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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn-BASE CONVERSATIONS FAQ

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Base Conversations
IV. Credits
V. Contact Information
VI. Copyright

I. Introduction

	Welcome Fire Emblem fans, and thank you for stopping by! I am a writer 
for FAQs that do not involve gameplay, usually preferring copying down text 
and the like. This case is no different, for you will find nothing about such 
matters here. This FAQ is for the sole purpose of recording base conversations 
and what it takes to receive them.

	Base conversations are found under the section labeled 'Info' in the 
base, which you visit before the vast majority of chapters. You can also see 
base conversations in the final five-part chapter, though this is not done in 
a base; rather, you see them in a menu. 

	What these conversations do varies depending on the amount of stars 
next to it. One star means it is not important to the gameplay, but often is 
worth looking at anyway for character development. Two stars means it is 
moderately important; to be honest, I did not notice many two-star 
conversations. Three stars means you will either gain an item, gold, or a new 
character! These are obviously the most important to view, though I would 
advise looking at all of them for fun. 

	This feature was in Path of Radiance as well, but what I enjoy about 
this game is that they added base conversations you got in the Extras menu, so 
you can see them again after beating the game! This FAQ is for people who 
either cannot get the game, do not want to beat the game but are interested in 
seeing more development, or for people who do not want to bother going through 
the game multiple times to get various conversations. For instance, an 
infamous Ike and Soren conversation has pretty hefty requirements; you must 
have gotten their A support in Path of Radiance, transfer the data, get their 
A support in Radiant Dawn, and be on your second playthrough! Other annoying 
ones to get include having certain characters in your party at part four, when 
you may not want to bother. So even though you can see them in the Extras 
menu, there is still purpose to this FAQ.

	I warn you that there will be spoilers if you have not completed the 
game. Read at your own risk!

	For the record, this FAQ is not done yet. I am sure I am missing some 
conversations that I simply did not meet the requirements for. Also, I might 
have a few errors in the 'requirements' department. If anyone sees a problem 
in this FAQ, please, try to contact me through the Radiant Dawn game board or 
via email. Hopefully I will receive it; my email has been annoying before.

	That concludes the introduction. Enjoy reading some of the best 
development characters in this game get, seeing as supports barely do it! (I 
doubt I will ever get over that.)
II. Version History

Version 0.87-12/06/07: First version of this FAQ. Contains 88 out of 101 
base conversations. 13 left to go. I am aware many of them require a second 
playthrough of the game, and plan on tackling that swiftly. Most specifically 
need to know if the requirements I listed for supports are correct.

III. Base Conversations

*Part One: Silver-Haired Maiden*
Chapter Four: A Distant Voice

Name: In Town
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Meg (Character)

Micaiah: Sothe, have you noticed...
Sothe: Yes. Ever since we arrived here.
???: ...
Sothe: What should we do?
Micaiah: Hmm, I can't sense any malice. Whoever it is doesn't seem to mean us 
any harm, but... Yes, let's do it.
Sothe: All right. On three, then. One... two... three!
???: Ahh!
Meg: Hey!
Micaiah: There, now we can see your face.
Sothe: You're... a girl?
Meg: I-I'm sorry!
Micaiah: No! Wait! Please don't run!
Meg: ...
Micaiah: My name is Micaiah. Don't be afraid.
Sothe: Have you gone mad? Don't tell her your name! We're on the run, remember?
Micaiah: It's all right. She's not after us.
Meg: ...
Micaiah: This is my... brother, Sothe. We're from Nevassa.
Meg: Oh... uhh... hi there.
Micaiah: And you are?
Meg: I'm Meg.
Sothe: What are you doing out here on the edge of the desert?
Meg: I'm looking for someone. Someone very important. Someone close to my 
Micaiah: All by yourself?
Meg: Yes.
Sothe: You're meeting someone way out here?
Meg: I'm not sure, exactly. All I know is that this is where he came before he 
disappeared. I thought maybe he went into the desert...
Micaiah: What a coincidence. We're also looking for someone in the desert. 
Would you like to come along?
Meg: Really? Are you sure?
Micaiah: Of course.
Meg: Oh, thank you! I've been so lonely since I left Crimea all on my own.
Sothe: You came all the way from Crimea? I'm surprised you've made it this far.
Micaiah: That's it then. Welcome aboard, Meg. You're one of us now.

Name: Merchants
Importance: **
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Aimee: Oh, there you are. Can we have a word with you?
Micaiah: Aimee, Muston. How may I help you?
Aimee: Relax, honey. I'm here to tell you about our business. You like to 
shop, don't you?
Sothe: Let me guess, you want to sell us weapons and other items. Am I right?
Aimee: That's right. OUr inventory changes depending on where we are and what 
time it is.
Muston: But one thing is always the same. We guarantee fair prices! So stop by 
whenever you can.
Micaiah: Do you carry tomes?
Muston: Yep. Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light... We've got your basics covered.
Aimee: My shop also has lots of staves and medicine. Oh, and I have recently 
made some... key connections. Now I carry some very rare items. They're one of 
a kind, and very valuable. You should come have a look! Rare weapons too. 
Honestly, you should buy them before someone else does! At these prices, 
they're bound to sell quickly.
Muston: Well, that's our spiel. Thanks for listening.
Aimee: Do come by! We'll be waiting.

Name: More Merchants
Importance: **
Requirements: None
Receive: One free weapon upgrade

Jorge: Well, hello! Don't mind us! We won't take but a moment of your time...
Micaiah: Hello, Jorge. Hello, Daniel.
Daniel: We just wanted to tell you a little about what we can do for YOU.
Sothe: I've already told her. Jorge will buy from us any items or weapons that 
we no longer need. And Daniel--
Jorge: Hey! Excuse me, we're here to talk to Micaiah! Not to some stuffy, 
know-it-all pun--
Daniel: Jorge, don't be rude! I'm sorry about that, Sothe. Anyway, we just 
wanted to tell you about some changes we made to our business.
Sothe: All right, then. I'll keep my mouth shut as long as Daniel does the 
Daniel: Thank you.
Micaiah: So, what do you have, Daniel?
Jorge: Hey, thanks for asking! I've got a guy who's a master blacksmith. He 
makes weapons you wouldn't believe... and they're not available anywhere else!
Daniel: Hey, thanks a lot, Jorge! I make weapons too... pretty good ones, if I 
do say so myself! It's just, you know, customs have been extremely tight 
lately... raw materials are so hard to come by... Which reminds me, if you 
ever have weapons you don't need, would you sell them to us?
Jorge: Yes, please. Actually, even better... sell me your weapons, and I'll 
give them to Daniel. Then he can smelt them down and use the steel for newer, 
shinier pieces!
Daniel: It costs some money to upgrade weapons, but... But hey, let's face it, 
it's worth the money. Owning a custom-made weapon sets you apart from the 
common soldier!
Jorge: Oh, and here's a one-time-only deal! I won't even charge you for 
materials on your first upgrade! Pretty nice, huh? Now you have no excuse not 
to come by. Got that, Micaiah?
Micaiah: Um... yes. Thank you.
Sothe: ...
Daniel: One last thing. If you ever bring me a coin, I'll give you a little 
bonus on whatever I'm making for you. They're very rare, so be sure to hang on 
to them. Don't sell them to some stranger!

Name: Kurth
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Micaiah: What are you doing out here, Kurth?
Kurth: Hello, Micaiah. Pay me no mind. I'm just watching the desert. How the 
wind changes the sandscape... The ebb and flow of the dunes, like giant swells 
in the ocean. I find it mesmerizing.
Micaiah: Is this your first time in the desert?
Kurth: Yes. My homeland is ringed with mountains. Everything about Daein looks 
new and curious to my eyes.
Micaiah: I see.
Kurth: ...You have not asked.
Micaiah: I'm sorry?
Kurth: You have not asked me who I am or where I am from. Not just you, 
Micaiah, but the others as well. No one seeks to know who I am.
Micaiah: You seem not to want to talk about yourself. Am I right?
Kurth: Yes... Quite right.
Micaiah: That's why no one asks. People can tell when someone wants privacy. 
Many of us desire privacy too. Kurth, you are not our enemy. I know that much. 
You are kind and gentle. That is all I need to know.
Kurth: Thank you...

Chapter Five: The Lost Heir

Name: Sothe
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: 10,000 Gold

Sothe: Hey, Micaiah. I sold the treasures we took from the ruins. We have 
traveling cash now.
Micaiah: How did we do?
Sothe: We have 10,000 in gold.
Micaiah: Great! That'll help a lot.
Sothe: Maybe. We could use more.
Micaiah: Sothe, 10,000 is plenty. We just need enough money to live on. More 
than that, and the soul becomes impoverished.
Sothe: I know, I know. We should be rich of heart and poor of pocket... Me, I 
just follow your orders.

Name: Nailah
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Volug (Character)

Nailah: So, you're returning to the desert?
Micaiah: Yes. We must go back.
Rafiel: My dear...
Nailah: Yes, Rafiel, I know. Micaiah, I have a question. How can we help you 
in this fight?
Micaiah: What? But...
Nailah: I know you probably don't want to be seen with laguz. But we cannot 
just sit on our paws, so to speak, while our allies are in danger.
Micaiah: I appreciate that, but...
Nailah: No? Fine. Sorry to bother you.
Micaiah: No, no. It's not what you think. Please don't apologize. It's just 
Nailah: What is it, Volug?
Volug: ...
Nailah: I see. That is a good idea.
Rafiel: Oh, yes. I agree. That is a wonderful idea.
Micaiah: Yes? Volug? What's going on?
Nailah: Micaiah, it will not seem so strange if you travel into the desert 
with this dog at your side, will it?
Micaiah: What?!
Nailah: As you know, we laguz fight only in our shifted forms. However, we 
can't remain in that state for very long. It is too exhausting. Volug, 
however, has halfshifted. When he does this, he can remain in beast form all 
day long.
Micaiah: Queen Nailah, I appreciate your help--
Nailah: He is not as strong in this transitional form. Even so, he is still 
more than a match for any beorc.
Micaiah: How could you call Volug a dog?!
Nailah: I know. He's not as friendly as a dog. And I don't know if he's 
housebroken. But he can fight!
Micaiah: That is not what I meant.
Nailah: Micaiah. We wish you good luck. Volug, guard her well.
Rafiel: Do be careful.
Micaiah: I will. Thank you. Volug, is she always so... blunt?

Name: Laura and Aran
Importance: *
Requirements: Have Laura alive, recruit Aran, and have him alive
Receive: None

Micaiah: So, you are an old friend of Laura's?
Aran: Yes. I'm afraid I must apologize for my poor choice in employers.
Micaiah: Please don't worry about it. After all, you saved us.
Aran: When I saw Laura, I simply couldn't stand by any longer.
Laura: Thank you, Aran.
Aran: I've been meaning to ask you, Laura. What's become of your church? I'd 
heard that, since the occupation, most of Daein's clergy have been 
excommunicated and sent to prisons. I know that the empire sent its own 
replacements. Was your church affected?
Laura: No, thankfully. Our congregation would always say... "The clergy of the 
empire wouldn't even consider coming to a dingy church in a backwater village 
like this! You've been spared, Minister!" Ha ha ha... We extended our prayer 
time to thank the goddess for saving our church.
Aran: Ah... I see.
Laura: Oh, Aran. I meant to tell you, now that you're one of us, you'll have 
to become a bandit.
Micaiah: Excuse me?
Aran: I'm sorry... a bandit?
Laura: There's really no need to worry. The Dawn Brigade bandits have virtuous 
people like Micaiah in their ranks.
Aran: Er... Okaaay...
Micaiah: No, we're not ban--
Laura: But always remember, Aran. We must strive above all else to be 
honorable bandits. For the future of Daein.
Aran: Uh... All right...
Micaiah: ...Bandits?

Name: Dawn Brigade
Importance: *
Requirements: Edward, Leonardo, and Nolan must be alive
Receive: None

Edward: Oh, man... Where is this prince, anyway? I wanna go home to Nevassa.
Leonardo: A long-lost prince of Daein? Who even knows if he really exists...
Edward: Of course he does!
Leonardo: How do you know? Do you have any proof?
Edward: Simple. Micaiah told us we should look for the prince. So, it's gotta 
be true!
Leonardo: Yeah, you're right. Her farsight is always spot on.
Edward: Even if we don't find him, there's no need to worry... 'cause I'm here!
Leonardo: Excuse me?
Edward: Since we left Nevassa, my swordsmanship has pretty much improved 
tenfold! By the time we get back home, I'll be invincible! I'll kick those 
tyrants out of Daein with my own two hands and one sharp blade!
Leonardo: It's great to have a dream, Edward... but you should wake up now!
Edward: Are you saying I'm not good enough?!
Leonardo: No. I'm saying there's a limit to how much one person can achieve. 
I'm going to do the best I can, but... It doesn't matter how strong the two of 
us become. We can't change what's going on in Daein. Not by ourselves.
Edward: Well, duh! I'm just saying it's a goal! You know? Just something to 
work toward.
Leonardo: Sure. But you shouldn't say such things lightly. It might be just a 
joke to you. It's not to me.
Edward: Wow. Sorry.
Leonardo: Yeah, well. So am I. I didn't mean to get so serious. All the 
fighting... it just gets to me sometimes.
Nolan: Hey, boys. What is this, a funeral? What's with all the doom and gloom?
Edward: Nolan.
Nolan: I couldn't help but overhear, and I have a little to say on the 
subject. You're right, each of us can only achieve so much on our own. But you 
boys are still young. Don't let go of your hopes and dreams. Not yet, anyway.
Leonardo: But...
Nolan: Listen, there's no way we can free Daein by ourselves. But we CAN find 
King Ashnard's lost son and fight against the empire under Daein's banner. If 
we gather our strength, we stand a better chance of freeing our motherland. 
Now then, how's that for a little motivation to get your sorry backsides into 
training harder?
Edward: That's great! Thanks, Nolan. You're pretty smart for an old man!
Nolan: Hey, now... None of that, or I'll show you what an old man can do! 
Leonardo, are you feeling better?
Leonardo: Yes, sir. Thank you, Nolan. I guess age does make you wiser.
Nolan: How old do you think I am, anyway? Now I'm getting depressed...

Chapter Six: Raise the Standard

Name: Outside the Village
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: 1,000 Gold

???: Yes, that's what I heard! What with that light... and that silver...
Lass: Could she... Could she be the Silver-Haired Maiden?
Micaiah: Hm?
Lass: Oh, it is! It is you!
Grandmother: Oh... Oh, my...
Lass: You're fighting with King Ashnard's son to free Daein, aren't you? Oh, 
we've heard so much about you!
Grandmother: Oh... what a blessing! What a blessing!
Lass: We're all waiting! We're waiting for the day you free us from those 
filthy Begnion pigs!
Grandmother: Please... take... this.
Lass: It's not much, but people from all over the village pitched in.
Micaiah: Oh, no, I couldn't possibly...
Sothe: Thank you. We appreciate your kindness.
Grandmother: ...
Lass: We're all counting on you! Please, free us!
Micaiah: ...
Sothe: Looks like Izuka's propaganda is working fast.
Micaiah: Mm.
Sothe: You didn't want me to take the money, did you?
Micaiah: It's not that. It's just... Oh, never mind.
Sothe: Oh, come on. What did I do this time? You're not going to say? Great. 
In that case, let's get out of here and go find the others.

Name: Kurth
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Renewal (Skill)

Kurth: So, you're staying, then?
Almedha: I appreciate your concern. However, I--
Kurth: You can't leave Prince Pelleas's side. Is that not so?
Almedha: That's right.
Kurth: Then take this, at least.
Almedha: A sending stone?
Kurth: Do you remember how to use one?
Almedha: Of course I remember how to use one. But it's such a precious gift... 
Are you sure about this? Thank you, Kurth.
???: Kurth! Where are you?
Almedha: I must go now.
Kurth: Please, remain safe.
Almedha: You as well.
Kurth: ...
Micaiah: Kurth?
Kurth: Micaiah. How nice to see you.
Micaiah: Kurth, I'm leaving for Terin. I know this is sudden. To tell the 
truth, I'm surprised too.
Kurth: I see. You are off to perform your first duties as a general of this 
"Liberation Army."
Micaiah: Yes.
Kurth: I abhor violence. I do not think you should fight.
Micaiah: Kurth, I'm not fighting because I enj--
Kurth: I know. I know you wish there were another way. And I understand that 
you feel this is what you must do to save your country.
Micaiah: ...
Kurth: Here, take this.
Micaiah: What is it?
Kurth: May it serve to protect you. Micaiah, I must leave you now. I am going 
home to my own country.
Micaiah: What? So suddenly?
Kurth: I'm sorry, Micaiah. Being so close to battle frightens me, to tell the 
truth. Thank you for rescuing me. And thank you for the short time we spent 
together. I enjoyed it immensely.
Micaiah: Will I ever see you again?
Kurth: Who knows? Why don't we... Yes. Let us leave it up to the goddess.
Micaiah: I suppose we must.

