Question from yeahboyu

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the FG42 in Chapter 3 that gains ammo?

i heard theres an FG42 Scoped that gains ammo instead of losing it tell me where to find it??

Accepted Answer

From: shadowwarrior43 5 years ago

Sorrry to tell you,but there isnt on the Wii version.Ive beat the game and looked everywhere but ive seen only 1 FG42 and it was pretty much out of ammo.Whoever told you that obviously found that gun in the beginning and didnt notice that there was more than 1 gun there.Oh,and one more thing,there arent any scoped MG's or FG's.If you want a scope for any gun,use the binoculars and shoot,but if the target isnt in the center completely,it wont work.

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Im sorry,there are scoped FG42s.But none that gain ammo.if you want some buttt kicking tecqunique.If you are playing on Normal,You can get a FG42 and a scoped one too.

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