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Perfect defense: the Barrier System?

I dont currently have FE:RD because it was rented and had to be returned until i can rent it again. I'll probably get an answer before I get it back, and it'll help me get the best results fastest. this question is 4 part:
1: can shine barriers be put on defense squares?
2: if not, can they be put right in front for lvls without flying units?
3: if they cant, how should i use the shine barrier/
4: if they can, should i do it this way? It seems right, because then i dont have to defend, just go level up unit crazy. but if something else is preferred, please tell me.

leoswim provided additional details:

Thanks for the answers guys. i never used shine barriers when i had the game, and only knew them from the bridge mission, so i hadn't realized they were temporary0.0 anyway, i never had trouble defending, just wondered if using shine barriers meant that i could ignore defense and focus on exp gaining. well, life doesn't go that easy, does it?

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Fullmetal_Mage answered:

Aimee actually sells 3 Shine Barriers in her bargains. One in 3-9 and two in the last shop before Part 4 Endgame, although I don't think they matter too much.

The best use I can think of for barriers would be to block ledges in 3-13 or create better chokepoints in 3-6, two chapters where you most likely have multiple units who can't take many hits from enemies.
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thatfeguy answered:

I don't see why Shine Barriers couldn't be used on defense tiles or right in front of them. However, they only last a couple of turns (3 I think, maybe 4?) and so they'd eventually fade away and leave the defense tile open. Furthermore, I don't think you can ever buy Shine Barriers, meaning you'd have to steal them from enemies to use them, and there are only three defend maps in the whole game (1-5, 2-E, and 3-5, the latter two of which can also be won by defeating the boss). So all in all it would be pretty impractical.
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