Chapter Seven: A Gathering Hope

Name: Companions
Importance: *
Requirements: Meg must be recruited, and she and Zihark must be alive
Receive: None

Meg: H-hello...
Zihark: Oh, hello there.
Meg: H-h-hello.
Zihark: Yes... hello. Now that we have that established, what can I do for you?
Meg: Um... Uh... I... I'm... Meg.
Zihark: Yes, I know. It's nice to meet you, Meg. That's a very nice name.
Meg: And, uh... I'm from Crimea.
Zihark: Yep, I'm one step ahead of you! Heard that too. You're far away from 
home now, aren't you? Quite an independent girl, eh?
Meg: Um, and, my village... It's called Ohma.
Zihark: Oh! You're from Ohma? Now that's something I did not know.
Meg: Yes.
Zihark: Then you must know Brom... Hold on a second... You look exactly like 
him. Are you two related?
Meg: We sure are! I'm his daughter. His... youngest daughter.
Zihark: Oh, I've heard stories! He loves to tell stories about his kids. He 
said that you could lift a full-grown cow! It's nice to meet the person I've 
heard so much about! How is Brom? Doing well?
Meg: Yes! Yes, he is! He works ALL the time. I do wish he would slow down...
Zihark: Ah, yes. Well, it's good to hear he's staying busy. Brom, huh? Wow, 
brings back memories... Well, if you're his daughter, I'll do whatever I can 
to help you. You said you were looking for somebody? who is this person?
Meg: Well... He's my... He's my fiance.
Zihark: How could any guy leave a girl like you? What's this lucky guy's 
name? What's he like?
Meg: Well... he's standing right in front of me.
Zihark: I'm sorry, I'm sure I misheard you. Can you repeat that? ...Slowly?
Meg: My daddy told us years ago that he was going to marry one of us to a 
really nice friend of his, a mercenary named Zihark.
Zihark: Whoa, hey now... I don't, uh...
Meg: But my older sister got married last year, and so I came instead! Oh, 
it's so nice to finally meet my husband!
Zihark: Meg, look, this is kind of crazy...
Meg: Zihark... I'm sure I still have a lot to learn... But after meeting you, 
I just know we'll live happily ever after!
Zihark: Meg, I need you to listen very closely...
Meg: Oh, don't worry! I'll work hard every waking moment to become a good 
wife! Even during a fight! See you later, pookums!
Zihark: Meg, wait! Wow, she's downright pushy. She must get that from her old 
man. ...And did she just call me "pookums"?

Name: Pelleas
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Brave Sword (Sword)

Pelleas: Sorry to call you here like this. Forgive me.
Micaiah: It's quite all right.
Pelleas: Can I pour you some tea? Or is there something else you would prefer?
Micaiah: I'm fine, thank you. What did you want to speak with me about?
Pelleas: I know you are angry with me. Please, forgive me.
Micaiah: Can you tell me why you stopped showing up at our meetings?
Pelleas: It was at Izuka's request.
Micaiah: You are the leader of this army! You cannot simply leave all the 
decisions to someone else!
Pelleas: ...I'm sorry. I'll ask Izuka before the next meeting. I need his 
permission to attend.
Micaiah: Why? You're the prince. Why should you need any man's permission, 
much less your own advisor's?
Pelleas: Yes, I am the prince, but... I owe much to Izuka. He taught me 
everything I needed to know to become a proper member of the royal family. He 
contacted Tauroneo and the other senators from Daein for help. Without his 
power and influence, I would never have mustered an army--or met my own mother.
Micaiah: I see. You were alone...
Pelleas: Pardon?
Micaiah: And then Izuka reunited you with your mother, gave you a place to 
stay, and provided you with a reason to live. And you feel you owe him a debt 
of gratitude for ending your loneliness. That is why you try to do as you are 
told--as Izuka wishes.
Pelleas: Micaiah, you're--
Micaiah: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to--That was inappropriate.
Pelleas: You're amazing!
Micaiah: Amazing?
Pelleas: You really can read minds! I'm simply amazed! You saw right through 
Micaiah: ...
Pelleas: Sorry, I got too excited. Look at me, I'm sweating.
Micaiah: Prince Pelleas!
Pelleas: What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?
Micaiah: That mark...
Pelleas: Oh... that.
Micaiah: What is it?
Pelleas: It's called the Spirit's Protection. The source of all magic in this 
world is tied to the power of the spirits. When you make a pact with such a 
spirit, its power manifests on your body like this.
Micaiah: I... see.
Pelleas: What am I saying? You already know all of this, of course. You have 
the Spirit's Protection, too.
Micaiah: What?
Pelleas: I saw you washing your hands the other day. When I walked up to say 
hello, I saw the mark on your right hand.
Micaiah: You saw...
Pelleas: I thought of confiding in you right away, but my mother called for 
me. I didn't get a chance to tell you until now.
Micaiah: Do you think this mark is really the Spirit's Protection?
Pelleas: Oh! You didn't enter into the pact yourself?
Micaiah: No.
Pelleas: I see. So, it must have been the spirit who wished to make a pact 
with you.
Micaiah: Pardon?
Pelleas: It's a very rare phenomenon among newborns. Usually it happens to 
infants who have an exceptional talent for magic. You truly are amazing, 
Micaiah: I don't know about that...
Pelleas: Let's keep this among ourselves... We don't want people to confuse us 
with the Branded.
Micaiah: What are the "Branded"?
Pelleas: I'm pretty sure it refers to beorc who have laguz blood in their 
veins. I know, it's hard to imagine someone with the blood of a sub-human 
running through their veins. Anyway, I've been terribly mistreated by people 
who thought I was one of the Branded.
Micaiah: ...
Pelleas: Micaiah?
Micaiah: Oh... sorry. I think I understand more about you now, and about the 
marks we share...
Pelleas: I'm glad I was able to tell you. I'm surprised you didn't know. Come 
talk to me again sometime.
Micaiah: Certainly.
Pelleas: Oh, I almost forgot. Here. I wanted to give you this.
Micaiah: What is it?
Pelleas: It's this splendid sword I recently acquired. It gives its wielder 
the upper hand in battle. Keep it or give it to whomever you like.
Micaiah: Shouldn't you give it to the soldier you deem most worthy?
Pelleas: No, I wouldn't want the soldiers thinking I'm giving anyone special 
treatment. It would be inappropriate. That's what Izuka says, anyway. So I 
think you should do it.
Micaiah: I understand. You must have so much on your mind.
Pelleas: Indeed. I long for the old days when I was poor, but had few worries.
Micaiah: Prince Pelleas...
Pelleas: But I'll keep fighting. I won't stop until Daein is free once more.
Micaiah: Hear, hear!

Chapter Eight: Glory Unwanted

Name: Sothe
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Sothe: We're just about ready. Let's talk to Tormod, and--
Micaiah: ...
Sothe: Micaiah?
Micaiah: Oh, sorry.
Sothe: Hey, remember our promise from three years ago? There are no secrets 
between us.
Micaiah: Sothe, Muarim knows that I'm older than I look.
Sothe: I see. Well, don't worry too much about it. You can trust him.
Micaiah: Yes, I'm sure of that. Muarim seems very trustworthy. But, what about 
everyone else? What would they think if they knew all of my abilities came 
from the mixed blood running through my veins? Blood they consider cursed!
Sothe: Micaiah, stop...
Micaiah: Right now, when they look at me, they have love and affection in 
their eyes, but would they look at me the same way if they knew? I don't want 
to find out, Sothe. I don't think I could bear the truth.
Sothe: You know, we can stop.
Micaiah: What do you mean?
Sothe: Look, this was an impossible situation to begin with. You've always 
led such a secluded life... Ever since you were thrust into this position, I 
worried that the pressure might get to you.
Micaiah: You're right. I knew it would turn out like this. Despite that, I 
accepted the job. I can't stop now.
Sothe: But, Micaiah...
Micaiah: Listen, Sothe. I realized something after Daein lost the war.
Sothe: What's that?
Micaiah: I realized how much I loved my country.
Sothe: And?
Micaiah: During the war, I spent a lot of time with the people of Daein while 
I was waiting for you to return. After we lost the war, all our cities and 
towns had been reduced to ruins. We had to help each other to cope. We 
supported and comforted each other. That's how we survived.
Sothe: You never mentioned this before.
Micaiah: I've been secluded so long, I had no idea people were so strong... 
and kind. No one knew who I was, but they helped me because I was from Daein. 
They were so... loving. They were my friends.
Sothe: And now you won't leave them.
Micaiah: I was touched by their kindness. Now, I'm scared to lose it. Very 
Sothe: Micaiah...
Micaiah: I suppose this isn't the time to worry about such things. If my 
power is needed to liberate Daein, I will stand my ground and fight.
Sothe: Well, not to spoil your resolve... But if things get too hot, I'm 
just going to grab you and run.
Micaiah: Sothe...
Sothe: Friends and Daein are important, but not as important as you are to 
me. Remember that.
Micaiah: ...All right. Thank you, Sothe.

Name: Tauroneo
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Restore Staff (Stave)

Tauroneo: Sorry about this, Lady Micaih. Just this once, I agree with Lord 
Izuka's concerns.
Micaiah: I completely understand. This is my fight, and mine alone. Please 
keep the prince safe, General Tauroneo.
Sothe: I'll protect Micaiah. I've enlisted extra help, too. We'll make it 
back in one piece.
Tauroneo: I place my trust in you, Sothe. Best of luck. Oh, I nearly forgot. 
You should take this.
Micaiah: What a peculiar staff... What power does it possess?
Tauroneo: It is a restore staff. It will help you recover from poison, sleep, 
and paralysis. Enemies will use every method they possess to destroy you. It 
is best that you be prepared for every eventuality.
Micaiah: Thank you, General Tauroneo. We will return safely.
Tauroneo: I know. And I know you'll save the hostages, too.

Name: Vika
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Ashera Icon (Stat booster)

Vika: Hm... I wonder where Boss is? These tents all look the same...
Micaiah: Hello, Vika. Can I help you?
Vika: Meep!
Micaiah: Vika!
Vika: ...
Micaiah: You always run away from me... Did I do something to offend you?
Vika: No, I'm so sorry. I can't explain why this happens. I get so jumpy 
around you. There's just... something about you.
Micaiah: Oh...
Vika: Oh, but please don't be sad! It's not you. It's me. I get... confused... 
sometimes. I really admire you, and then I get a bizarre feeling, and...
Micaiah: It's all right. Sorry to bother you.
Vika: ...No. Wait.
Micaiah: Hm?
Vika: I want to overcome this. I don't like that I feel I must avoid you for 
some inexplicable reason.
Micaiah: But...
Vika: I know how painful it is to be... feared. I'm really, really sorry. 
Let's be friends, OK? If you can forgive me, that is...
Micaiah: Of course I forgive you! Thank you, Vika. I'd be honored to have your 
Vika: Here. Take this as a token of that friendship. Please, take it. I'd like 
you to have it.
Micaiah: What a beautiful figurine. The goddess looks so serene.
Vika: Carry it with you. It'll bring you good luck. I met my boss and Muarim 
thanks to that figurine.
Micaiah: Thank you, Vika. I'll cherish it.
Vika: I'm glad you like it.

Chapter Nine: One Survives

Name: Pelleas
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: 10,000 Gold

Pelleas: Sothe. How unusual to see you alone.
Sothe: Prince Pelleas. You here to see Micaiah?
Pelleas: Yes. At least, I intended to. But she is quite popular, isn't she? 
She's always so busy talking to everyone that I can never get near her.
Sothe: They're your soldiers. Tell them to get out of the way.
Pelleas: No, I can't do that. My job is to be the symbol of Daein's 
liberation. But the Priestess of Dawn is no mere symbol. For her, the soldiers 
will gladly give their lives.
Sothe: Prince Pelleas?
Pelleas: Oh, don't worry, Sothe. I'm not jealous, if that's what you're 
thinking. It isn't like that. Although I have to admit, I do envy her from 
time to time.
Sothe: Hm.
Pelleas: I almost forgot. Here. These war funds are for you.
Sothe: But the war's over. And, besides, this is a small fortune.
Pelleas: Yes, well, share it with the troops if you like. I may not be much a 
leader, but I truly appreciate the sacrifices everyone has made. They deserve 
something in return. Divide it up as you see fit. I trust your judgment.
Sothe: Prince Pelleas, you should be the one to give the troops their reward.

Name: Jill
Importance: ***
Requirements: Jill must be alive
Receive: Pass (Skill)

Jill: Lady Micaiah.
Micaiah: Hello, Jill. What are you doing here?
Jill: I saw you walking over here as I was heading back to my tent. Is 
something wrong? You shouldn't be leaving camp by yourself.
Micaiah: I'm just exhausted from talking to so many people. But there's no 
need for concern. I just need some time to myself.
Jill: Now that you mention it, you do look a little pale. Why not rest in your 
tent? It'd be much more comfortable.
Micaiah: I don't want Sothe and the others to know how tired I am. They worry 
too much.
Jill: Ah, I can see that. Sothe seems so detached from everything, unless it 
involves you... He gets so... worked up. He strikes me as a bit overprotective.
Micaiah: We've always lived by ourselves, just the two of us. I don't think he 
can help it.
Jill: Then I shall bring you some medicine, and I'll make sure no one sees me. 
I'll meet you at your tent.
Micaiah: Oh, no, that won't be necessary! Do you see that tree? I'll be 
resting over there. I should recover in no time.
Jill: But...
Micaiah: I'll be safe. We're still in camp. Besides, don't you have an errand 
of your own to take care of? It must be really important to leave the feast so 
early in the evening.
Jill: Oh, no, not really. I just thought I'd write a letter to a friend. 
That's all.
Micaiah: To the man you told me about? The one you run a wyvern delivery 
service with?
Jill: Well... um, yes. You know everything, don't you, Lady Micaiah?
Micaiah: You're going to tell him that the fighting is over, right?
Jill: Yes. More than anything, he despises trouble. He made a delivery to 
Begnion, and never returned. I'm sure it's the war that has kept him away.
Micaiah: Really?
Jill: Well, indirectly, at least. To be honest, it's probably more about his 
napping. Give him a few minutes of free time, and he's sure to close his eyes 
and drift away. The war would certainly disrupt his sleep schedule.
Micaiah: What an... interesting fellow. Well, you should write him and let him 
know it's safe to return.
Jill: Are you sure you're all right? You're not pushing yourself too hard?
Micaiah: I'm fine. Please, don't worry about me.
Jill: All right. I'll let you relax alone, then. Oh, but here... Please take 
Micaiah: What is it?
Jill: It's a Pass scroll. It might come in handy. Please keep it, if you'd 
Micaiah: Thank you, Jill. I will.
Jill: Good night, Lady Micaiah.

Endgame: Daein, Arise!

Name: Fiona
Importance: ***
Requirements: Fiona must be alive
Receive: Thani (Tome)

Fiona: Lady Micaiah. I'm sorry to bother you while you prepare for battle. May 
I have a word with you?
Micaiah: Of course. What can I help you with?
Fiona: If my memory serves me correctly, you always use this type of tome, 
Micaiah: Yes, that's right.
Fiona: Oh, I'm glad I remembered correctly. Then please, take this.
Micaiah: For me? Are you sure?
Fiona: It's a token of appreciation for letting me--and Marado--join your army.
Micaiah: We're lucky to have you. And thank you. I'll use this tome well.
Fiona: Listening to Prince Pelleas's speech earlier, I'm certain that Daein 
will exist anew. It will be a greater and more unified country than ever 
Micaiah: I agree. So many things have happened along the way, but I am glad 
to be here now. I feel happy... and very proud.
Fiona: I feel the same way, and I'm sure all the soldiers of the Liberation 
Army do as well. Daein will soon be free... Lady Micaiah, please lead us to 
Micaiah: ...Yes. Together, we shall see victory!

Name: Volug
Importance: ***
Requirements: Volug must be alive
Receive: Blue Gem (Treasure)

Micaiah: Volug, where-- How did you get this?
Volug: *Ancient language*
Micaiah: From the ruins of the desert? Oh, you got it when we were there 
Volug: *Ancient language*
Micaiah: No? Then... how? When?
Volug: *Ancient language*
Micaiah: What? It's for me?
Volug: *Ancient language*
Micaiah: Wait! Volug? Did he go back to the desert just to get this...?

*Part Two: Of Countries and Kings*
Chapter Two: Tides of Intrigue

Name: Heather
Importance: *
Requirements: Heather must be recruited and alive
Receive: None

Heather: Awww... I really wanted to go to the palace. I would've been happy 
with just a tiny little glance at Queen Elincia. She's... glorious. This is 
so unfair!
Brom: Yup, it's the pits. But that queen of ours is a real nice lady. Knowin' 
her, she'd prob'ly just let ya talk to 'er, noble or not.
Heather: The nerve of that Duke Ludveck! He ruined my one chance to meet the 
queen. I won't stand for it! He needs a kick in the rear! Or a punch in the 
mouth! The things I'd do to him...
Nephenee: Uhm... Heather? You sure are a lovely gal and all, but... You sure 
do say some funny things.
Brom: Can't argue with that, Nephenee. But that's just the way folks are. They 
ain't always what they appear to be. Ain't nobody perfect, neither. 'Less 
you're talkin' 'bout the goddess, that is.
???: Excuse me...
Heather: Hm?
Nephenee: Oh!
Brom: Well! Hi there, Miss Lucia. What can we help ya with?
Lucia: I came to ask for a favor. If it's not too much to ask, I'd like you 
both to accompany me to Felirae.
Brom: Hmm. Naw, that won't be a problem. You goin' ta catch the duke?
Lucia: Something a little more... preliminary. I guess you could call it 
Brom: Espio-what? Sounds serious! Nephenee, you ever hearda that?
Nephenee: Oh, sure. When I was just a sprout, I caught a real bad case'a 
that. I got this awful rash all over my back, too!
Lucia: Uh... That's... a very nice story. Maybe I'd better explain what I 
Heather: Don't you know anything!? Espionage is all about stealing secrets 
and not getting caught. It's one of my many strong points!
Lucia: Oh, really? And who might you be?
Heather: My name is Heather! I'm a friend of Nephenee's. I'd do ANYTHING to 
help Her Majesty. Seriously, anything!
Lucia: ...I see. Maybe you can lend a hand as well.
Heather: Miss Lucia, you're the greatest! Like, amazingly stupendously 
great! I'd love to help!

