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Asked: 5 years ago

Death of Party members ?

Four of my members have died, how do revive them?

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From: beastlyman 5 years ago

You can't revive them. Once a character loses all its HP, it can never be used in battle again. Some characters that are important to the story, such as Soren, Titania, etc. just get wounded, and still have their out of battle roles. If Ike, MIcaiah, Elincia, or Sothe die, you get a game over.

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Unforntunately, the only way to get them back is to start over. In this game, when a character dies on the battlefield, they are permanently off the roster. Some die. Other characters who are central to the story line/plot development simply leave the battlefield and are no longer useable in battle.

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Sorry dude, but in the Fire Emblem series they decided to make things more life-like by making it so if a character dies...they're dead....forever...=l
Some characters that, without them, the story would be distorted will simply be mortally wounded, stopping them ever from fighting again.
If the main characters such as Micaiah, Ike, etc. etc. die, then it will be "Game Over" and you'll have to start all over from the beginning. (Thus the usefulness of the "Battle Save")

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