimes) knock the opponent away for you.

Power up to the Very Limit

How to do it = [L2] + Up + Circle  
Cost Ė 3 blast stocks

Wehey, now weíre talking! Use this and Gohan instantly goes into Max 
Power mode with all stat upgrades. Use this if your opponent wonít 
give you time to charge your ki to the max. Be warned however, there 
is a downside to this B1 move. After the Max Power ki goes back to 
normal, Gohanís ki charging speed will be lowered. He also loses all 
the stat upgrades he obtained from using Power up to the Very Limit. 
To get rid of this nasty little side effect, simply have Gohan charge 
his ki and get to Max Power mode the normal way. Use this one only if 
you have no other choice!

Now we move onto Gohanís Blast 2 moves;

Super Kamehameha

How to do it = [L2] + Triangle
Ki Cost = 4 ki gauges

A trademark attack of the Dragonball franchise, the Kamehameha... 
well, the Super Kamehameha. Ultimate Gohan cups his hands and places 
them near his side. Afterwards, he pushes both hands forward, 
releasing a dazzling blue beam at his enemy. This is a strong B2 
attack and it is chargeable (done by holding down the Triangle 
button). Letís take a look at the damage caused shall we?

Non charged Ė 5040 damage
Half charged Ė About 9240 damage
Fully charged Ė 12540 damage

Powerful huh? To fully charge it, will take 3 seconds, so my advice 
would be to only charge it fully if your opponent is nowhere near 
you. One major thing to watch out for is the ki cost, at 4 ki gauges, 
the super Kamehameha doesnít come cheap. This can be remedied with 
the Halo Z-Item however... 


How to do it = [L2] + Up + Triangle
Ki cost - 3 ki gauges

Wait a second... Gohan hasnít used the Masenko since he was a little 
boy right? So whatís it doing in Ultimate Gohanís moveset?? Meh, who 
cares, Ultimate Gohan was never shown using much ki attacks so I 
guess that Spike just decided to give him this move. Anyway, to 
perform this devastating technique, Gohan raises his hands and places 
them near his forehead, with one overlapping the other. A few moments 
later, he releases a yellow beam at his enemy. Like the super 
Kamehameha, this B2 move is chargeable, so letís take a peek at the 
various points of damage it can cause;

Non charged Ė 4800 damage
Half charged Ė About 8070 damage
Fully charged Ė 11040

While not as powerful as the Super Kamehameha, the Masenko is still a 
reliable attack. It doesnít cost as much as the SK, but 3 ki gauges 
is still quite a bit. However, slap on a Halo and youíll notice that 
it only costs 1 and a half ki gauges to use! It also charges at a 
faster rate than the SK, as it takes 1 less second. Just 2 seconds of 
charge time there!

Now we move onto Ultimate Gohanís Ultimate Blast, the Burst Rush;

How to do it = Power up into Max Power mode and then press [L2] + 
Down + Triangle
Ki Cost - 4 Ki Gauges

Ultimate Gohanís most powerful attack is a rush move known as the 
Burst Rush. Gohan delivers an amazing series of hits on his opponent 
and knocks them into the sky, where he knocks them about a bit more 
before smashing them onto the ground! This is a very cool looking 
Ultimate Blast and quite possibly my second favorite rush type move 
in the game (the first being Zangyaís Sky Zapper). The damage caused 
is 17280, spanning across a 14 hit combo. 

However, this is Ultimate Gohanís most costly move Ė 5 ki gauges. Use 
this and Gohan will be ki-less! However, like Iíve stated before, 
equip Gohan with the Halo Z-Item and it will reduce the cost by half! 
with halo equipped, Gohan can now use his Burst Rush move for just 2 
and a half ki gauges!
VII) How to use Ultimate Gohan

I personally rely on Ultimate Gohanís devastating melee attacks and 
comboís, as opposed to his costly Blast 2 moves. He attacks quickly 
and his strength is fantastic. You should be able to knock off at 
least a health bar from your opponent if you know what youíre doing. 
He charges his ki quite fast, so charging shouldnít be a problem at 
all. Remember to try and vary your comboís and youíll be just fine in 
the battle!

VIII) Vs quotes

Have Ultimate Gohan fight the following people to trigger some unique 
intros and win quotes;

Trunks w/ sword
Trunks fighter
Kid Trunks
Super Buu

Goku Ė Gohan! Show me what you got!
Gohan Ė Okay, letís go dad!
Gohan wins Ė Haha! Iím pretty strong too ya know!

Piccolo Ė Looks like I can finally fight you without holding back!
Gohan Ė Looks like its time to get serious!
Gohan wins Ė Haha! Iím pretty strong too ya know! 