Name: Laguz
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Lethe: Lady Lucia! We've heard a rumor that you'll be leaving to investigate 
an enemy. Is this true?
Lucia: Lady Lethe, Sir Mordecai, I... Well...
Lethe: We could return to Gallia and bring back soldiers to help, you know. As 
an ally in a time of crisis, I'm certain our king would lend support.
Lucia: No, Lady Lethe. This is an internal affair. We don't want to have to 
involve Gallia in Crimea's civil problems.
Mordecai: More fighters are always better. THe people of Gallia... All will 
fight for Queen Elincia.
Lucia: Listen, I know you mean well, but I just can't allow it. I'm sorry, 
but if there were even a hint of Gallia's assistance, there would be even 
more problems in the royal court.
Mordecai: Problems? What problems?
Lethe: This conflict isn't exactly a life-or-death situation for Crimea, 
so... Relying on support from a laguz nation would cause an uproar with the 
nobility. Is that what you mean?
Lucia: Yes, unfortunately. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's the truth.
Lethe: No. It's common sense, given the history of both our nations. I 
completely understand. We won't report this to Gallia.
Lucia: Thank you for understanding. I apologize for troubling you.
Mordecai: No, it is fine.
Lethe: Why this tactic of rousing the people to rebel against the queen, 
though? Any laguz who wanted to be king would fight for it with teeth and 
claws, as is proper. You beorc are always wasting time talking.
Lucia: Our society is very complex. There's history and tradition, unwritten 
law and custom. There are lots of reasons for why we--
Lethe: Bah! Attempts to compromise won't get you anywhere. You should just 
kill him and get it over with.
Mordecai: Mordecai feels sad. Poor Queen Elincia... We cannot help her.
Lucia: That's not true, Mordecai. Having support from you and Lethe is very 
Mordecai: Really? Mordecai will help with anything!
Lucia: Hmm. I have a great idea. Together with the laguz...
Leanne: *Ancient language*
Lucia: Princess Leanne? Why do I suddenly have a crowd?
Lethe: She says that she'd like to go.
Lucia: No, I'm sorry. It's much too dangerous where we're going. I couldn't 
risk something happening to you.
Nealuchi: Hoo hoo! I guess this mangy old coot will be joining the action, 
then! To ensure my lady's safety, of course.
Lucia: Sir Neluchi, as well? Stars above...

Name: Elincia
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Talisman (Stat booster)

Lucia: Your Majesty...?
Elincia: OK... All finished.
Lucia: What are you doing?
Elincia: Don't worry about it. It's a secret.
Lucia: Aha! That was a needle and thread, wasn't it?! Did you just sew 
something into my collar?
Elincia: It's a good-luck charm. To keep you safe while you're away. So you'll 
come back to me in one piece.
Lucia: Elincia...
Elincia: Be careful out there. I'll be praying for you.
Lucia: Thanks. I'll be back with good news. I promise.

Name: Geoffrey
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Elixer (Medicine)

Geoffrey: Lucia, wait!
Lucia: You can't stop me, Geoffrey.
Geoffrey: I know that. But I can try to keep you safe, can't I? So I'd like 
you to take this.
Lucia: An elixer? I don't need it. I'm just... I'm not going to fight, you 
Geoffrey: If you don't use it, so much the better. But just hold on to it. For 
Lucia: All right.
Geoffrey: Promise me you won't do anything stupid. Promise for Elincia and me. 
And for Bastian.
Lucia: For you to even mention his name at a time like this... I give up. 
Sure, I promise. Keep Queen Elincia safe, got it?
Geoffrey: Of course. On my life.

Chapter Three: Geoffrey's Charge

Name: Calill's Shop
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Danved (Character)

Calill: Come on in!
Geoffrey: May I?
Calill: Well, speak of the devil! If it isn't General Geoffrey himself. I 
wouldn't have expected a visit, since you're leaving tomorrow.
Amy: Hi, General Geoffrey! What can we do for you today?
Geoffrey: Sorry, Amy, but I'm not here as a customer.
Amy: Huh?
Calill: Oh, I see why you're here. It's about time, too. I'm ready to string 
that blathering drunkard up by his heels.
Makalov: Ta dah...! Whoops... Who put that chair there? I could have been 
killed! Lady Calill, you beckoned?
Geoffrey: Makalov, why are you drinking? You realize that tomorrow we have a 
battle to fight, yes?
Makalov: Greetings, General! My, you're looking even more dashing and handsome 
than usual, Your Excellency.
Calill: Good grief... That man's an embarrassment. Are you sure he's a Royal 
Knight? He's like a pig pretending to fly. Why not put a dog in armor and 
call it "sir"!
Astrid: Miss Calill, that's not very nice! I think Sir Makalov deserves a 
little more respect than that.
Calill: Are you blind, Astrid? It's the night before a mission, and that fool 
is stinking drunk. Probably gambled all his money away, too. And you! You 
follow him around mooning over him and cleaning up his messes! Do you have no 
pride, girl? What the man needs is someone to slap some sense into him. 
Perhaps I should--
Astrid: I've chosen to look after Sir Makalov! Nobody's forced me to do it. 
And it's really none of your business!
Calill: You know, I'm really starting to wonder about your "good 
upbringing." Of all the men out there, what possessed you to place your bets 
on such a shabby prospect?
Astrid: Wh-what did you just say!? There are no gentlemen in this land half as 
fine as Sir Makalov!
Geoffrey: Oh my...
Largo: All right, settle down, everybody. Keep this up and the general's gonna 
pretend he doesn't know either of you.
Calill: Fine, fine. I'm sorry, all right? Happy? So... what was it that you 
needed with that ale-soaked oaf, anyway?
Geoffrey: I just wanted to go over our battle plan one last time before 
Largo: I heard you're going after the duke of Felirae? You think you can 
handle him?
Geoffrey: Of course. However, he's been marshalling his forces for quite some 
time now. Which means our preparations will have to be flawless if we want to 
end this quickly.
Largo: If only I were up to it. You know me. Hah! I'd crush him! I'd kick him 
Calill: Well, I suppose I could go? Someone of my wisdom and power is easily 
worth two of you clods.
Largo: Yeah! That's a great idea, lamb-blossom. Like I always say, the best 
enemies are the ones that are on fire.
Geoffrey: I'm sorry, but no. Although I do appreciate the enthusiasm.
Calill: I don't see the problem! Do you think I've gone soft! My magic is 
still in tip-top shape, I'll have you know!
Geoffrey: No. It's just that I'm sure Queen Elincia wouldn't be pleased with 
civilians fighting against their countrymen.
Calill: Hmm. I suppose you have a point.
Danved: In that case, let Danved join you. Danved is not a citizen of Crimea. 
Danved will fight like ten men.
Geoffrey: Devdan! When did you get here?
Largo: Actually, General... This, uh... This is not Devdan. This is a friend 
of mine, Danved.
Danved: Yes, it's true. People often make that mistake. But Danved is 
definitely not Devdan.
Geoffrey: Uh-huh. You look exactly like him.
Largo: Doesn't he?! Amazing, isn't it? Anyway, you can take him with you. Oh, 
and no pressure, but the fate of our country depends on the Royal Knights. 
Good luck! Don't blow it!
Danved: Danved will fight like a bear! like a tiger! We don't need Largo and 
Calill, because Danved is pretty amazing.
Geoffrey: Uh... I understand, I think. Thank you for your help.
Calill: Well, I suppose that's settled. It's time for you to discuss 
tomorrow's tactics. Good luck with that. As for that useless drunk... I'll 
have someone carry him over later.
Geoffrey: Thank you.
Astrid: Sir Makalov is not useless! How many times do I have to say it!?
Geoffrey: Astrid. It's about time you got back, as well.
Astrid: Y-yes, General! Forgive me! I'll hurry back as soon as Sir Makalov is 
feeling better!
Geoffrey: Give me strength... The sooner, the better.

Name: Elincia
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Brave Lance (Lance)

Geoffrey: Your Majesty! What are you doing with that lance?
Elincia: I asked your servant for it, and he gave it to me.
Geoffrey: Why would Your Majesty, as queen, do such a thing? Who knows how 
tangled the web of rumors could become, because of that...
Elincia: Let the court say what it wishes. You are far more important to me 
than the whispers of nattering nobles.
Geoffrey: ...You don't need to say that.
Elincia: Geoffrey... I'm sorry.
Geoffrey: I don't understand. What's wrong?
Elincia: Three years ago... you fought to free Crimea from the clutches of 
Daein. While you held this lance, your courage was dauntless and your 
prowess, legendary.
Geoffrey: Yes. It's a brave lance, and I'm very proud of it.
Elincia: I... I can't have you raise the same lance against your fellow 
people of Crimea. I'm sorry... I just can't.
Geoffrey: Your Majesty is worried about the shadow it would cast over my 
name? The dishonor of using that weapon on Crimeans?
Elincia: I would never want to damage your pride as a knight. It would be too 
much to bear.
Geoffrey: Believe no such thing, Your Majesty. My pride as a knight is most 
deeply rooted in my service to you. That will never waver, no matter what. 
Elincia... You know that.
Elincia: Then take your lance. Use it to fight for Crimea once again.

Name: Kieran
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Silver Axe (Axe)

Kieran: Forgive my tardiness, sir! Kieran, second in command of the Royal 
Knights, at your service!
Geoffrey: Sorry to have disturbed your rest.
Kieran: Not at all! If it were your will, General, I would hasted to the very 
edge of the world at your calling.
Geoffrey: Kieran, I'm lucky to have such a devoted follower. This is no 
reward, but there's something I want you to have.
Kieran: A silver axe!? Th-this is... It's so sharp! Do you mean I can have it!?
Geoffrey: Do you like it?
Kieran: Like it? My heart is ready to burst! I feel... It's like it's my 
birthday, and I just got my first suit of armor!
Geoffrey: Wonderful. I'm glad to hear it.
Kieran: It will look fabulous on the mantel! My family will enjoy it for years 
to come. I can't tell you how grateful I am.
Geoffrey: Kieran, that's an axe, not a painting. Paintings are for mantels. 
Axes are for fighting. I want you to use that axe.
Kieran: What!? I couldn't!
Geoffrey: You can't refuse. It's an order.
Kieran: Sigh... Understood, sir! I promise to keep it well protected and free 
from scratches!
Geoffrey: Sigh. You're hopeless.

Endgame: Elincia's Gambit

Name: Calill
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Calill (Character)

Crimea: Queen Elincia! A visitor to see you, Your Majesty.
Elincia: At this hour? Who could it be?
Calill: Good evening, Queen Elincia.
Elincia: Calill! What brings you here?
Calill: Well, you see... Lady Lucia asked me to give you a hand if you ever 
found yourself between a rock and a hard place, Your Majesty. She instructed 
the workers here at Fort Alpea to notify me if they thought that you needed 
any kind of help.
Elincia: Lucia did?
Calill: Lady Lucia has been taken, Your Majesty. But I think she'll be fine. 
Actually, I know she will. She had the brains to set this up in advance, so I 
know she has a good head on her shoulders.
Elincia: Yes, you're right. Thank you, Calill.
Calill: Save the thanks for until after the duke of Felirae is taken care of. 
We can hold the party at my place.
Elincia: Um... Sure...?

Name: Haar
Importance: ***
Requirements: Haar must be recruited and alive
Receive: Physic (Stave)

Haar: These soldiers are extremely focused, given the hectic circumstances. 
They are very well trained.
Elincia: Lucia handpicked each one of them.
Haar: Lucia and that... That official with the curly blonde beard. What was 
his name?
Elincia: You mean Count Bastian?
Haar: Yeah, that's the one. Bastian, count of Fayre. He's usually considered 
the premier political mastermind of Crimea. But Lady Lucia's proving to be no 
slouch herself.
Elincia: Yes. I really don't deserve them.
Haar: Come on... Don't sell yourself short.
Elincia: What do you mean?
Haar: Loyalty isn't just a personal trait. Most of it hinges on who's calling 
the shots. What kind of commander you're under. My first commander was only 
concerned with lining his own pockets. And next was the Mad King himself. Man, 
I don't ever want to go back to regular military duty. If Shiharam hadn't 
asked me, I wouldn't have stayed so long. But he showed me what a leader could 
be: someone who makes following seem like the most natural thing in the world.
Elincia: What about in Begnion's leaders and the apostle Sanaki?
Haar: The falcoknights report to the apostle, the dracoknights to the senate. 
Of the two, the falcoknights seem happier. I've never actually met the apostle 
personally. She sounds like a nice girl, but who knows?
Elincia: I see.
Haar: But I'm just running at the mouth. I actually came to give you this.
Elincia: A physic staff?
Haar: I want you to fight for all your loyal supporters. Losing your leader is 
tough, you know?
Elincia: Sir Haar... Thank you so much.

*Part Three: Intersecting Vows*
Prologue: The Great Advance

Name: Ranulf
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Ranulf: Sigh...
Ike: Are you all right? You look distracted.
Ranulf: Hmm? Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about me.
Ike: Ranulf, you know you can talk to me.
Ranulf: Sigh. It's just... I feel bad about this whole thing, you know?
Ike: I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
Ranulf: I've pulled you beorc into laguz affairs. It's not exactly your 
problem, you know?
Ike: Listen. You offered me a job, and I decided to take the contract. It's as 
simple as that. I told the others they could leave if they didn't want to work 
with laguz, but everybody decided they'd rather stay. Don't worry about it, 
Ranulf: What about the Black Knight? Are you going to abandon your search?
Ike: Yeah, at least for now. I figure that if he's still alive, our paths 
will cross again. There's no rush.
Ranulf: Hmm... Yeah, I guess you're right. No point in dwelling on things I 
can't change, right? Thanks, Ike.
Ike: Hey, no problem. Anything to keep you from moping around like a sullen 
Ranulf: Fair enough. Besides, I've had this nagging headache ever since I left 
Gallia with that hotheaded lion...
Ike: Do you mean General Skrimir?
Ranulf: That's the one. Skrimir is King Caineghis's nephew, and is on track to 
become the next king of Gallia.
Ike: He's the successor to Caineghis? He must be an absolute terror in battle.
Ranulf: Absolutely. He's so powerful, I think he's gonna get himself in 
trouble. And... He's the reason for my headache.
Ike: You need a sympathetic ear about that, too?
Ranulf: Thanks, Ike. But I'll tell you about it some other time. Let's eat 
and catch some shut-eye before we set off for battle tonight.
Ike: All right.
Ranulf: See you at dinner.
Ike: Hey, Ranulf!
Ranulf: Yeah?
Ike: You can come talk to me anytime you want. Don't think you're alone in 
all this.
Ranulf: Heh... What are you, an inquisitor?
Ike: A guy's got to do something between battles. Talk to you later.
Ranulf: ...

Name: Mist
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Ike: To be honest, I didn't want you to come along on this mission.
Mist: Really? Well, it's not like you could have stopped me, even if you 
wanted to. Ranulf is my friend too, you know!
Ike: Come on, Mist. I--
Mist: Ike! I'm not going to repeat the same mistake I made with Dad! I don't 
want you to die while I... while I'm somewhere else. It was horrible... It 
ate me up from the inside. I'm never going through something like that ever 
Ike: Mist...
Mist: Everyone in the Greil Mercenaries is part of a family. We all follow the 
commander, no matter what. We'll live together, fight together, and die 
together. Right, Ike?
Ike: ...All right. But promise me this. When we're out on the battlefield, 
stay where I can see you. It'll put my mind at ease.
Mist: I promise, Ike.

Name: Skrimir
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Skrimir: Ah! Ike, beorc hero! How are you?
Ike: Pretty good.
Skrimir: Giffca and Ranulf told me about you. You are a skilled warrior, 
Ike: Well... I don't think I'm a pushover. I'll say that much.
Skrimir: Don't be humble! My uncle... Er, my king also told me about you. 
"Observe Ike and learn his skills. Then you shall become even stronger."
Ike: King Caineghis said that?
Skrimir: He did. I am eager to watch you in battle. You can learn from me, as 
Ike: I intend to.
Skrimir: Lions are the strongest of the beast tribe, and I have been trained 
to fight by the king himself. I was going to fight in the Mad King's War, but 
my uncle forbade it. He said I still had much to learn. But now my time has 
come, and you will see the true might of the beasts!

Name: Feast or Famine
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Titania: ...So, what do you think?
Mordecai: Ahh! These are all the favorite foods of the beast tribe. They will 
be happy.
Lethe: Oscar, you're a chef?
Oscar: That's right.
Lethe: Hah! Great! I can't wait to see the looks on all their faces when they 
learn that a beorc made all this delicious food!
Oscar: Aww, stop it. You're embarrassing me!
Titania: But it's true! Where did you learn all this, Oscar? You should start 
teaching classes.
Mordecai: Yes, your food very good! So good, it will be eaten very quickly.
Oscar: Really? Hmm. Do you think I should make more?
Lethe: Us beasts have a healthy appetite, of course. On top of that, we have 
General Skrimir and Ike. ...Yeah. I'd be surprised if what's here lasted past 
those two, much less a whole pack of laguz.
Titania: Tsk, you're exaggerating! Ike is a beorc. He couldn't possibly eat as 
much as someone from the beast tribe. Well, maybe he would. Actually... He 
most definitely would.
Oscar: Yeah. Especially the ribs and steaks.
Lethe: Mordecai. How about we go hunt for more game?
Mordecai: Right!
Oscar: There probably aren't enough herbs to flavor everything. I'll go get 
Titania: My. We might need to harvest an entire mountain.

Chapter One: Laguz and Beorc

Name: Balance
Importance: *
Requirements: Mist, Boyd and Rolf must be alive
Receive: None

Rolf: No, no, no! On the battlefield, nothing is more important than precision 
and skill!
Boyd: Nah. Sorry, kiddo. Power is the most important element.
Rolf: You don't know what you're talking about. It's skill!
Boyd: It's power! Did you practice being this stupid?
Rolf: Idiot meathead!
Boyd: What?! Take that back, you little brat!
Mist: Stars above, don't you two ever stop fighting? You're siblings. Be nice 
to each other. So, what is it this time?
Rolf: You be the judge, Mist. What's the most important quality a soldier can 
have in battle?
Boyd: It's power, but little Rolfie here insists that it's skill.
Rolf: If you don't have skill, you can't hit your enemies!
Boyd: If you're weak, you can't hurt 'em, even if you do hit 'em!
Mist: Oh, you two are ridiculous.
Rolf: Ridiculous?
Boyd: Yeah, whaddya mean by that?!
Mist: Skill and power are both important. Only a bad soldier would focus on 
one over the other.
Rolf: That's true, but...
Boyd: You could at least play along a little.
Mist: Play along? I'm sick and tired of having to listen to your silly 
arguments! Anyhow, I'm here to give you something. Here you go, Boyd.
Boyd: Hey, thanks!
Rolf: What's that? A shirt?
Mist: Yep. Boyd's just like Ike. He keeps growing like a beanstalk! If we 
didn't constantly make his clothes bigger, he'd run out of things to wear.
Boyd: I'm too broke to buy new ones. Thanks for fixing it up, Mist. I 
really appreciate it.
Mist: Well, I can't sew very well, but it gets the job done.
Boyd: That it does!
Rolf: I thought Oscar fixed our clothes...
Mist: He's been busy, so I offered to take over some of his chores. Rolf, I 
can alter your clothes, too. If you want, I mean.
Rolf: No thanks. I can do it myself.
Mist: Really? Well, all right, then.
Boyd: Like he needs alterations! I don't think he's grown in years. Right, 
short stuff?
Rolf: Shut up, meathead!
Boyd: Why you little--!
Mist: Hey, cut it out! Rolf, wait!
Boyd: Yeah, you'd better run, you moss-headed twerp!
Mist: C'mon, you guys...

Name: Kitten Smitten
Importance: *
Requirements: Shinon and Gatrie must be alive
Receive: None

Gatrie: ...Oh, and this girl! You're going to think you're dreaming! She's as 
lovely as the dawn, I'm telling you!
Shinon: All right, just show me already. Where is this sunrise with legs, 
Gatrie: Wait, are you saying you're actually curious? I never thought I'd see 
the day.
Shinon: Well, we're gonna have to hang around these sub-humans for quite a 
while. A pretty face will help keep me sane.
Lyre: Hey! You! You want to say that again?!
Gatrie: Ahh...!
Shinon: Hey, pussycat. You should've dropped by after dinner. I'm a generous 
man. I would've given you some table scraps.
Lyre: T-table scraps?! How dare you! You scum! Who do you think you are? I'm 
not going to forget that!
Shinon: Aw, kitty wants to play? Sure, I've got some time to kill. Let's 
dance, hairball!
Kyza: Stop! Don't make another move.
Lyre: Kyza! You should hear the garbage he's saying! He's the worst man I've 
ever met!
Kyza: He's a beroc, Lyre. Please accept my apology on behalf of my associate. 
Please, forgive her. Now you, Lyre. Apologize to him.
Lyre: What?! Why do I have to be the one to apologize?! That guy was the one 
who started it!
Kyza: Do you want me to report to Captain Ranulf that you couldn't control 
your temper and started a fight with a beorc?
Lyre: N-no...
Shinon: I'm waiting... I'd forgive you if you apologized. I am a nice guy, 
you know.
Lyre: What?! Never! You're lucky I don't claw that smile off your face!
Kyza: Lyre! I'm sorry... Maybe some other time. Excuse us.
Shinon: Hmph, I hate it when sub-humans like him act all high and mighty, 
pretending to be just like us beorc. He's even worse than the other hairball.
Gatrie: ...Sigh.
Shinon: What, did all that stun you into silence? You look like you've been 
hit in the head.
Gatrie: So, her name is Lyre. What a pretty name! Lyyyyyre...
Shinon: What? Oh, come on! Don't tell me the girl you were talking about is 
that pussycat!
Gatrie: Don't mock me, Shinon! This is serious. I feel it. It's destiny! That 
girl and I are fated to be together!
Shinon: You're chasing after a laguz now? Gatrie, I swear you'd hit on a tree 
if I dressed it in a skirt. Tell me I'm wrong!

Name: Challenging
Importance: *
Requirements: Rhys and Mia must be alive
Receive: None

Mia: There you are, Commander! I found ya!
Ike: What can I do for you, Mia?
Mia: What do you think? I only come to you for one thing... Commander! I 
challenge you!
Ike: Again? Haven't you had enough?
Mia: Not at all. I was pretty close to beating you, last time. So c'mon! The 
longer we wait, the less I'm gonna remember about how I got that close!
Ike: You know I'm not going to go easy on you, right? Or on anyone else who 
comes at me with a sword, for that matter.
Mia: Good! I like it that way! That's why I love training with you.
Ike: At least you're getting something out of it. Titania and Mist just 
complain afterwards.
Mia: Don't you worry about that! I've got the perfect solution.
Ike: What's that?
Mia: Yoo-hoo! Rhys, over here!
Ike: Oh, I see. Interesting idea.
Mia: He'll fix me right up if I get hurt. What do you think of that, huh?
Ike: You all right with that, Rhys? I know you don't like watching allies cut 
each other up in training.
Rhys: That's true, but... I think it's better that I know how the injury 
happened, rather than having someone just show up and bleed on the floor. It 
will reduce the shock of seeing all that blood, you know? That's something I 
learned the hard way.
Ike: Well, as long as you're all right with it, I guess it's fine with me, too.
Mia: That settles it! The scene is set, the arena ready... Prepare yourself, 
Ike: Oh, I already have. Get ready!
Rhys: Just... Please go easy on each other. All right? Did you hear me? Hello?

Chapter Two: Stormclouds

Name: The Three Brothers
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: What Goes Around
Importance: *
Requirements: Heather and Ilyana must be alive
Receive: None

Heather: So you're Ilyana? That's such a cute and delicate name! I'd never 
have guessed there'd be such a pretty girl around all these laguz! What a 
lucky day!
Ilyana: Sigh...
Heather: Is something wrong, Ilyana? Are you feeling sick? You look weak.
Ilyana: I'm... so hungry...
Heather: Oh, no! That's no good. Hold on. I'll bring some food for you right 
Ilyana: Really? Oh, that would be wonderful...
Heather: Oh, look at that smile! So, what do you like?
Ilyana: Something delicious. I don't particularly care what it is. I just want 
loads of it.
Heather: Um, all right. I guess that means you eat pretty much anything? I'll 
go find somoe dupe who thinks I'm cute, and I'll con him into cooking 
something! You stay put!
Ilyana: How interesting... Heather... Her name is Heather. I'll have to 
remember her name. She likes to feed me.
Ike: You still eating everything in sight?
Ilyana: Ah... Hello, Ike. I haven't seen you in a long time.
Ike: Glad to see you remember me.
Ilyana: Of course. I remember all of the mercenaries. Well, most of you, 
anyway. Oscar prepares such delicious meals. I remember that well enough. Oh, 
I can't wait to eat his food again.
Ike: Well, I can see you haven't changed a bit.

Name: Item Shop
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Silver Card (Discount item for this base session)

Aimee: Oh... It's like a dream come true. My hero, standing right in front of 
me. Somebody pinch me.
Ike: Hey, if you don't let go of my hand, I can't pay you for anything.
Aimee: No! My darling... Let us not spoil our time together with talk of 
money! Speak sweetly to me, handsome.
Ike: Listen, lady. This is a shop, and I'm a customer. What's so sweet about 
Aimee: Oh, such cold words... My hero plays hard to get! You're only making me 
more interested.
Ike: Will you let go of my hand? Please?
Aimee: Then tell me I'm beautiful! Tell me I'm more beautiful than any woman 
in this camp!
Ike: ...And then you'll let go of my hand?
Aimee: Of course. I'll even give you everything you want for free.
Ike: Oh! All right, then...
???: No, Ike! Don't say another word!
Aimee: That voice! It's--
Ike: C'mon, Soren. She's going to give us everything! For free!
Soren: Nothing in life is free, Ike. Suppose you said what she asked you to 
say, hmm? What then? You'd hear it all over the camp. In nearby villages. 
Eventually, the entire country would be saying it! "Ike, hero of the Mad 
King's War, is in love with Aimee the shopgirl." Rumors can quickly spin out 
of control.
Ike: Come off it. You're exaggerating.
Aimee: Ooh, don't be so sure. With my network of merchants, I'll spread the 
word to the four corners of Tellius! Within half a year, everyone will know! 
Then you will be mine forever, Ike! You'll have no choice at all!
Ike: Man, you go right for the neck, don't you? All right, Soren. She's all 
Soren: Yes, sir. What I do now, I do for the good of the company.
Aimee: No, Ike! Don't go! Don't do this to me!
Soren: Well, now. Shall we get on with our business? You're looking more 
beautiful than ever, Miss Aimee. A true delight for the eyes.
Aimee: Ooo... Now you're talking, you little lady-killer!
Soren: I know you won't discount the goods to nothing, since it's coming from 
me. So... How about you cut your prices down by three-quarters?
Aimee: Ooh... Decisions, decisions.
Soren: You're a diamond, and other beorc only glass beads, Miss Aimee. I'll 
buy more than enough to justify the discount.
Aimee: Half price, maybe.
Soren: A touch less than three-quarters, then. What do you say, rose of 
Tellius? O goddess of desire?
Aimee: All right, you win! Just this time, mind you. Take this.
Soren: Ah, a Silver Card. I can buy everything for half price at all of the 
Aimee: That's right. Remember what I said, though. It's a limited-time deal. 
I'll have to take it away soon. Oh, and while you own this card, you won't be 
able to sell your weapons as raw material. Got that?
Soren: Understood, Miss Aimee. Stay beautiful.

Chapter Three: River Crossing

Name: Strategist
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Tibarn: Your strategist is something else. Does he have some kind of magic hat 
that he pulls all his crazy ideas out of?
Ike: Well, I do pay him plenty for them.
Titania: Soren said this mission would fail without help from the Phoenicis 
Army. We're asking you to take a very big risk, King Tibarn.
Tibarn: We can handle it. We can do anything if it involves teaching those 
vermin in Begnion a thing or two.
Ranulf: Soren has even answered some of Skrimir's more insane requests. He 
doesn't listen to a word I say, but when Soren talks strategy, he's all ears.
Ike: Is that why he hasn't been complaining during the briefings?
Ranulf: He says he looks forward to what the little strategist will say next. 
It looks to me like Soren's charmed his way into the most powerful position in 
this army.
Titania: I'm glad to hear it. He's changed, hasn't he?
Ranulf: Yeah, I think so. He still doesn't say much, but he's a lot more at 
ease these days. He used to be completely closed off, rejecting anyone who 
tried to get close. Like he'd lock himself away, all alone in his own little 
Ike: We all lost and gained something during the Mad King's War. Maybe it 
wasn't a complete waste, after all.
Ranulf: Do you think we'll feel the same way about this war when it's over?
Ike: Who knows? We'll have to survive it first.
Ranulf: Fair enough.

Chapter Four: The General's Hand

Name: Shinon
Importance: ***
Requirements: Shinon must be alive
Receive: Blue Gem (Treasure) and can buy Silencer from Aimee (Bow)

Aimee: Oh, you have no idea how happy you've made me! Do you have any idea how 
long I've been waiting for this?
Shinon: Hey, I'm a busy guy. But I'm glad to hear it, I guess.
Aimee: Don't be so cold! You could do this for me anytime, if you want. You 
know I'll pay good money.
Shinon: No thanks. It's more trouble than it's worth.
Aimee: I'll make it worth your time. How about it, baby? You could leave your 
mercenary lifestyle behind, and...
Ike: Uh... What the heck are you talking about?
Aimee: Ike! My hero! Are you here to see me?
Shinon: Hmph. I'm outta here.
Aimee: Hey, wait! What about what I owe you?
Shinon: Give it to him! And don't tell him anything that he doesn't need to 
Aimee: ...And now he's gone. What a selfish man.
Ike: Care to tell me what's going on?
Aimee: Ike, no! Are you feeling jealous? Don't you worry, darling. There's 
only room for you in my heart. Really!
Ike: You're scaring me, Aimee.
Aimee: Oh, come on. It's just a joke! Business only, I promise. First, this is 
for you.
Ike: A blue gem?
Aimee: You heard what the man said. I'm supposed to pay you instead.
Ike: You're paying us? I'm very confused. I'd assumed that Shinon owed you 
money, or something.
Aimee: No, no. Nothing like that. This is what I owe him for-- Oops, he told 
me not to say.
Ike: Aimee? I'm getting scared again.
Aimee: All right, fine. It's a payment for a bow.
Ike: A bow?
Aimee: I paid a lot for a bow he made me. I'm going to offer it as a 
one-of-a-kind item at the shop.
Ike: Right... Is that why Rolf is making bows now? He mentioned something 
about bows being good income in emergencies.
Aimee: Probably. Rolf is learning from a good teacher, but he's still no match 
for the master himself.
Ike: Rolf is Shinon's student?
Aimee: Oh, dang. You think that was a secret, too?
Ike: How should I know? Shinon wouldn't tell me that he smelled smoke if I was 
on fire.
Aimee: Well... I don't think Shinon likes people. Especially you, for some 
reason. I wonder why he came back to you after he left the Greil Mercenaries 
during the war?
Ike: Shinon likes our little group. I know that much. This is probably his way 
of trying to help us be less broke.
Aimee: You think so? Why wouldn't he just come out and say so? He's so strange 
like that.
Ike: I'll keep this conversation a secret. I don't want to risk losing Shinon 
by putting him on the defensive about all this.
Aimee: Right. It's a secret between you and me, Ike!

Chapter Five: Retreat!

Name: Haar
Importance: ***
Requirements: Haar must be alive
Receive: Corrosion (Skill)

Ike: ...
Haar: You need something from me, fearless leader?
Ike: I thought you were asleep.
Haar: Yeah, I was. Until you came within fifty paces of me. Yaaaaaawn...
Ike: Do you mind fighting alongside us?
Haar: I like it fine. As long as I can catch some sleep, I don't care where I 
am. What can I do for you?
Ike: Ever since you joined us, I've been meaning to ask you about Jill. The 
last I'd heard, you were running some kind of delivery service with her. How 
did you end up passing through Crimea and then coming here?
Haar: I stopped to chew some fat during a delivery. That's all.
Ike: How's Jill these days?
Haar: Last I heard, she got mixed up with the army again, fighting for Daein's 
Ike: I see. Don't you think you ought to go back to Daein and give her some 
Haar: She's a big girl now. She doesn't need me always lookin over her 
shoulder. Jill can do whatever she wants.
Ike: I don't understand. I thought you two were... You know. Living under the 
same roof and all.
Haar: She's the daughter of my dead teacher. Nothing more. Hey, if you don't 
want me hanging around, feel free to just say so, all right?
Ike: No, it isn't like that. You're great on the battlefield. I appreciate you 
being here.
Haar: Good. I like your mercenary group. They're laid back, and we have the 
same goal: crushing the empire.
Ike: That's true.
Haar: Anyhow, is that all? I'm gonna nap until we deploy. Don't wake me up 
until then.
Ike: All right.
Haar: Hey... Wait.
Ike: Hmm?
Haar: See that bag on my wyvern? There's a souvenir in there for you. Feel 
free to take it.
Ike: A souvenir?
Haar: It's a small thing. You don't need to thank me. ...Yaaawn... Zzz... 
Ike: Asleep already? What a strange guy.