Gohan - Iím going all out Krillin!
Krillin - Woah woah! Hold on Gohan!! Go easy on me okay!?
Gohan wins - Wonder if 18ís gonna get mad at me for this...

Gohan - Lets have a match Trunks!
Trunks w/ sword - This time Iím going to win!
Gohan wins - Oh I wonít be losing!

Gohan - Lets have a match Trunks!
Trunks fighter - This time Iím going to win!
Gohan wins Ė Oh I wonít be losing! 

Gohan Ė Goten wanna try some sparring?
Goten Ė Oh! Letsfightletsfight!!
Gohan wins Ė Duh, that was close!

Kid Trunks Ė Hey loseÖ uh, uh, I mean Gohan! Wanna have a match?
Gohan Ė Okay! Show me what you got!
Gohan wins Ė Duh! That was close!

Gohan beats Videl Ė Oh no... maybe I overdid it a little!

Gohan - Well, COME ON!!
Dabura - Iíll teach you scum!

Super Buu Ė Hahahahahahaha! What do you want? Youíre going to fight 
Gohan Ė No. Iím going to kill you.

Broly Ė Kakarot... KAKAROOOOOOOOOT!!!!
Gohan Ė Broly! Youíre still alive!?

Pan Ė Hey dad, lets have a match!
Gohan Ė You wanna fight me AGAIN??
Gohan wins Ė Yeeep! Your old manís still got it huh?

IX) Additional notes on Ultimate Gohan

Ultimate Gohan can shoot a maximum of 8 ki blasts at his opponent.

For his taunt, Gohan signals for his opponent to fight him and says 
ďCome on!Ē

For his throw, Gohan grabs the opponent and punches them (hard) 4 
times, ending with them flying across the screen.

He has 3 maximum blast stock.

His Burst Rush now does even more hits than it did in Budokai 
Tenkaichi 1. Also, notice how the opponent doesnít attack Gohan, only 
to have his blow blocked.

Um... his aura is blue.

X) Frequently asked questions

Q) Why an Ultimate Gohan guide?
A) Heís one of my favorite characters in the game. Heís strong, fast 
and he has that smirk that canít be beat!

Q) How do I know if Iím looking at Ultimate Gohan?
A) Look at his hair, it will be spikier and look at his eyes too. If 
he has Vegeta-esq eyes, then heís Ultimate. If he is wearing orange 
and blue gi then heís Ultimate. 

Q) Does he have any other names other than Ultimate Gohan?
A) Sure! Thereís Mystic Gohan (the most commonly used term), Chou 
Gohan... and I canít remember the other terms... if there ARE any 
other terms.

Q) How do I unlock Mystic Gohan?
A) Defeat Buu w/ Super Gotenks 3 in the Buu Saga scenario.

Q) Whoís stronger, Mystic Gohan, or SSJ3 Goku?
A) I believe it to be Gohan, even though I like Goku more.

Q) Does Mystic Gohan have an alternate costume?
A) Yes, an extremely lame one. Itís a palette swap in fact. All they 
did was make his clothing a bit lighter.

Q) Does Mystic Gohan charge up ki normally whilst underwater?
A) Nope, Mr. Mysticís charge speed is lowered a little bit like most 

Q) Who are Mystic Gohan's voice actors?
A) His Japanese voice actor is Masako Nozowa and his English voice 
actors are Brad Swaile (for the Ocean dub) and Kyle Herbert (for the 
Funimation dub).

XI) The Ultimate Gohan password section

In this part of the FAQ, Iíll be posting up some Mystic Gohan 
passwords that Iíve made. Thereís only some at the moment, but more 
will be added in future updates! Also, if you have any Mystic Gohan 
passwords, then give them to me either by e-mailing them to me, or by 
showing me them at GameFAQs and Iíll gladly put them in my FAQ! 
Remember to add your name too!

xY$C  EU(B  KuX-  ?zmK
%jsD  zQ(y  mWfJ  &gLj

q!)d  Wjjp  Z*Kj  )Y$O
Kxh%  fgyZ  E*Z#  ?+&o

)%u?  (yOX  oRl!  VKD+
JXNb  t%@$  Ag#H  qRYP

ABnO  IfKu  Grbf  o&CC
DGJt  EPbW  wWqs  LILA

*wie  -URw  +H@n  FDFh
$Dr*  dTTy  +EMv  uzLB

sNaA  TYa(  jzho  vqib
nc%U  qML@  ZtbP  C&NI

XII) Special thanks

- Akira Toriyama San for creating DBZ. I love you man!
- Toei for animating DBZ and adding all the wonderful filler.
- Gohan for being such a great character and for being the 
inspiration for this guide.
- You for reading this guide. Unless of course you're someone I hate.
- Me for writing this guide.

Well, looks like you're done now, go outside and play or use the 
guide to test out Ultimate Gohan.