Chapter Six: A Reason to Fight

Name: Sothe
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Master Crown (Gives promotion)

Micaiah: I wonder what this is?
Sothe: Let me see. Ah, that's a master crown. King Pelleas got one especially 
for you.
Micaiah: How do you use it?
Sothe: He said that a beorc who honed their combat skills could use it to gain 
further power.
Micaiah: Someone who has refined their skills. I see. So, not everyone can 
use it.
Sothe: Sounds like it. It's a very precious item, so choose the recipient 
with care.
Micaiah: All right.

Name: Jill
Importance: ***
Requirements: Jill must be alive
Receive: Brave Axe (Axe)

Micaiah: Here you go, Jill. This weapon is for you.
Jill: ...Thank you. Um... Lady Micaiah, I have to ask. What is the purpose of 
this war?
Micaiah: King Pelleas has decided to come to the aid of Begnion.
Jill: Has he deigned to share his reasoning with you? Micaiah, this war is 
madness! Why would he ask us to aid Begnion!?
Micaiah: ...I don't know.
Jill: Wonderful.
Micaiah: I believe in our king. That's all I can say.
Jill: At least someone does.

Name: Edward
Importance: ***
Requirements: Edward must be alive
Receive: Caladbolg (Sword)

Micaiah: Edward, I have something for you...
Edward: Really? What is it?
Micaiah: It's a gift from King Pelleas. One of Daein's national treasures, 
the blade Caladbolg.
Edward: What? Whoa, this thing is amazing! I've never seen a blade so sharp! 
Is it really for me? That means the king's counting on me, right? Well, 
Caladbolg and I won't let him down!
Micaiah: Um... Listen, Edward, this war... Daein really shouldn't be...
Edward: Huh? Shouldn't be what?
Micaiah: Oh, never mind. It's nothing. Forget I said anything.
Edward: OK, sure. Um, Micaiah? Look, I don't know anything about kings, 
or nobles, or anything else like that. But you're fighting because you 
believe it's what's best for Daein, right? And, well, that's good enough 
for me. I'm with you, no matter what.
Micaiah: Oh, Edward...
Edward: Now, I want to use this sword! They're going to write song about me 
after this, I just know it!

Name: Leonardo
Importance: ***
Requirements: Leonardo must be alive
Receive: Lughnasadh (Bow)

Micaiah: Leonardo, King Pelleas asked me to present you with this bow. This 
is Lughnasadh. It's been stored away in the vaults of Daein, waiting for 
someone worthy enough. It's more powerful than the purest silver bow.
Leonardo: It's beautiful... Honestly, this bow is beyond my skill. It was 
crafted for better hands than mine. I guess... I guess we really have to win 
now, don't we?
Micaiah: Yes, I suppose we do.
Leonardo: Don't look so sad, Micaiah. You're not responsible for this war. 
We're doing the best we can hope to do. But I'm fighting for Daein. The 
cricumstances may change, but my feelings never will.

Name: Nolan
Importance: ***
Requirements: Nolan must be alive
Receive: Tarvos (Axe)

Micaiah: Hello, Nolan. A gift from King Pelleas has arrived for you.
Nolan: You're kidding me... it can't be! That's Tarvos, isn't it? That's one 
wicked-looking axe. I'd heard stories about the fabled axe of Daein, but to 
actually feel the heft... King Pelleas wants me to have it? I always did like 
that man. I'll take good care of it, don't you worry.
Micaiah: I know you will, Nolan. King Pelleas does too. That's why he's chosen 
to give it to you.
Nolan: Micaiah, look... I know how hard it is to be a commander, especially 
with all of this confusion and doubt flying around. Fighting a war you don't 
believe in is a bitter pill to swallow.
Micaiah: Nolan, I--
Nolan: Just remember something, will you? We're still the Dawn Brigade. Lots 
of us aren't your "comrades," we're your family. If you need anything, we're 
with you, no matter what. Nothing's going to change that.
Micaiah: Oh, Nolan... Thank you so much.

Chapter Seven: Rivals Collide

Name: Catfight
Importance: ***
Requirements: Kyza and Lyre must be alive
Receive: Howl (Skill)

Ranulf: So, it happens to be that I have a very rare and precious item in my 
possession. Which one of you thinks you deserve a gift?
Lyre: Ooo, me! Me! I want it!
Kyza: No, Captain! You should give it to me! After all, I'm your faithful 
Lyre: What!? No way! That stuffy know-it-all doesn't need it! Look at me! I'm 
so tiny and helpless, I need all the help I can get. You wouldn't want me to 
get hurt, would you?
Kyza: A stuffy know-it-all?! Oh, I say! How dare you, madam!? Captain Ranulf! 
You know that rewarding her behavior will only encourage her to act up in 
front of others! Have I not always followed your orders without question, both 
quickly and effectively?
Ranulf: All right, all right... Sheesh. You know, I personally don't really 
care which of you gets it.
Lyre: You hold it right there, Kyza! I think you just called me a brat!
Kyza: Pfft. I'm only stating the obvious. If you don't like it, don't act so 
Lyre: Hmph! You stuck-up old alley cat!
Kyza: Stuck up?! Your mother would be ashamed at your lack of manners!
Ranulf: Argh! Stop already! I'm sorry I asked. Obviously I have to make the 
decision for you. All right, Kyza! This is yours. Take it.
Kyza: Oh, thank you! Thank you! You've made me the happiest person in the 
army, Captain! Hah!
Lyre: What!? Why!? Why did you give it to him!?
Ranulf: He's your commanding officer.
Lyre: That's not fair! He's a stuffy old bore! And I'm wearing my prettiest 
Kyza: Forget it, Lyre. The captain knows who slaves day and night to keep the 
army running smoothly!
Lyre: No, no, no! The captain's love is mine! All mine! Give it to me!
Kyza: If you want it, you'll have to take it!
Lyre: Oh, you're dead!
Ranulf: What is it with you two? Sigh...

Chapter Eight: Incandescent Glow

Name: Wounded
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Skrimir: How are the injured holding up?
Ranulf: They're exhausted. Some are so bad off they can't even get up the 
energy to transform. The unwounded soldiers have been taking turns carrying 
the injured.
Skrimir: That's a good idea. Maybe I'll carry one or two on my back once we 
enter the caves.
Ranulf: Hey, you're hurt, too. Be careful you don't strain yourself and cause 
permanent injury, all right?
Skrimir: Hurt? Do I look like I've been wounded?
Ranulf: Skrimir, you're standing in a pool of your own blood. Tell me the 
truth. It hurts to even stand, right?
Skrimir: ...A little. Do the others know?
Ranulf: No. None of our soldiers do. But I'm sure King Tibarn and Ike both 
Skrimir: Good. Our soldiers shouldn't know. I have to be their role model! 
They'll see that I've been wounded yet continue to fight. Maybe that will help 
them carry on.
Ranulf: Skrimir...

Name: Siblings
Importance: ***
Requirements: Lethe and Lyre must be alive
Receive: Daunt (Skill)

Lethe: Lyre, come on. You have to stop sulking.
Lyre: Don't talk to me! I hate you, Lethe!
Lethe: That's too bad, because I like you.
Lyre: Liar.
Lethe: I'm only hard on you because I worry about you, and I want you to stay 
safe. Why did you even become a soldier? You used to hate fighting.
Lyre: Hmph.
Lethe: Was it because of Ranulf?
Lyre: That was one reason, I guess.
Lethe: There were other reasons?
Lyre: Yeah. I wanted to stay with you.
Lethe: ...Does that mean you'll start talking to me again?
Lyre: Yeah. Even though you drive me crazy, you're still my sister!
Lethe: I'm glad.
Lyre: Here. Take this as a token of apology.
Lethe: What is it?
Lyre: It's a Daunt scroll. I thought it'd be perfect for someone as scary as 
Lethe: What!? Say that again, I dare you!
Lyre: Aaahh! Lethe's mad at me again! Stop being mean to me!
Lethe: I'm the mean one!?

Chapter Nine: Marauders

Name: Villagers
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Man: Hey, did you hear? The Imperial Army is requesting Crimea's assistance.
Youth: Yeah, I heard! I also heard that the messenger treated our queen with 
no respect at all! Who do they think they are!?
Lady: Shhh! Not so loud! Begnion is ruled by the apostle. They helped us when 
Daein invaded. It's only right that we pay back the favor by coming to their 
Man: But Begnion is fighting the beast tribes of Gallia. Why would we fight 
Gallia? The beast tribes helped us rebuild Crimea.
Youth (2): That's true, but come on! Think about it. Who would you rather 
side with? A land of beorc, or the land of sub... laguz? The answer's as plain 
as day. We side with the beorc.
Man: Hmm... You have a point.
Youth: I'd choose Gallia over Begnion.
Lady: Really?
Youth (2): But why?
Youth: The people of Gallia helped us rebuild the village, even though we're 
beorc. They even repaired the road to the farm that's up on the mountain. 
That wasn't an easy job, either.
Lady: Yes, I remember. What was his name... Mordecai? He was strong, yet 
very kind. He looked frightening at first, but the children in the village 
loved to play with him. He was a wonderful man.
Man: If the queen decides to answer Begnion's request for troops, we'd 
have to fight Gallia. How terrible would that be?
Youth (2): That's war, isn't it?
Man: Yes. I suppose it is, at that.
Lady: Hmm.
Youth (2): I wish we didn't have to fight anyone at all.

Name: Calill's Shop
Importance: *
Requirements: Marcia, Makalov, Astrid, and Calill must be alive
Receive: None

Calill: It's been one thing after another. First, the civil unrest, then the 
imperial invasion. I'm so sick of hearing about all of it.
Makalov: You and me both. I figured I'd be able to get in some me time now 
that Crimea's peaceful again. Get a card game started or something...
Largo: You're a Royal Knight. If the queen decides you should go sweep away 
ten or a hundred imperial soldiers, you should probably go do it.
Makalov: Yeah... We've been ordered to mobilize, and I can't think of any 
excuse to get out of it. Maybe I could pretend to be dead. Any ideas, Amy?
Amy: Don't make General Geoffrey mad! You're a Royal Knight! You better follow 
his orders!
Makalov: Amy! You're supposed to HELP me! She's obviously been spending way 
too much time with you, Calill.
Calill: Well of course, you twit! All right, Makalov. It's time for you to 
pay up and go.
Makalov: What!? But... I think my stomach's acting funny...
???: That's enough, you layabout!
Makalov: Oh. Hi, Marcia. Don't surprise me like that!
Marcia: Makalov! I knew I'd find you here, slacker! You're making the whole 
squad wait for you! Hurry up and head back!
Makalov: I don't know about all this. Fighting the Imperial Army means 
fighting my old comrades. I don't wanna fight my old friends. You know what I 
Marcia: ...I think I see. You owe them money, don't you? Isn't that the real 
reason why you don't want to see them, cheese breath?
Makalov: W-when did you learn to read minds like the herons!?
Marcia: I can't, you spineless sea cucumber! It's just so typical of you that 
I guessed!
Astrid: Marcia, please. That's quite enough.
Marcia: But, Astrid! It's despicable!
Astrid: Look at how calm Sir Makalov is. He never gets irritated or upset. 
It's the mark of a true knight. A good knight must know how to keep his cool 
on the battlefield.
Marcia: Um. But... we're in a bar.
Astrid: Oh, I hope to be as good a knight as Sir Makalov someday! How I dream 
of that day!
Makalov: Heh.
Marcia: I don't believe this.
Makalov: ...You don't wanna end up like me, baby.
Marcia: Oh, I completely agree! Who'd want to end up a clown-haired 
Astrid: The love you two have for each other is so wonderful. I wish I had a 
Makalov: Uh, sure...
Marcia: I'll sell him to you. Cheap.

Name: Elincia
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Master Crown (Gives promotion)

Elincia: Geoffrey. Please take this with you.
Geoffrey: Why... this is a master crown! I am honored, Your Majesty. I will 
cherish it.
Elincia: I have been asking you to fight difficult battles against terrible 
Geoffrey: Your Majesty, allow me to reiterate: that is exactly what I wish. 
No matter the task, and no matter the odds, I can only succeed at it so long 
as you depend on me. I am yours entirely, Your Majesty.
Elincia: I shall take those words to heart. Geoffrey of Delbray, you are truly 
my finest and mot faithful knight.
Geoffrey: Thank you, Your Majesty.

Name: Lucia
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: 10,000 Gold

Lucia: Here are the war funds. Remember, Geoffrey. You will face the Imperial 
Army. Should there be a conflict, you must not be caught unprepared.
Geoffrey: I shall be prepared, Lucia.

Chapter Ten: The Heart of Crimea

Name: Giffca
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Satori Sign (For laguz)

Giffca: Welcome back, you two.
Skrimir: Giffca. Apologies for worrying you.
Giffca: You persevered through many difficult battles. We are glad to have you 
back in one piece.
Skrimir: Each and every soldier in the army helped me. I couldn't do anything 
by myself. Alone, I was powerless.
Giffca: That's good. If that's what you learned from this campaign, then it 
wasn't a wasted effort for Gallia. Good work, Ranulf.
Ranulf: Thank you, sir.
Giffca: Skrimir, come here. I have something from the king.
Skrimir: What is this?
Giffca: It's a satori sign. It is said to bring out the hidden power of the 
Skrimir: Amazing!
Giffca: Here, it's yours.
Skrimir: Ranulf. You should take it.
Ranulf: What? Why? The king said it was for you!
Skrimir: Yes, but you've been looking after me. It's... a sign of my 
Ranulf: Skrimir...
Giffca: Very well. Ranulf. This is yours to keep.
Ranulf: A-all right. Thank you, sir.
Giffca: Skrimir, you reply to his thanks.
Skrimir: Um, yes. You're welcome. I am grateful for your continued support.
Ranulf: Of course, General.

Chapter Eleven: Just Cause

Name: Sanaki
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Master Crown (Gives promotion)

Ike: I'm here. What do you want?
Sanaki: Hmph. Don't look so sour.
Ike: I always look like this, Apostle Sanaki.
Sanaki: Ah, yes. That's true. Well, I didn't summon you to talk about your 
grumpy expressions. I wanted to give you something before we set off for 
Ike: What is it?
Sanaki: Do you know what this is?
Ike: Not a clue.
Sanaki: When I fled the cathedral, I took some valuables with me. This is 
called a master crown. It's said to release a beorc's hidden power.
Ike: I've never heard of it.
Sanaki: Not everyone can use it, so think before you pass it on to someone.
Ike: All right. I'll take it. Thank you.

Name: Sigrun
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: 20,000 Gold

Sigrun: General Ike. Thank you for helping the apostle. I appreciate it from 
the bottom of my heard.
Ike: I would have refused, if I'd known that I'd be commanding the entire army.
Sigrun: That's why we didn't tell you beforehand.
Ike: That's a pretty devious move, Sigrun.
Sigrun: Here are some funds, so you can properly prepare for the upcoming 
battle. Show us how you've grown since the days of the Mad King's War, General.

Name: Rivals
Importance: ***
Requirements: Oscar and Kieran must be alive
Receive: Imbue (Skill)

Kieran: Rahh! Hyahh! Hahh!
Oscar: ...
Kieran: Hiyah! Umph! Hahh!
Oscar: You really push yourself in training, don't you, Kieran?
Kieran: Huh!? Ah, Oscar! You snuck up on me! Only a true rival of mine could 
accomplish such a feat!
Oscar: I've been watching for half an hour.
Kieran: What!? Then why didn't you say hello? And I would have expected better 
Oscar: I did. You didn't notice.
Kieran: Ah, yes! My concentration while training is unbreakable! No one can 
distract me!
Oscar: Hmm. I wonder if he realizes that he contradicts everything he says.
Kieran: What was that!? If you have something to say, let it out! Speak like a 
man! Stand tall!
Oscar: Yes, yes. Whatever you say. Here, I got this for you.
Kieran: What is this?
Oscar: This is an Imbue scroll. Imbue is a skill you should learn, especially 
since you always train until you're soaked in your own blood.
Kieran: I've never heard of such a skill. Is it special?
Oscar: Oh, yes. It's very special.
Kieran: Why would you give such a precious thing to me?!
Oscar: Well, um... I just told you.
Kieran: I cannot accept it! I accept no charity from rivals!
Oscar: Why do you have to be like this?
Kieran: We are equals. I need no favors from you! Run along, now.
Oscar: Sigh.
Kieran: I don't have the time to talk to you. I'm too busy training! Go on, 
Oscar: Ahem... It was meant as a symbol of friendship for my lifelong rival.
Kieran: What?!
Oscar: But I guess if you won't accept it, I'll find someone else who will.
Kieran: Wait! I'll take it.
Oscar: You'd swallow your own words?
Kieran: Ugh! Never! However... I note that your lifelong rival is me, and no 
one else! If your gift will mark me as your lifelong rival, I must have it!
Oscar: That's what I like about you, Sir Simpleton.
Kieran: You insult me?!
Oscar: No, that was a compliment. You're a very... simple... knight. Living 
only for battle and whatnot.
Kieran: Great! Thanks!
Oscar: Life is boring without you, Kieran.

Chapter Twelve: The Price

Name: Pelleas
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Master Crown (Gives promotion)

Pelleas: I have to head back to the castle. I have to know if there is a way 
to break free of the blood pact.
Micaiah: Please be careful.
Pelleas: ...Please, Micaiah. Stop being so kind to me. It's too difficult for 
Micaiah: I can feel how you've suffered. You've had to endure it all alone 
for so long. It's ghastly.
Pelleas: It was my fault... I brought this curse upon Daein!
Micaiah: No! You didn't know! I will protect Daein. I'll protect our country 
from harm, no matter what happens. You have my word.
Pelleas: Micaiah... Very well. I won't give up. We'll fight destiny together.
Micaiah: Yes.
Pelleas: I want you to take this. I found another one in the treasure room of 
the castle. Stand fast, Micaiah. I will find a way to save Daein.
Micaiah: ...

Name: Tauroneo
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Boots (Movement booster)

Tauroneo: Sothe.
Sothe: Hello, General.
Tauroneo: I thought you were going to leave the army, taking Lady Micaiah with 
Sothe: I was. But now we can't. Both Micaiah and I are from Daein. We can't 
abandon our own country.
Tauroneo: Hmm. I wonder if it's the same if you leave Daein...
Sothe: I don't understand.
Tauroneo: If you abandoned Daein and fought on the side of a different 
country, I wonder if you'd still be cursed?
Sothe: Who knows? I'm not a sage. In any case, it doesn't matter. Micaiah 
would never leave Daein behind.
Tauroneo: I see. Sothe, here. Take these.
Sothe: Why are you giving me these?
Tauroneo: I kept them as a parting gift to you. Since you're staying, I'd like 
you to take them now.
Sothe: General...

Name: Sothe
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: 10,000 Gold

Sothe: These are all the funds we have for the near future. The problem now is 
stopping the apostle's army from advancing.
Micaiah: Conventional tactics won't slow them down. They'll easily break 
through our lines. ...What should we do?
Sothe: Micaiah?
Micaiah: ...
Sothe: Are you all right? I'll leave the gold here. You're still not 
completely recovered yet. You have to rest, Micaiah.
Micaiah: I'll try.
Sothe: Keep safe.

Name: Nolan
Importance: ***
Requirements: Nolan must be alive
Receive: Tomahawk (Axe)

Sothe: Nolan. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Nolan: Hmm? Hey, Sothe. Don't worry. I was reading while I waited.
Sothe: I didn't realize you were such a dedicated reader, Nolan.
Nolan: It's human nature to crave knowledge. I thought you would know that as 
well as anyone. How is Micaiah, by the way? Is she doing well?
Sothe: Yeah, I believe so. She's alert, and she seems generally stronger.
Nolan: I see. Well, that's good, right?
Sothe: Sorry to make you worry.
Nolan: Don't mention it.
Sothe: And... I... brought this for you.
Nolan: Hey, now! This is a good axe. Must have cost you a fair bit. Thanks.
Sothe: Nolan, I...
Nolan: Don't force it. You'll only hurt yourself.
Sothe: What?
Nolan: You look like you're carrying the weight of the world on your 
shoulders. You're wondering if you should tell me, right?
Sothe: Right...
Nolan: The best thing to do is think it over. Give it some time to sit. Later, 
if you decide you want to tell me, you know exactly where to find me.
Sothe: I will. Thanks, Nolan.
Nolan: Anytime.

Name: Nico
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

???: There she is! Hey, lady!
Micaiah: Who? Oh, Nico!
Nico: This is great. I was hoping I'd find you.
Lady: Nico, mind your manners. The Silver-Haired Maiden is the saviour of 
Daein. She's not just some "lady."
Micaiah: Oh, it's all right. I'm still the same simple girl from Daein you 
met before. Nothing's changed. So, are things well with you?
Lady: Well, the fighting's got everyone worried, coming so soon after the last 
war and all... But we're doing all we can for Daein! It doesn't matter who or 
what we're up against. Believe me when I tell you we'll never give up.
Nico: That's right! We won't give up. Ever! I know we're gonna win, too. 
'Cause we've got you on our side. That's what everybody says. The Dawn Brigade 
will save us.
Micaiah: Is that what they say? I see... Listen to me, Nico. You can believe 
in us. I promise we'll keep you safe.
Nico: I knew it!
Lady: Come along, Nico. We should be going. The maiden's got better things to 
do than stand here chatting with us all day.
Nico: Bye, lady! See you later!
Micaiah: Yes... good-bye, Nico.
Sothe: ...
Micaiah: I... I want to save them all. The world is a better place with people 
like them in it.
Sothe: I know how you feel, Micaiah. That's why we started all this. We've 
always been fighting for them. But this war we're in... It's not just. We're 
fighting on the wrong side.
Micaiah: I know. I don't want to see anyone die. It's ironic... I'm killing 
with no malice, because I don't want anyone to be killed. I... What am I 
supposed to do? Am I supposed to stand back and let all of Daein perish? Is 
that the "just" thing to do?
Sothe: ...
Micaiah: If that's what it takes to be just, then I want nothing to do with 
justice. I'd rather be hated and feared like Mad King Ashnard. I'd rather the 
dark god take my soul. I'm going to save my people, Sothe. If the rest of the 
world paints me as a beast to be reviled and hated, so be it.

Chapter Thirteen: Blood Contract

Name: Verterans
Importance: ***
Requirements: Edward and Leonardo must be alive
Receive: Tempest Blade (Sword)

Leonardo: Say, Edward. We've been fighting really hard for quite a while now, 
haven't we?
Edward: Yeah, I guess so. The war of emancipation, the war against the Laguz 
Alliance, and now against the apostle's army. One after another, just like 
Leonardo: The world can't always be like this. These wars seem so pointless. 
All I want is to be able to live in Daein, peacefully and in freedom.
Edward: Yeah. The military is a pretty strange place. Hey, I have an idea! 
Once this battle is over, I'll quit the army and go home.
Leonardo: What about Micaiah and the others? Are you going to abandon them?
Edward: What? No way! I'll just have to talk them into leaving with me! And 
if that catches on, all the soldiers will leave, and then there can't be a 
war. And then Daein will have peace again!
Leonardo: You know, I don't think it's that simple. But your plan sounds 
good to me, Edward.
Edward: See? You know it's smart. First, you and I will leave. Together, we 
can tackle any obstacle!
Leonardo: We'll have to survive the next battle, first. This should help. 
Here. Look what I got you.
Edward: Oh! This sword is amazing! Where did you get this!?
Leonardo: I've been saving up. Micaiah chipped in, too.
Edward: You got this for me?
Leonardo: Yeah. Since you're always fighting so recklessly, I thought this 
sword would be a good match for you.
Edward: Thanks, Leonardo! You're the best friend I could have!
Leonardo: I know. We're each other's best friend and family.

Name: Helping Hand
Importance: ***
Requirements: Laura and Aran must be alive
Receive: Sleep Staff (Stave)

Aran: Hey, Laura! You dropped a staff over there.
Laura: Oh! Ah. Thank you, Aran.
Aran: You've been carrying a lot of things lately.
Laura: Yes, I suppose so. Many people are injured. I wanted to help heal as 
many of them as I can.
Aran: That's admirable. Is there anything I can do to help?
Laura: Yes, of course!
Aran: First, hand me all of your things. I'll carry them for you.
Laura: That would be great. Here you go. Say...
Aran: Hmm?
Laura: That staff you picked up earlier... It doesn't belong to me.
Aran: Really? It was right at your feet, so I'd assumed that it was yours.
Laura: I've never seen a staff like this. I wonder what effect it has?
Aran: Hey, be careful. It might be dangerous or something. Let's throw it 
Laura: Well, maybe if I shake it like this... And then... Whoa!
Aran: Wuh!
Laura: What did you say, Aran?
Aran: Zzz... Zzz...
Laura: Oh, Aran. You're such a clown. How do you fall asleep on your feet? I 
guess you must be really tired. Why don't I just leave you be? Let me just 
take my things back.
Aran: Zzz... Zzz... Zzz...

Endgame: From Pain, Awakening

Name: Protection
Importance: ***
Requirements: Boyd and Mist must be alive and have an A support in Radiant Dawn
Receive: Spirit Dust (Stat booster)

Mist: What's this? A bag of spirit powder?
Boyd: Yeah. You said you wanted one, right?
Mist: And you found one for me? Thanks, Boyd. You're the greatest.
Boyd: Yeah, well. You always take such good care of us.
Mist: ...
Boyd: What's wrong, Mist? Are you feeling sick? You look a little pale.
Mist: Yeah. I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately.
Boyd: Hey, you can't go out and fight if you're feeling sick! You should rest!
Mist: No! No way!
Boyd: Mist?
Mist: I'm staying with everyone! I have to! I'm not going to be left behind. 
Something might happen!
Boyd: But you're in no condition to...
Mist: Dad never came back! He died somewhere, and I wasn't there to say 
Boyd: Aww, but that's--
Mist: That's why I'm not staying behind! I want to stay with my family until 
our last moment together. Please, Boyd. Don't stop me.
Boyd: All right, I won't say anything. I won't tell you to stay behind, 
either. I guess I'll just have to be careful to protect you when we're out in 
the field. Does that sound good?
Mist: Yes, Boyd. Thank you.

Name: Master and Pupil
Importance: ***
Requirements: Shinon and Rolf must be alive
Receive: Silencer (Bow)

Rolf: Ah, I see...
Shinon: Then you secure it right there, and... There, it's finished!
Rolf: Yeah! Shinon, you're the greatest! I'm so proud that you're my teacher!
Shinon: Oh, come on, Rolf. Don't make puppy eyes at me.
Rolf: What? But it's true! You're really amazing!
Shinon: Cut it out, kid. You exaggerate too much.
Rolf: Are you going to sell this one to Aimee again? Can I come along? Please?
Shinon: I'm not selling this one.
Rolf: What? But... Oh, I got it. You're going to use it yourself. Then can I 
fight alongside you? I want you to teach me that trick where you shoot them in 
the neck and then--
Shinon: We can talk about that later. Here, this is for you. Go on, take it.
Rolf: But this is--
Shinon: You've been running around camp with that silly grin plastered on your 
face, but I can tell all the fighting's wearing you down. I can't help you get 
a good night's sleep, or make you eat your vegetables, but I can see that 
you're using a decent bow.
Rolf: Shinon...
Shinon: I don't know why we're fighting this stinkin' war, but I ain't about 
to die like a dog. And I know you're too young to be pushing up daisies.
Rolf: But I...
Shinon: What's your problem, kid?
Rolf: I can't possibly pay you back for it! A great bow like this... what can 
I do? You taught me how to shoot a bow. How to make a bow. And that's not all! 
You've given me so much, and yet there's nothing I can do to pay you back for 
Shinon: Of all the stupid...
Rolf: Ouch!
Shinon: Quit whining at me!
Rolf: Oww! You didn't have to hit me with that bow!
Shinon: Did I ever ask you to pay me back? Did I ever tell you my help had any 
strings attached? No! Kids should be kids and just learn from their elders!
Rolf: But--
Shinon: If you want to pay me back, then be better than me! Doesn't matter if 
it's at using a bow or making one. Just do it better. Then I can point at you 
and tell people "That's the best student I ever had."
Rolf: Shinon...
Shinon: I look after you because you have talent. I like watching you, kid. I 
like watching you shoot better every single day, you know? But if someone 
sticks an arrow in your eye, I ain't gonna have any way to pass the time. So 
stay sharp! You hear?
Rolf: ...Fine. Thanks, master. I'll do my best to surpass you. I swear!
Shinon: "Master"? I think I like the sound of that. Keep listening to me and 
you'll be all right.

*Part Four: Gods and Men*
Prologue: Chaos Named

Name: Rulers
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Sanaki: Excuse me.
Naesala: Oh, it's you.
Sanaki: I saw you having an argument with General Skrimir.
Naesala: Oh, that? Yeah. That happens sometimes.
Sanaki: I know you had no choice but to betray the Laguz Alliance. If you 
wish, I can speak to him about it.
Naesala: No. Stay out of it. Whatever the circumstances, what I did was 
unacceptable. The pieces can fall where they may.
Sanaki: You'd carry the burden of you crime alone to protect your people? 
That's very selfless of you.
Naesala: Of course I'd take the blame! My first priority is my people. As long 
as they're safe, it doesn't matter one whit what the rest of the world thinks 
of me.
Sanaki: You indeed are a good king to your people. I have no doubts about 
that. I wonder, will the history say I was a good empress for Begnion?
Naesala: The people of Begnion rose up and overthrew the senate for you. Isn't 
that proof enough that you're a good empress?
Sanaki: That's only because they thought that I was the apostle. But now...
Naesala: You're worried over the galdr of release?
Sanaki: Yes. That song... It can only be sung by the direct descendents of 
Altina--the first settlers of Begnion. Why was that girl able to sing it? 
Moreover, why couldn't I?
Naesala: You know, you could just ask her directly.
Sanaki: I can't work up the courage. I doesn't matter who she is. All I know 
is that she possesses all the powers which I lack. I'm... I'm frightened of 
the truth.

Name: Homecoming
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: Homecoming
Importance: *
Requirements: None
Receive: None

Micaiah: Ahh...
Sothe: What's wrong, Micaiah? Are you still tired?
Micaiah: No, I'm fine. The air is nice out here. It's calm, quiet even. I 
don't remember the last time it was quiet. It's almost relaxing, isn't it? I 
hate to say it, but I feel like the world is back to the way it ought to be, 
finally. I know that sounds horrible. But that's how I honestly feel. Like all 
debts have been settled, and everything is properly arranged.
Sothe: Hmm. I think I understand what you're trying to say.
Micaiah: Sothe... I'm scared. I don't want to get used to this. It's too 
comfortable. Like our mother's come home.
Sothe: A mother who'd smother her children in order to protect them.
Micaiah: ...Hey.
Sothe: What is it?
Micaiah: Here, look at this.
Sothe: The mark of the blood pact? It's faded a lot...
Micaiah: Do you think it's because of the air? Or Yune's influence on my body?
Sothe: Maybe. Could it be something else?
Micaiah: I don't know. With all that's happened, I'd forgotten about the blood 
pact. But I shouldn't forget. The people of Daein are still in danger.
Sothe: Maybe it'll fade away completely.
Micaiah: Mmm, wouldn't that be nice? I have a few other wishes you can grant, 
as well.

Name: Muston
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Rexbolt (Tome)

Micaiah: Hello, Muston. I would like to purchase some weapons.
Muston: Ah, Micaiah! Good timing.
Micaiah: You have something for me, then?
Muston: Indeed I do, missy. Look at this!
Micaiah: That's a thunder tome. The most powerful of its kind, too! How did 
you get it?
Muston: That's a trade secret! But it's the best thing I ever acquired for 
sale, and that's a fact.
Micaiah: How much are you asking for it?
Muston: You want it?
Micaiah: Yes. Yune told me that the goddess Ashera would do everything in her 
power to stop us. I have no idea what to expect, but I'm certain the battle 
ahead won't be easy. We have to be prepared. For anything.
Muston: I know. You can have it for free.
Micaiah: What? But why?
Muston: It's not like we have any other customers. Everyone else has been 
turned to stone. Listen, Micaiah. I still have hope. We have your goddess and 
an army of heroes on our side. I believe in you--all of you. You'll put the 
world right again, I'm sure of it.
Micaiah: I believe that, too. Thank you, Muston. With your tome in my hand 
and your hope in my heart, I'm sure we'll succeed.
Muston: Good luck, Maiden of Dawn.

Name: Skrimir
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Satori Sign (For laguz)

Skrimir: Hmmm... I'm confused.
Micaiah: Is something wrong, General Skrimir?
Skrimir: Here, look at this!
Micaiah: It's a satori sign. What about it?
Skrimir: I found a patch of ground that was emitting light, so I started 
digging. This was what I found.
Micaiah: Oh, so that's it...
Skrimir: You buried it?
Micaiah: No, but I saw a vision in a dream. Rays of light fell from the sky, 
wriggling into the ground and burying themselves.
Skrimir: Ah. So maybe there are more?
Micaiah: Yes... I think so. Somewhere...

Chapter One: Road to the Empire

Name: Appearances
Importance: *
Requirements: Rafiel and Nailah must be alive
Receive: None

Rafiel: Mmph.
Ike: What's wrong, Prince Rafiel? Are you feeling sick?
Rafiel: ...No. I am all right. Thank you, though.
Ike: ...You're a real puzzle, you know that?
Rafiel: Why do you say that?
Ike: You look a lot like your brother Reyson, but you're nothing like him. 
Reyson looks delicate, but on the inside he's all iron. You, on the other 
hand... I don't know. I worry that I might kill you if I shout too loud or 
Rafiel: ...I'm sorry.
Ike: See? That's exactly what I mean! You should get mad at me for saying 
that, not say "I'm sorry." I mean, come on!
Rafiel: I-I apologize.
Ike: There you go again! What I mean is that--
Nailah: That's enough, Ike. Rafiel is everything that herons are expected to 
be: quiet, elegant, and delicate. Those are words people use to describe 
herons, and he fits all three.
Ike: Yeah, well... None of those words fit Reyson.
Nailah: True. Maybe Princess Leanne is only so innocent and sweet because 
she was asleep for twenty years. Prince Reyson certainly doesn't seem to have 
any of the characteristics herons are known for.
Ike: King Tibarn did mention that "real" herons are more like Prince Rafiel.
Nailah: Prince Reyson spent a long time in the care of the hawk tribe. No 
doubt he's picked up all sorts of quirks. Thank goodness Reyson hasn't 
picked up Tibarn's speech or mannerisms, though. It would be completely 
ridiculous. Can you imagine a man with Reyson's looks, talking and acting like 
Tibarn? I don't think I could help but laugh at him.
Ike: Well, he told me he wanted to be just like King Tibarn. He admires Tibarn 
a great deal.
Rafiel: Reyson said that?
Ike: Yeah. What about you?
Rafiel: Well... Sure, it'd be nice to be a bit more like Tibarn, I suppose.
Ike: Well, it looks like you guys really are brothers after all.
Nailah: Ike, be quiet. You're a bad influence! I won't allow Rafiel to be 
tainted like that.

Name: Visions
Importance: ***
Requirements: Mist must be alive
Receive: Holy Crown (Can promote Mist)

Mist: Ike!
Ike: What is it, Mist?
Mist: Take a look at this!
Ike: How odd. Looks like a master crown.
Mist: I had the strangest vision just now. There were these places on the 
ground which were shining. One was close, so I went to take a look, and here 
it was!
Ike: Stop it. You sound like Yune when you talk like that. The enemy could 
attack at any time, so don't go wandering around alone.
Mist: All right. You're the boss!

Name: Visions
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: Aimee
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Rexcalibur (Tome)

Aimee: Ooo, it's my hero, Ike! I'll take the spot next to you.
Ike: Hello, Aimee.
Aimee: Would you do me a favor? Take this and give it to little Soren. It's an 
extremely rare item. We don't know what we'll run into out there. He'll be 
ready for anything with a powerful tome like this.
Ike: What, you can't give it to him yourself?
Aimee: Oh, no way! I'm trying to get YOUR attention. So I'd much rather give 
it to you.
Ike: That's very direct of you.
Aimee: Because you can be so thick sometimes! I swear, you wouldn't know how I 
felt if I didn't tell you outright.
Ike: Even if I did, I wouldn't do anything about it.
Aimee: That's fine. I understand. You still have things you want to do, places 
you want to explore. That's why you don't want to be tied down by a 
relationship. I know how you are.
Ike: Uh...
Aimee: But someday, you'll be ready to settle down. When you are, maybe you'll 
think of me. That's why I'm starting work on you now! Don't worry about it... 
for now.
Ike: But it DOES worry me!
Aimee: See? You're already under my spell! Well, good night! Sleep well, my 
Ike: That woman has issues with reality.

Chapter Two: Silent World

Name: Reyson
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Satori Sign (For laguz)

Tibarn: Reyson! Where are you!?
Reyson: Over here, Tibarn.
Tibarn: What are you doing so early in the morning?
Reyson: I'm hunting for treasure!
Tibarn: Could you repeat that?
Reyson: I believe it was the goddess Yune. She sent me a message in my sleep. 
I saw patches of ground that glowed. I went to one of those spots and found 
Tibarn: A satori sign... Don't see these very often. It's a good find. But 
blast it, Reyson, why didn't you wake me up?
Reyson: I didn't know what I would find. Besides, you looked so comfortable.
Tibarn: Hm. I didn't even notice you'd snuck out. I can't believe a heron 
snuck by me...
Reyson: Even heroes need their sleep to keep fighting, Tibarn. Where's the 
harm in sleeping? I know that you haven't had a good night's rest since the 
incident in Phoenicis.
Tibarn: Yeah. But you know, there must be something in the air... Despite all 
that's happened I feel fantastic. It's a perfect day for hunting treasure... 
and enemies.
Reyson: Excellent.

Name: Twins
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Rexflame (Tome)

Jorge: Good morning, Queen Elincia.
Elincia: Oh. Good morning, Jorge. It looks to be a pleasant day, doesn't it?
Jorge: Indeed. And a splendid morning is the best time to present a queen with 
a fine gift.
Elincia: Oh, Jorge... Your kind thoughts are enough. You and Daniel have 
worked so hard to supply our army. If you have something for me, please let me 
pay you for it.
Daniel: Even under these circumstances, Queen Elincia, you always try to be 
good to us. That's why we wanted to give you a gift. It's a token of our 
Elincia: Daniel...
Daniel: We'll take payment for everything else. But please, take this one item 
without any protests. It's our pleasure.
Jorge: Please, Queen Elincia! We insist.
Elincia: Very well. I suppose it would be quite rude of me to not accept it.
Jorge: Wonderful!
Daniel: Here it is. Please use it with our compliments.
Elincia: Oh... This is a fire tome.
Daniel: Yes. It's a very valuable one.
Elincia: So I can see. I am not a mage, but I feel great power from this tome.
Jorge: Daniel and I happened to be in that building when there was the big 
flash of light. That's how we escaped being turned to stone. But you avoided 
it because you were one of the chosen.
Daniel: But we still want to help you. We can collect weapons to help you in 
Jorge: Please, save the people who were turned to stone.
Daniel: Please give us the world we used to have.
Elincia: I promise you I will do my utmost. I'll work toward it with 
everything I have. Together, we can accomplish anything.

Chapter Three: Distortions

Name: Necessities
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Bolganone (Tome)

Sanaki: How did it go, Sigrun? Did you find anything useful?
Sigrun: Only this, unfortunately.
Sanaki: Ah! It's the tome of Bolganone! This is quite rare. Good work, 
Sigrun: Sigh...
Sanaki: Such a heavy sigh. What's wrong?
Sigrun: What sort of state is the world in, when the apostle--our 
empress--has taken up arms and fights alongside the common soldiers?
Sanaki: Is that still bothering you? I already told you not to worry.
Sigrun: I know. But what would the duke of Persis think if he saw you right 
Sanaki: Ah, Sephiran... I wonder what he and Zelgius are doing right now?
Sigrun: They're awaiting your return, of course.
Sanaki: You don't have any doubt about that?
Sigrun: Of course. Duke Persis comes from a family of great mages. General 
Zelgius is the finest general in all of Begnion. They wouldn't have been 
petrified. We'll see them when we return to the empire.
Sanaki: That's true. I'm certain that they're safe, too. They must be waiting 
for us. Let us make haste toward Sienne.
Sigrun: Yes. That is why I keep suggesting that you should stay away from 
danger, and--
Sanaki: Nonsense. We will fight with everything we have. And in order to fight 
to our utmost, we need powerful magic at our disposal! Follow me, Sigrun. 
Under these sands are many precious treasures. Help me find them!
Sigrun: I'm glad she is feeling better, but to see our empress is digging 
around in the dirt like a common farmhand... Sigh.

Name: Naesala
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Nosferatu (Tome)

Micaiah: King Naesala. You are by yourself today?
Naesala: Yeah. How about you? Where's that stone-faced sidekick of yours?
Micaiah: He's just hesitant to show his emotions.
Naesala: I'm only joking. Don't get so defensive.
Micaiah: Then don't insult my family.
Naesala: Hmph. You say he's your brother, but there's as much resemblance 
between you two as between me and Skrimir.
Micaiah: We're not related, but we're very close. Perhaps like you and 
Princess Leanne.
Naesala: What?! You didn't--
Micaiah: Yes, I can sense your emotions. I also know that you just closed up 
to keep me from looking in.
Naesala: You possess the same power as the herons? How stupid of me to let my 
guard down.
Micaiah: I'm sorry.
Naesala: What else did you sense?
Micaiah: Excuse me?
Naesala: Did you find out anything else about me?
Micaiah: No! I didn't try to read your mind intentionally. I just felt that 
your feelings for Princess Leanne were very warm, and that's all I saw.
Naesala: You're sure? Fine. You're a lot like me. I'll let you off the hook 
this time.
Micaiah: What do you mean by that?
Naesala: You'll see when the time comes.
Micaiah: King Naesala!
Naesala: I almost forgot. Here, this is for you.
Micaiah: This is a tome of light...
Naesala: We need you to stay alive, all right? See you later.
Micaiah: Naesala...

Chapter Four: Revelations

Name: Wolves
Importance: ***
Requirements: Volug must be in Ike's group, and he and Nailah must be alive
Receive: Elixer (Medicine)

Volug: ...
Ike: Er. Hello. What can I do for you?
Volug: ...
Ike: Hey, that's an elixer.
Volug: ...
Ike: Yes, I like them too.
Volug: ...
Nailah: *Ancient language*
Volug: *Ancient language*
Nailah: *Ancient language* Sorry. I don't mean to leave you out of the 
Ike: No, that's fine. I would have been confused either way. I didn't know you 
could speak the ancient language.
Nailah: It's Hatari's common language. I would never have known about the 
Tellius language if I hadn't met Rafiel.
Ike: The Tellius language?
Nailah: You don't know? The language we are using right now is called the 
Tellius language. You call it modern speech, I suppose.
Ike: Oh, I see.
Nailah: Long ago, beorc created the Old Tongue. The ancient speech is what we 
laguz call it. The language was too difficult for the laguz to master. So the 
language of Tellius was created in its place.
Ike: Huh. I've never heard that before. The only people I'm aware of who know 
the ancient speech are the heron laguz. I think Nasir of Goldoa said he could 
read it. Among beorc, only mages know how to use it, and that's only for 
Nailah: Well, the laguz who live a long time, such as dragons and herons, have 
all the time in the world to learn it. Beorc probably left the ancient speech 
behind in favor of a newer and improved language, with the exception of spells.
Ike: That makes sense, I suppose. Mordecai once told me that speech lets you 
avoid fighting when it's not a good idea. He said that's why it's a good idea 
to know many languages.
Nailah: Did he, now? Volug, did you hear that? You can learn the language of 
Tellius with Mordecai.
Volug: ...I will... I... will try.
Nailah: He understands what you're saying, for the most part. It's the 
speaking that's the hard part for him.
Ike: You don't need to feel obligated. I mean, it isn't like I can understand 
ancient speech.
Volug: *Ancient language* Um, here... Take.
Ike: Oh, I understand. Thanks.
Volug: *Ancient language*
Ike: I think I understood that. You were happy that I understood what you just 
Volug: *Ancient language*
Nailah: Good. As long as you have the desire to learn, words will soon follow.
Ike: I see. I'll try to learn a little ancient speech from now on, too. Volug, 
you can be my teacher and I'll be your teacher.
Volug: *Ancient language*

Chapter Five: Unallowed Crime

Name: Innocent
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: Innocent
Importance: *
Requirements: Calill must be in another group
Receive: None

Amy: Oh! Queen Elincia!
Elincia: Amy! You're safe! Oh, I'm so glad! It's so good to see you!
Amy: I came here with General Geoffrey.
Elincia: With Geoffrey?
Geoffrey: I was outside on the day when the bright light engulfed everything. 
At first, I thought that time had stopped. Then I realized that time was 
normal, but everyone around me had been turned to stone. I rode around the 
city to investigate, and I found this little girl crying in Calill's bar.
Elincia: Did you find anyone else? What about Largo?
Geoffrey: ...
Elincia: No... How tragic. How am I going to tell Calill?
Amy: Mommy is here!? I want to see my mommy!
Elincia: I'm sorry, Amy. Your mommy is somewhere else.
Amy: Mommy isn't here...?
Elincia: No, she isn't. But I'm sure that she's doing well.
Amy: M-Mommy... Mommy! Daddy! Sniff... Wahhhh!
Ranulf: Hey, don't cry, Amy! Mommy told you not to cry, right? Remember?
Amy: K-kitty-cat man...?
Ranulf: Good, you remembered me! Listen carefully, all right? If you're 
good and travel with us without complaining, you'll get to see Mommy really 
soon. Does that sound good?
Amy: Really!?
Ranulf: Would I lie to you, pumpkin? And I'll tell you a secret... If you're 
patient, we'll even find a way to get your daddy moving around like usual!
Amy: I'll be patient! I won't cry anymore! I promise!
Ranulf: Good. That's my girl!
Lucia: Amy, it's late. Let's go to my tent and get some sleep. All right?
Amy: Um... Kitty-cat man, will you come, too?
Ranulf: Sure. I'll even let you sleep on my furry belly.
Amy: For real? Yay!
Ranulf: Don't tell anyone, but my belly is super comfortable. You'll be asleep 
in no time!
Lucia: Wow, that's great, Amy. Let's get going.
Amy: Yes! Kitty-cat pillow! Kitty-cat pillow!
Elincia: ...Thank you, Ranulf.
Ranulf: Don't mention it. I'm a sucker for kids. And Largo and Calill have 
been good to me. I'll catch up with you later.
Reyson: How unusual. I can't believe a small child like that has been saved 
from petrification. Isn't she the first?
Elincia: King Tibarn, Prince Reyson.
Tibarn: I'd assumed that only the people with a certain amount of power were 
safe from petrification, but I guessed wrong.
Reyson: I'm wondering if there are even rules at all.
Elincia: Hmm.

Name: Innocent
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: Pelleas
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: Birds
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Endgame-Part One: Rebirth

Name: Renning
Importance: ***
Requirements: Elincia, Geoffrey, Lucia, and Bastian must be alive
Receive: Renning (Character)

Elincia: We're almost there. Tomorrow, we head to the tower.
Geoffrey: Do not worry, Your Majesty. We will be right beside you.
Bastian: Though long tested by trials of the goddess Ashera, we shall 
overcome, and our mission will be laid to rest.
Lucia: Yes. What we do now, we do not only for the people of Crimea, but for 
all the people of Tellius.
Elincia: Yes... We shall succeed.
???: You are a courageous queen, indeed.
Elincia: Who said that? U-Uncle Renning! Are you all right now!?
Renning: Don't I look it? I stand before you in full health... Thanks to your 
efforts, of course.
Elincia: Wonderful! I'm so relieved, Uncle!
Lucia: Duke Renning.
Renning: Lucia, you have my gratitude for looking after Elincia so diligently. 
Bastian, Geoffrey... Everyone, you have my sincere thanks.
Lucia: Please, Duke Renning. It is our joy to serve Her Majesty. Our loyalty 
extends beyond the queen. Please do not forget that.
Renning: ...Thank you. I appreciate your concern. Especially yours, Bastian.
Bastian: I stand by you, my lord.
Renning: You have ever been my most loyal and clever confidant. Was it 
possible for you to acquire the things I desired?
Bastian: Indeed, my lord. For you, to whom I owe my mastery of disciplines 
esoteric and arcane, no task is too difficult. Your sword, your armor, and 
your faithful steed stand ready, that the battlefield shall know your valor 
once more.
Renning: You haven't changed a bit, Bastian. Always the clever one.
Bastian: Your praise is too much, my lord.
Elincia: Uncle! You intend to join the fight!? Please, you mustn't push 
yourself too hard!
Renning: My, how things have changed! Am I to take orders from my niece on 
what battles I am allowed to fight in? I'm not a princess to be coddled and 
kept safe behind the vanguard, Elincia. I am a knight of Crimea, and I will 
be one until I die. As long as I live, as long as I am able to walk, and as 
long as I draw breath, I shall fight. It is my duty.
Elincia: ...I understand. Swear to me, then. Swear that you won't die. That 
you won't ever leave me alone.
Renning: I swear to you that I will never leave you behind. I swear it upon 
my pride as a knight and upon my love for my country. Now, Your Majesty, 
please grant me the honor of protecting you in battle.
Elincia: Oh, Uncle... You may have to compete for that role, I think.
Geoffrey: Duke Renning... I will not give up my place as the commander of 
the Royal Knights, even to you.
Renning: Let's take it outside, then. Perhaps I'll remind you why you have 
never won a match against me.
Geoffrey: As you wish, Duke Renning. I will also show you that I have spent 
three years preparing solely to defend the queen from harm. I have made it 
my life.
Elincia: U-Uncle?! And Geoffrey, you too?! Bastian, do something!
Bastian: Truly, I shall have to! After all, a match between such stalwart 
warriors needs to be judged. I believe I shall volunteer my services. Excuse 
Elincia: Bastian!
Lucia: Oh, Your Majesty. Let them be.
Elincia: Lucia? Are you siding with them, too?
Lucia: Doesn't all of this remind you of a scene in Melior from years ago? 
Tommorrow is full of uncertainty. We may live and we may die. Yet here we 
are, enjoying a little scene of high drama from glory-filled past. I'm glad 
of it.
Elincia: That's true... It's like a weight has been lifted off my chest. Why 
don't we follow them? We should enjoy our final night together.
Lucia: Of course, Your Majesty.

Name: Visitor
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: Stefan
Importance: *
Requirements: Stefan must be recruited and alive
Receive: None

Stefan: ...What can I do for you, Goddess Yune?
Yune: You're very strange. What are you?
Stefan: That's a strange question, especially coming from you. Didn't you 
create all of us?
Yune: I didn't create anything. Not laguz nor beorc. But I know what they are, 
because I've watched them change and grow over time. You... You're not 
something I've seen before.
Stefan: I'm the same as the girl you dwell inside.
Yune: Ohhh... I thought Micaiah was the only one. She could hear my voice and 
sing the galdr of release. But I learned that others existed. There's that boy 
who's always with Ike. Or that little girl who stays by the queen of Crimea.
Stefan: There are several in my village, as well. They are my comrades. We all 
live under the same fate... and carry the same curse in our blood.
Yune: When you say these words, what do they mean? Why are you cursed?
Stefan: It means that we carry the blood of both beorc and laguz. Beorc call 
us Branded, and laguz call us parentless.
Yune: Does that mean your parents are beorc and laguz?
Stefan: Not always. It means that laguz and beorc mixed blood somewhere along 
the line. Beorc and laguz rarely associate in that way. For them to conceive 
a child together is an even rarer event. What's strange is that the child 
bears no laguz characteristics. It's just a normal beorc infant. However, the 
laguz blood lies asleep, waiting, in the child's veins.
Yune: Oh...
Stefan: One day, the laguz blood shows itself, marking the child's body with 
a brand. How old is that girl, hmm? I don't think she's as young as she looks. 
The other curse is that we age differently from beorc. It depends on what 
laguz blood the child has, but it always slows how fast we age.
Yune: Micaiah says that's true. She's listening to every word you say. Please, 
Stefan: The laguz blood gives the Branded unnatural powers. Beorc fear and 
distrust us because they can't understand those abilities. The laguz are even 
worse. They treat us like we're phantoms, refusing to acknowledge us, as if 
we don't even exist.
Yune: I see...
Stefan: It's easy to hide among beorcs. You just cover the brand, avoid 
getting close to anyone, and never settle down. Pretending you're normal. The 
laguz are different. They can sense what we are... They have an instinct for 
it. Not all laguz know for sure, but the sharp ones figure it out instantly. 
Others just feel uneasy around us. Some never figure it out, but they're 
surrounded by oens who do. Either way, the laguz would never talk to us 
voluntarily. Why would you pay attention to someone who doesn't even exist?
Yune: Why? That doesn't make any sense. How did things get like that?
Stefan: I would like to know that as well. It's said that a union between the 
laguz and beorc is a crime against the goddess. That's what we've always been 
Yune: That's silly. I've never heard anything of the sort.
Stefan: ...Heh... Heheh... Hahahahaha...!
Yune: Why are you laughing?
Stefan: It's all been a lie! For hundreds of years, we've faced persecution, 
abuse, and isolation. And for what? A lie! What's not to laugh about, huh? 
Yune: What's happened? This is all wrong... How did history get so distorted? 
Was it at a particular place and time? I don't understand. I've been asleep 
for too long...

Name: Dragons
Importance: *
Requirements: Pelleas must be dead
Receive: None

Kurthnaga: Almedha! You're safe!
Almedha: Kurthnaga...
Kurthnaga: Almedha, what's wrong? You're so pale, and you've grown so thin...
Almedha: Oh, Pelleas... My little Pelleas... Why? Tell me why?
Kurthnaga: Almedha! Almedha, you have to pull yourself together!
???: Prince Kurth? Are you there?
Kurthnaga: I'm busy, Ena! Stay where you are.
Ena: Oh!
Almedha: ...Ena. It's been a long time. I felt your presence nearby, but you 
never came to see me...
Ena: Lady Almedha...
Almedha: I understand that you don't want to see me. I'm sure you hate me for 
what I've done. My brother Rajaion... Your betrothed... He died because of me.
Ena: Don't. It's not important. That's all in the past...
Almedha: ...What? How can you pretend like nothing happened!? You can't! I 
know you hate me! You have to hate me! Go ahead, blame me for what happened! 
Insult me! Do anything, but you have to hate me!
Ena: ...I don't hate you, Almedha. Rajaion made his decision. He gave his 
life to save you and his little nephew. Did you know that? He decided to 
sacrifice himself to protect you. I can't blame you for what Rajaion decided 
to do. That would mean insulting my beloved for his sacrifice... For his 
Almedha: Sniff... Sniff... Sniff...
Ena: Prince Kurth, my grandfather is here to see you. The king knows nothing 
of his visit.
Kurthnaga: Nasir is here?
Nasir: Prince Kurthnaga. I am glad to see that you are safe. And Lady Almedha, 
as well. It has been a long time. We haven't seen each other in over ninety 
years, I believe.
Almedha: Nasir... You returned to Goldoa?
Nasir: Yes.
Kurthnaga: Nasir, I need to know something. Why has Goldoa sided with Goddess 
Ashera!? What is Father thinking? The laguz and beorc have joined together to 
save the petrified. Why hasn't Goldoa joined the effort?
Nasir: As you wish. Lady Almedha... Are you aware of the fact that everything 
that's happening is due to your decision to leave Goldoa?
Almedha: ...What?
Kurthnaga: Explain, Nasir.
Nasir: King Dheginsea forbade the dragon tribe to use our transformation for 
the purpose of war. Almedha, you left because you did not agree with this 
policy, did you not?
Almedha: That's right.
Nasir: Shortly after you left Goldoa, you met Ashnard in Daein and were united 
with him. However, your union begat a chain of tragedies. Did you know that 
the red dragon platoon which went in search of you was captured and turned 
into Feral Ones by King Ashnard?
Almedha: I-I had no idea.
Nasir: Ashnard needed Goldoa to get involved in his war. That's why he did 
everything in his power to provoke King Dheginsea. Most of you have never 
fought in a war, but even more than other laguz, the dragon tribe loses 
control once they taste battle.
Kurthnaga: Oh...
Nasir: Near the end of the war, we found out that Prince Rajaion could not be 
saved. I thought the king would surely go on a rampage. At the time, we had 
no idea that Lady Almedha was still alive. The king thought he'd lost not 
only his dragon soldiers but also his children.
Ena: ...
Nasir: If the war had ended any later... Had Ike not killed Ashnard... Goldoa 
would have joined the war. And we would have started killing. We would have 
destroyed the Daein army, its coconspirators, everyone. We would not have 
stopped until the continent was ashes. Then the spirit of chaos would have 
spread across Tellius, awakening the goddess and destroying the dragon 
tribe. That was the danger we faced in the Mad King's War.
Kurthnaga: ...
Ena: But Ashnard was defeated. And Rajaion regained his sanity thanks to the 
songs of the heron clan.
Almedha: Sniff... Bwuah... Sniff...
Nasir: We escaped annihilation once. We took Prince Rajaion's body back to 
Goldoa. And the king did not shed a tear, nor fly into a rage. He endured 
his loss by himself. He endured for the sake of his last child, and for the 
sake of his people. Goldoa remained neutral.
Kurthnaga: Father...
Nasir: But now... All that effort has been wasted. The war between the Laguz 
Alliance and Begnion has spread through Daein and Crimea. And to top it all 
off, Goldoa can no longer stay neutral because of what Prince Kurthnaga has 
Kurthnaga: You're saying this is my fault...!? That I've started a war that 
my father tried to avoid?
Almedha: No, Kurthnaga! This was my fault. You fought because of me.
Ena: This was not Prince Kurth's fault! Besides, the goddess Yune was not 
awakened by chaos sweeping across Tellius. She was awakened by the galdr of 
Nasir: By a galdr!? Are you certain?
Ena: Yes. That was what Sir Ike said.
Nasir: That's... very strange. Nevertheless, the end result remains the same. 
Goddess Ashera has rendered her judgment. The laguz and beorc must follow her 
Ena: What...!? Nasir!
Nasir: I've come here as a favor to the king. Prince Kurthnaga, you have to 
return to us. At once.
Kurthnaga: If we just accept Ashera's judgment, we'll all be turned to stone! 
That's the end of history as we know it! Do you expect me to just lie down 
and accept that? How can I? What you're asking is insanity! I won't do it.
Nasir: And you, Ena?
Ena: I feel the same as Prince Kurth.
Nasir: Then I have nothing more to say to you. However, I hope to avoid 
fighting my own people if at all possible.
Ena: Nasir...
Almedha: ...What will you do on the battlefield, Kurth? Will you face your 
father as an enemy?
Kurthnaga: ...I will do whatever I have to.

Name: Caineghis
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Urvan (Axe)

Caineghis: Ike. I have something to give you.
Ike: Hey, this is...
Caineghis: It's called Urvan, if I remember correctly. I borrowed it from 
your father's grave.
Ike: Why?
Caineghis: Honestly? I have no idea. But I felt a sudden urge to visit Greil's 
grave on the morning of our journey. When I told Giffca my idea for a little 
side trip, he said he thought the same thing.
Giffca: I believe we were guided to your father's grave by a divine message 
from the goddess.
Caineghis: When I saw your father's axe, I was convinced that I had to take it 
to you. I felt that's what your father would have wanted.
Ike: ...Maybe he and my mother are looking over us from somewhere else. All 
right. It's my father's, so it's only right that I take it.

Name: Fireman
Importance: ***
Requirements: Volke must be recruited and alive
Receive: 20,000 Gold

Ike: Volke...?
Volke: Over here.
Ike: Looking for you is still like trying to find spilled ink at night.
Volke: It's part of the job. Anyways... You've grown quite a bit since the 
last time I saw you.
Ike: Everyone loves telling me that.
Volke: You're starting to look like Greil.
Ike: That might be true, too. He IS my dad. I didn't expect to see you here. 
Did someone from this camp hire you?
Volke: Sure did.
Ike: I see. It's good to have you on our side under any circumstances. Why 
did you call me over?
Volke: I have to return something to you.
Ike: What the...!? What's all this money for?
Volke: It's the 50,000 gold you paid me the last time around. Well, minus my 
pay, expenses, and that sort of thing, of course.
Ike: Even so, there's a lot here.
Volke: Well, the contract ended sooner than expected, I guess.
Ike: You did a lot for us back then. I didn't even get a chance to thank you.
Volke: It was a job. There's no need to thank me.
Ike: I know. But if you hadn't told me the story of my father, I would never 
have known about his past. So thanks, Volke.
Volke: Uh, yeah, so, anyhow... You have your money back. See you later.
Ike: Did he really just get embarrassed because I thanked him? What a weird 

Endgame-Part Three: Rebirth

Name: Micaiah
Importance: ***
Requirements: Sothe must be alive
Receive: Elixer (Medicine)

Sothe: Are you all right, Micaiah?
Micaiah: Yes, I'm fine. How about you, Sothe? Are you all right? You're not 
Sothe: I'm not a child, Micaiah! When are you going to start treating me like 
an adult?
Micaiah: Show me your hand.
Sothe: What?
Micaiah: Look at your hands. They're so big... They were so small when we met.
Sothe: Micaiah...
Ike: Ahh... Sorry. Am I interrupting something?
Sothe: C-Commander!
Micaiah: It's all right, Ike. How can we help you?
Ike: I was scrounging around in my stuff and found some extra medicine. I 
figured I'd ask around and see if anyone needed it.
Sothe: ...I need to go get ready.
Ike: Hey, there's no rush. We still have... He didn't catch a word of that, 
did he?
Micaiah: I'm sorry about that.
Ike: How long have you been with him?
Micaiah: ...A long time. I met him when I was hiding out in the back alleys 
of Nevassa, over ten years ago. He was so skinny, but his gaze was so 
piercing... I wondered how such a young boy could look like that. One day, 
I noticed he was standing close to me, just watching. He continued like that 
for a few days. One day, I held out my hand. He was suspicious of me, but 
came over anyway. He looked like a scared animal. Then his little hand 
slipped into mine. It was shaking. His fingers were so thin and frail. I 
couldn't let go after that. After that, we traveled together all over the 
continent. No matter where we went, we were always together.
Ike: The first time I met him, he'd hidden on a ship we were taking. He 
mentioned he was looking for someone who was like family to him. It was you 
he was searching for, wasn't it?
Micaiah: I... I tried to leave him behind. When we went to Crimea, I split 
off from him and took a ship to Begnion. But when I reached Begnion, war had 
broken out between Crimea and Daein. I knew I had to return to Daein to look 
for him. I couldn't find him, so I went to Crimea. But I still couldn't 
find him... We found each other again after the war, in Daein. In the back 
alleys of Nevassa, where we first met.
Ike: You took routes opposite of each other.
Micaiah: When I told him why I'd disappeared, he got so angry... I'd never 
seen him get so emotional before.
Ike: I can't say that I blame him. I'd be pretty furious if I heard someone 
that I loved was wandering around two countries at war. Besides, I'm sure 
he'd hidden his feelings about being abandoned until he saw you again.
Micaiah: I thought I was reaching the limit of how long I could stay with 
him. He grew each and every day, but I remained the same... I didn't want 
him to be harmed by the curse I lived with. Can you imagine how hard that 
would have been on him?
Ike: You mean the blood of the laguz?
Micaiah: So you knew. Did you find out from the boy who's always beside you?
Ike: Soren. Yeah. I guess you both know how to recognize people with a 
similar nature.
Micaiah: Yes. He and I are both Branded.
Ike: ...Don't use that word. You and Soren are both people. Just like me and 
everyone else.
Micaiah: People. You're just like Yune. You call both laguz and beorcs 
Ike: Why should I care about the color of your hair, eyes, and skin? Or 
your ears, wings, or tail? No matter how long you live or what powers you 
possess, we're the same. At the end of the day, we're all people.
Micaiah: ...Sothe talks that way, too. His time with you changed him. Thank 
you, Ike. I've made up my mind.
Ike: About what? I didn't realize we were doing anything but talking.
Micaiah: I thought I might travel to a far-off place after all of this was 
over. But I won't. I'll go back to Daein. No matter what happens, I'll have 
Sothe by my side. I have nothing to fear as long as he's with me.
Ike: It seems the feelings between you two run both ways. But that's 
probably the wisest choice for Daein, and for Sothe. Anyway...
Micaiah: Oh, um... May I have some medicine?
Ike: Oh! Yeah, I almost forgot. Survive, Micaiah. We need you, and the 
goddess you host, to save the people of Tellius.
Micaiah: Yes. I know.

Name: Sanaki
Importance: ***
Requirements: None
Receive: Pavise (Skill)

Sanaki: Zelgius is the Black Knight? I don't know what to say... It's 
Ike: What was he like in Begnion?
Sanaki: He was the right-hand man of my most trusted aid, Duke Sephiran of 
Persis. He was a hero, a perfect general, and the best swordsman in all of 
Tellius. He was never anything but loyal. But he was serving another country!
Ike: Hmm. It makes me wonder how Sephiran is doing.
Sanaki: I doubt he's been turned to stone. Even though he was captured by 
Lekain and forcibly removed from his post, he'll have found a way to 
persevere. Sigrun always said there's no other master of the arcane arts who 
can compare with the duke of Persis.
Ike: Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Sanaki: Ike... Don't tell me you suspect Sephiran!
Ike: Well, look at the facts...
Sanaki: Do not trouble your mind with that thought! He would never betray me.
Ike: It's nice to think so. But if he's not petrified, he'd have received a 
message from Yune. So where is he?
Sanaki: The goddess isn't perfect. She said so herself! Maybe the message 
didn't reach everyone.
Ike: ...You have to admit that's a weak excuse. Let's leave it at that, for 
now. We need to focus on moving forward.
Sanaki: Please, let's! Oh, I almost forgot! I have something for you.
Ike: What is it?
Sanaki: Um... Uh... Well, you're my trusted aide, just like Sephiran. You 
have to live! So protect yourself with this.
Ike: A mercenary with a contract to act as aide to the empress of Begnion. 
Who'd have thought? But thank you, Sanaki.
Sanaki: You're welcome, Ike. And thank you.

Name: Rafiel
Importance: ?
Requirements: Rafiel must have been brought and must be alive
Receive: ?

Name: Reyson
Importance: ?
Requirements: Reyson must have been brought and must be alive
Receive: ?

Name: Leanne
Importance: ***
Requirements: Leanne must have been brought and must be alive
Receive: Guard (Skill)

Leanne: *Ancient language*
Micaiah: Yes, Leanne, I have. That's a very powerful artifact. Actually, it 
would be of great help to us, with what's been happening.
Leanne: *Ancient language*
Micaiah: Um... I don't think so, Leanne. But you can try if you like...
Leanne: ...*Ancient language*
Micaiah: Oh, for me? Thank you very much. It's a very precious item. I'll make 
good use of it.
Leanne: *Ancient language*

Endgame-Part Four: Rebirth

Name: Ancient History
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: Forgive and Forget
Importance: *
Requirements: Nasir and Gareth must be alive
Receive: None

Ike: Nasir!
Nasir: Ike. I'm sorry about earlier.
Ike: That's all right. I know that you were in a tight spot.
Gareth: Ahh, the beorc hero. We will follow King Kurthnaga from now on. If he 
wishes to fight alongside you, I shall assist.
Ike: I see. Then you should receive a blessing of protection from the goddess 
Nasir: We already have. We can fight Ashera now.
Ike: You'd lend us all of your might?
Nasir: Of course.
Gareth: We swear upon the good name of the dragon tribe that we shall do our 

Name: Nasir
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Name: Gareth
Importance: ?
Requirements: ?
Receive: ?

Endgame-Part Five: Rebirth

Name: Soren
Importance: ?
Requirements: Be on a second playthrough, transfer an A support between Ike 
and Soren from Path of Radiance, get an A support in Radiant Dawn between Ike 
and Soren
Receive: ?

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